Sunday, November 7

Weekend in snowy Ålesund

A break from the normal weekend activities in Oslo.
A house warming party at Harald and Solveig´s brave new home in Ålesund after their many years stay in Trondheim, could not take place without our participation.Saturday morning weather was cloudy, windy and with random showers. The temperature fell close to minus and the rain changed color to white during the afternoon and evening.
Sunday morning the snow had covered the mountain further down the hillside, and I found my new bought green galoshes very useful.
The snowfall made problems in the trafic, but SAS carried us back to Oslo on schedule and in time to follow this season´s last football match. (RBK - Aafk 2-2). Congratulation to Rosenborg BK and the same to Aalesund FK with being 4th in the serie 2010.

If you expect details from the party, I am sorry to tell that something have to be private also in my life. However the homemade Tapas produced by Solveig and the excellent Italian red Ruvei Barbera d´Alba 2007 served by Harald made the house warming party perfect.

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RuneE said...

Ja, da har vi hatt samme været :-)

PS Takker! Jeg fikk min 7d 2500kr billigere hos Ur & foto i Bergen :-)
Kamerahuset er værbestandig (et av de få som er i den prisklassen), men mine gamle linser er det ikke. Så da må det spares mer...