Wednesday, June 29

Fishing trip in the mountains - Høgevarde

Fishing is always part of the activities when staying in the mountains together with the Bråthens. According to Kittan there is a big trout living in the pool just below the bridge, but according to my rudiment learning, it was only Troll that lived under the bridge when the three Mountain goats walked up to the summer pasture.
Instead of fish we found lots of mica schist on the mountain roads, but probably not enough to start mining for real silver.

Based upon experiences and not believing too much in the host´s fishing praises, we had taken trouts with us from Oslo. The perfect prepared bbq and after some "ventepølser" the dinner was delicious and the wine from Piemonte perfect.
Always on net? Perhaps not all the time, but modern communication, Wi-Fi and iPhone 4 make it difficult not to be in contact with FaceBook friends and tweeting. My wife calls herself a IT-widow but and with this photo she has documented part of that statement.

Above in the sky somebody other overlook our activities, and that Big Brother is watching me are documented by this photo.

Sunshine over Norwegian mountains

After two days with fog and rain we finally can do some sunbathing at an altitude of 1000 meter. Høgevarde (1459 m) is ready for a lovely day.

The photo has been deleted by participating in the Googlr+ project. SORRY

Tuesday, June 28

Mountain strolling

Tullen, Sissel and KIttan on our pre lunch walk under Høgevarde Norefjell Hallingdal. The sun was only visiting us between rain and fog but nature is nature and the break pils always available.
And I cheer the beauty of Fyrisjøen.

Sunday, June 26

Akerselva down from Stilla to Grønland

HønseLovisa's House, my wife and the sculpture at "Blå" (The waterline confirms the up and down position, but feel free to turn to the left)
Two of the photos are not reloaded.

Midsummer party at the cottage

Yesterday people all over Scandinavia celebrated Midsummer. At our cottage we did too, and the children participated in various games before dinner. 
The bonfire starting time was set to 9:30 so only Helene could watch this nordic tradition 
Helene, 8 years within 2 weeks, has developed into a beauty, Henrik is (as every boy) more concerned about toys 24/7, and Hedda likes (or not) to carry bestefar´s cap.
The BBQ chef, David, created a colorful arrangement of vegetables with "vente-pølser" before he started the process of cooking Norwegian Salmon over a traditional old charcoal grill.
Both the vegetables and the fish was delicious.

Saturday, June 25

Hedda and Mormor

Two very good friends. Today Bestefar also was accepted in Heddas sphere. A milestone reached.

Thursday, June 23

Art in Ålesund

 During my stay in Ålesund I visited "Det lille Galleri" and found this painting by Roy A. Dahl. I have for many years seen his works and liked them very good. His Doors of Oslo made in the beginning of this millennium was my first experience with his works, but this was the first time I saw motives from Ålesund.
The original to this painting can be found in Kippervikgaten, where my grand parents lived for many years.
 Another art in Ålesund is food art, and the Thursday dinner: "Potetball" or Raspeball had to be my dinner before returning to Oslo.
 Restaurant TYT (take your time) can be recommended, but remember the dish is only served on Thursdays.
After this cultural art performances I give you the beauty of the horizon outside Vigra and Ålesund airport. Beyond the horizon you will reach the Fareo Islands and Iceland to the west.

Some photos disappeared due to Google+ project

Childrens playground

In this area I grow up in the fifties. The trees are older now but memories of our hide and seek game together with friends of both sex come closer when walking in the path.
No photo available

St. Hans

Photo deleted. Sorry

The bonfire at Slinningsodden, Ålesund is almost ready to catch fire tomorrow. See my blogpost from last year regarding bonfire traditions in Ålesund

Wednesday, June 22

Midsummer flowers

 It is high season for flower blooming in our garden. The Fagerbusk (Kolkwitzia amabilis) has opened it´s pink flowers and let people visiting our neighborhood at Solvang open their eyes to the beauty. It was in 1901 that Kolkwitzia amabilis was found at 3000 meters altitude in the mountains of central China (Hupeh). Beauty-bush was unknown even to the Chinese before then. The plant probably arrived Norway around 1930.
The Rose tree are more or less cultivated weeds. This one has as earlier informed been creeping through the hedge from our neighbor, but some weeds are often very beautiful when blooming. (like the Dandelion)
Margerits (Argyranthemum) and pink Opium poppies are blooming in the flower bed together with other perennials. A short blooming period for the Poppy while the Margerits are showing its white (love - love not) petals till the apples are fallong om their heads.

Photos deleted, Sorry

Tuesday, June 21

Six months to go - enjoying Summer

Today at 17:16 the Summer solstice will take place.
It is Midsummer here in Norway and an opportunity to warn you about the possibility of another hard and cold winter in six months from now. Do not come back with complains when the leaves have left the trees and the lawns are covered with ice and snow. Get your firewood as early as possible.

Our Norwegian professional Skating Stars Sonja Hennie (1912-1969) and Oscar Mathiesen (1888-1954) can be the symbols for times to come although their activities are so old that they already have "frozen" to everlasting sculptures.

Sunday, June 19

Jazz at Perrongen

 As described in my previous blogpost this morning a visit to Perrongen Pub was on the schedule. But first we made a walking exercise from home down town to the Parliament, strolled down to Aker Brygge (with the flowers), over Tjuvholmen and continued to Skillebekk befor turning north over Frogner to Majorstuen and the pub with live jazz this Sunday.

 The band, all part time musicians, made a lovely concert and it was nice to meet Rune Nlicolaisen (right) that arranged our Jazz session in 2002 at our friends- and family-party at Solvang.
The other musicians are Trombone: Per-Odd Olsen, Piano: Steinar Lorentzen, Trumpet: Per Egil Helling, Drums: Gunnar Svendsen and covered on Guitar: Per Edvard Helling). Rune (and maybe some of the other guys too) are ready for a new performance if we decide to have another party up there.
 Gunnar S with his drums are one of our fru Burum´s friends and ready at anytime for the joy of playing
At an outdoor pub we always have to be ready for surprises fro above and umbrellas had to be used although the sun was present at the same time.

From nine to five

It is Sunday morning. The time is just 9+  am and the preparation for today´s dinner already finished. Long-frying Neck Chops with sauerkraut and cranberries. With 85 C in the oven the meat will do itself during the day.
We are thus free to do what we want during the day, and maybe a visit to Perrongen Pub for a pre-dinner drink, and listen to the Jazz that will take place from 3 to 5, instead of feeding Maja with another ice cream will be preferred.
Prior to that, and if the weather is improving, another stroll to Ater Brygge and Tjuvholmen will be on the schedule.
Have a nice Sunday.

Saturday, June 18

Picnic at Frognerparken

This is not Maja. At least not today when having picnic at Frognerparken and Vigeland´s sculptures.
However, this is Maja. Grandmother´s little and very cute "terrorist".

Tuesday, June 14

iPhone 4 and photos

 Henrik is practicing motive catching and developing his capability as a iPhone photographer.  I was ab. 20 years older when I bought my first camera (a Pentax Spotmatic replaced with a Nikkormat ELmid 72)

Documenting his family´s holiday in Norway may be one of his job, if his mother will let him borrow her iPhone. The new iPhone 5 will probably not arrive Norway in 2011.

Photo deleted, Sorry

Flower blogpost at Pentecost

Another flower post is coming up on my blog when Pentecost has ended after two days with beautiful blue sky above. The blue Lily (?) or whatever it is called has a fantastic color, and return every year.
The rose tree (imported from our neighbors garden through creeping roots) is the first open rose we can find this year, and nothing seems to have worked against this rose through the extremely cold winter in January and February. A lot of other roses has died this winter
Our first Pion is ready to open up its petals, and turning back to the last Wednesday flower post you can imagine how it will look next Wednesday.
I know it is not allowed to import plants from abroad, but this blue bell plant carry the name "Henrik" meaning it has it´s origin in Wales.

Photos deleted, Sorry

Monday, June 13

Visiting Oslo

When visiting Oslo, Holmenkollen is one of the most popular tourist targets. In rain and fog the site is not as shown in glossy tourist brochures, but perhaps more alike a Holmenkollen Sunday in March.
After looking down the hill we turned against the tower and could almost see the top. A few minutes later the whole Holmenkollen ski jump arena was completely covered in grey soup, the well known fog.
A morning at the cottage with grandparents are not like other mornings. Breakfast in front of the television is perhaps not proper behavior modification, but grandparents are not like parents during stay overs.

Friday, June 10

Helene´s stay over

Helene when asked if she wanted to stay over at our home without the other members of her family from Wales.

This morning she E-mailed her mother about her "wonderful" time together with grandparents.
Nice to have you here, Helene. Welcome back another time during your summer holiday in Norway.

Wednesday, June 8

Coming and leaving

Being part time farmers we see nature come and go. This photo is of one of our flowerbeds containing 2011 spring fashion-color, light pink / white PeoniesThe peony is named after Paeon (also spelled Paean), a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became jealous of his pupil; Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower.(Wikipedia)
The Peony flowers are close to explode and will look gorgeous within days, if not the expected rainfall will bend them all to the ground.
On the other hand the period for the Dandelions are almost over, and the remains of the flowers are ready for take-off, spreading their seeds around in the neighborhood.

photos deleted, Sorry

Saturday, June 4


Summer day at SOLVANG