Friday, October 31

End October - Waiting for the Cold.

As you see from the photo (made with my iPhone) the snow we had some days ago has gone for this time. But my car has got winter tires and the fireplaces in my apartment are more frequently giving heat from sparkling wood. The red wine will be served to the beef tenderloin, and an Irish Coffee will be perfect for a Friday night. On my way to the Fitness Center (Elixia) I am passing the "old" Frogner Stadion and the statue of Oscar Mathisen.
Oscar Mathisen was National Champion in 1907 at the age of 18, and became World Champion the following year (four years after his brother Sigurd Mathisen), despite falling on the 500 m. During his career, he set 14 world records, with his 1,500 m record from 1914 standing unrivalled for 23 years. The day before he set that 1,500 m record, he had broken Jaap Eden's world record on the 5,000 m and thereby had become the world record holder on all distances. He became World Allround Champion five times (a record later equalled by only one other person, Clas Thunberg) and European Allround Champion three times.
Not being a skater myself and not hunger for the winter and Ice to come, I should may be not post this photo, but the beauty of the sculpture and the speed expressed, is meant as a symbol of the last day of October and the entrance to the dark, foggy and cold November month. It is here tomorrow.

Thursday, October 30

The first snow day in Oslo this season

Same procedure as last year?
Same procedure as every year, citizens of Oslo.

I don´t want to blog about all the challenges or problems in the traffic yesterday in and around the Capital of Norway. That is the same every year. But in the snowfall yesterday gave me an opportunity to take some snow-photos which can be presented under the Photo Safari meme.

First a photo from my neighborhood. The tiny snow carpet is covering the earth, but we expect it to disappear during the day.The tree outside my office window has not yet got rid of the yellow leaves, but the time is now coming nearer, and may be it should hurry to let them go.When opening the window, someone was begging to come in from the cold weather.MY day in addition to physical exercise in the Fitness centre, also included a visit to Ullevål University Hospital where I got the message that another operation of my eyelid had to take place to reduce the upcoming cancer problems. The plan is now to do it in January next year.

At the hospital area I always use some time to study one of the most beautiful sculptures I know. Per Ung´s the Embracement. You may also find another photo of the sculpture at Norsk NettFoto

Wednesday, October 29

Old Oak, Observing Occurrences and Obscure Object

My intention for the ABCW meme this week was to present my last three acrylic on canvas paintings. I always take a creative break after moving back from my cottage, but last week I just had to do something out of the Autumn colors.
But on one of the last clear autumn days (we expected snow any time) I used a photo from the Frogner Park in ABCW. Now it is time for paintings.
"Old Oak":"Observing Occurrences":and "Obscure Object".And if you wonder what obscure object I observed when I woke up this morning, the first snowflakes for the season are here. This post came just in time.

Tuesday, October 28

ABC Wednesday - O is for Obelisk

One of Oslo´s most visited landmarks are the Frogner Park with the Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Monolith.
O is for Obelisk (interpreted from Monolitten)

The name Monolith is derives from the Latin word monolithus, from the Greek word μονόλιϑος (monolithos), derived from μόνος ("one" or "single") and λίϑος ("stone") implying the totem to be fabricated from one (mono) solid piece of stone (lith).
The Monolith towers 14.12 meters (46.32 ft.) high and is comprised of 121 human figures rising toward heaven. This is meant to represent man’s desire to become closer with the spiritual and divine. It portrays a feeling of togetherness as the human figures embrace one another as they are carried toward salvation.

For more O proposals, link on to the ABC Wednesday fellowship

If I was a rich man

This morning the newspaper from Ålesund, Sunmørsposten had a picture from Borgundveien where I was born a few years / decades ago.
The first snowfall of the year

Even though the weather in Oslo outside my windows still shows blue sky and sunshine, the temperature is only a few degrades above zero C, and any rainfall will probably give a white cover on the earth here too.

The possibility for snow and also that I am a Scorpion, reminds me of today date, and that within two months I will have found out what my wife had decided to give me for my birthday or christmas. This ad in a magazine may help her in planning.
However. The Youtube video Fiddler on the roof may be a better way to look at it. Dreams vs Reality.
But If I was a rich man, the rules for death duty will be changed next year, so it is best to stay alive throughout the cold season. At least for my children and grandchildren. (text in Norwegian for Norwegian citizens)

Monday, October 27

Monday Odd Shot

Norway is an Oil and Gas producing country, but very few efforts have been done to deliver cheap and safe energy to our households. The ruling party prefers to pump and export.
The only effect (in addition to the trillions dollars in companies abroad) we can see, is that the market in Europe is our domestic market, giving energy prizing at least on European level. May be that is ok from an environmental saving philosophy , but why cannot we take part in the European decisions too as a fully member if everything else are according to EU rules and regulations. That is the real ODD thing.

My Odd Shot this week is from the neighborhood where the hot water pipings or District heating are creeping closer every day. (My shadow is my logo)Heavy concrete cable bridges crossing the new pipes. Guess not many of you have seen what is under the surface outside your house.

Sunday, October 26

Sunday Basement clearing and Frognerparken strolling

Somebody may think this blogpost is dedicated to Container Girl, but it is only leftovers from out basement. When the boys first floor are moving out there was a space in the container for us to throw away the well used skibox, old alpine skis and boots, old printers, suitcases, candelabras, empty jam glasses, kitchen utilities, bathroom tiles, table tops, rocking chair, bicycles, and all the other things that in an strange way always end up down there. I just wonder how many containers they have filled up when building NHO´s new head office. We love steal and glass buildings and the Employers Association of Norway has created a beautiful center. Not surprising to hear that they had to quit many graphic artworks when restyling the offices. They made an internal auction, and hopefully you got your K. Thorjussen Lito, Astrid.
Then it is only to stroll down the "Frognerparken" path and return home for preparing Sunday dinner.

Saturday, October 25

Urban Life - Saturday activities.

This painting made by Terje Brofoss (now Hariton Pushwagner ) can be a logo of the ordinary Saturday in Oslo. It is called Traffic, available for buying at the Gallery (see under) and therefore the BMW parked in our neighbor street also is relevant.
That the owner is Roald, our downstair neighbor for more than 25 years, now is moving out and finds his new home together with Knut at Nordstrand is also part of the urban life. Nevertheless they shall have all the thanks for the cooperation and friendliness throughout these years. Take a ride in your car and call if you want some gossip from the best west.
The main purpose of our down town stroll today was the opening of the Autumn Exhibition at gallery Kaare Berntsen. Thore Heramb is more and more represented at these exhibitions.
In addition to the fantastic paintings shown, the opening always have a cultural activity. This fall the Valkyrien Allstar played and entertained us with their wonderful music. Great.

On our way to Cafe Christiania, the Book Market at Karl Johan also gave us music and entertainment.

Last Lawn cutting and apple harvesting needed

Friday my absolutely last lawn cutting took place this year. Now the summer residence is completely ready for the winter season. Thank you for the great time in 2008. Looking forward to se you at Easter time when the pink rhubarb is coming out of the earth. The neighbors winter apples are still in need of harvesting. They tasted great for lunch yesterday.
Update Saturday morning:
When somebody don´t like you they send you a message like this as comment to my Saturday post.
I cannot clearer get the hint: Keep off my meme!!!

Friday, October 24

Artificial Heart - Waiting for Donation

Ref previous post.
The update from the Hospital in Sweden is (in Swedish):
På Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset har genomförts en hjärtoperation, där en patients hjärta tagits bort och ersatts med ett konstgjort, tillfälligt hjärta. Det är första gången i modern tid en sådan operation genomförts i Skandinavien.

Operationen utfördes av överläkare Ulf Kjellman på SUs Transplantationscentrum. Med i teamet var överläkare Åsa Haraldsson, Thoraxanestesi, överläkare Göran Dellgren, Transplantationscentrum och specialistläkare Hans Lidén, Thoraxkirurgi.
Patienten, en 31 årig man från Västsverige, led av en livshotande hjärtåkomma.
- Patienten hade en icke botbar, livshotande svikt av hjärtats bägge kamrar. Medicinsk behandling hjälpte inte längre och andra organ som lever och njurar sviktade.
- Det blev då nödvändigt att operera ut det sjuka hjärtat och ersätta det med ett konstgjort, för att återställa de försämrade organfunktionerna och få patienten i ett optimalt skick inför en hjärttransplantation, berättade Ulf Kjellman på fredagens mycket välbesökta presskonferens på Sahlgrenska sjukhuset.
- Detta bedömdes vara det bästa alternativet för patienten säger Ulf Kjellman.

Operationen utfördes förra veckan.
-Patienten är ännu i behov av intensivvård, men hans tillstånd är stabilt, berättade Åsa Haraldsson. Vi hoppas att han snart kan komma upp ur sjuksängen.

Frågan ställdes när han kan få ett nytt hjärta. Det vet man inte, replikerade Ulf Kjellman. Han måste bli tillräckligt bra först.
Ungefär 800 sådana implantat har gjorts världen över, informerade Ulf Kjellman, varav omkring hälften i Europa.
Det artificiella hjärtat tillverkas av ett företag i Tucson, Arizona. Teamet har besökt företaget och även deltagit i utbildning i Berlin för implantat av detta slag. På frågan om hur den upplevelsen var, löd hans svar:
- Man har ett visst adrenalinpådrag. Operationen måste ju lyckas, säger Ulf Kjellman

Ett hjärta av detta slag, tillverkat i plast, kostar ca 750 000 kr. Man ska alltid ha ett i reserv.

According to my competence the need for organ donation is still there, both for this patient and all other waiting for the GIFT for Life
Say Yes to Organ Donation.

Artificial Heart - Breaking News

With interest will we watch the press conference at 12.30 CET today giving more details about the first operation of an Artificial Heart to a person in Scandinavia.More details will be presented when available.

Thursday, October 23


I learned a new word through the comments on my last ABC Wednesday posting. Splendiferous! meaning: informal humorous.
Will the same adjective be used for my Sky Watch Friday photo, or will I once more be deleted from the mr. Linky list for not following the rules. The other comments was:
This is a part of Norway I don't
know. It's so beautiful and untouched. Wonderful choice for N.
Og jeg som ikke fant på noe på N i dag... Vel jeg skal ikke kopiere deg Arne, selv om det hadde vært enkelt. Bra komponert med mange høye tinder. Bra :-)
Awesome photo!!! It's like a living poster!!!
Very beautiful place! Excellent post for "N".
Spectacular Nature from Norway. I would love to see this in person.
Der fant du et bra sted?

Herre fred for et herlig bilde, gir sjelefred!!... (og sinnsykt mange turister da du har så mange utenlandske bloggvenner :-)
Sånn kan det gå, naturen kalte på oss begge. Nydelig bilde du har da. Ha en fin abc!
What rugged beauty. Thanks for the beautiful photo.

Beautiful countryside!
Wow..Norway is beautiful...
Flott norges reklame!
Truly beautiful picture! Hope your week is wonderful! Blessings to you!
How beautiful! I love the colours in you photo.
Gosh, the more I see of Norway, the more intrigued I am and would love to see it for real! Awesome photo today, as usual. Have an incredible week! :D
What a beautiful photo showing Norwegian Nature at it's best.
very pretty landscape!
That is so beautiful! Such colours!
awesome scenery
This is beautiful!
Beautiful photo and a beautiful country...
I have never visited Norway, but I have always thought it must be one of the most beautiful countries. The scenery in that photo most certainly is beautiful.

Maybe one day ...
How beautiful!!!
Climbing up to altitude about 800 m Anne Katharina has a splendid view of the sky.
If you want comments like this, visit Sky Watch Friday Site sign up to mr. Linky

Wednesday, October 22

Bjarne Håkon and his Blog

Some weeks ago I blogged about Organ Donation and the Ministry of Health and Care Services in Norway and the Minister Bjarne Håkon Hansen´s initiative under the name Samhandlingsreformen.

Today he is on the web launching his own blog: Bjarne Håkon Hansens Samhandlingsblogg.

Hopefully he will find a way to do as many other bloggers, add a Translator to his blog, letting non Norwegian also take part in his The Coordination Reform

For many of us totally dependent on the services he is set to manage, this is an opportunity to communicate with the Minister and his staff in a modern way.
Use it!

Tuesday, October 21

ABC Wednesday = N for Norwegian Nature

Nothing can be more accurate in the alphabet than interpret
N is for Norwegian Nature

in today´s ABC Wednesday.

The photo (from Asbjørn) is from Borgundkollen at 782 m, and you can see Straumshornet (976 m) in front with Trollkyrkja (1233m), Råna (1586m) and Trandalstinden (1543m) behind. More peaks in Norwegian Nature and particular this area can be found by visiting

If you visit ABC member´s sites this Wednesday, you will find more of the same or other expressions of the letter N.

Photos in "bad or difficult light" conditions

When I was walking up to Rikshospitalet (The National Hospital) yesterday morning at half past seven, I saw the morning light coming over the eastern horizon. The only camera I had available was my iPhone, but the challenges for the day light in bad weather is absolutely visible.That situation made me think of how seldom we are shooting and sharing photos in "difficult light" condition, at early and late hours.
Back at my MacBook Pro and the photo library, consisting of over 5200 images, I picked out some of the "dark" photos and will give some examples.

First more Sunrises:At Kirkeveien / Ullevål University Hospital, Oslo in February, 2008 8.30 am the cars are queuing at peak hours.
When it is completely dark in Norway the day is emerging in Shanghai, China, and you may see the sun coming at 4.23 am in May 2007. The smog is heavy and the skyscrapers at Pudong are almost goasts. In Portugal, at Vilamoura Marina, april 2008, at 7.35 am there are still some time before the crews are making the boats ready. The photo is taken from my hotel balcony.and some miles to the east and one hour later, the sun is rising over the Mediterranean Sea at Manilva Beach, Spain late September 2007 at 8.26 am
The cars are sleeping with the night snow covering footprints and surfaces outside the Morken Farm. The blue northern light can be fbeautiful at Bjorli, Norway in April 2005 twenty minutes to nine. We are preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

More often than morning photo shooting, we use to catch the sun late afternoon or in the evening when the darkness is growing.
The first photo is from Brussel and Grand Place with the city´s Town Hall / Hotel de Ville at 8.30 pm. The spotlights are on, making photos more easy.
There is no Midnight sun far south as over the North Sea outside Møre og Romsdal, Norway, but the light at 23.08 late June this year is great. The same can be used as comment half an hour later (23.35 pm) some days before at Summer soltice. Heavy rain was coming into the Storfjord and Sykkylven from the west giving this spectacular light.Returning to Asia, Singapore River and Boat Quay in May 2007 at half past seven and dinner time.and the night over Taranto, Puglia Italy first of July 2006 a quarter past nine makes the end of my choices.
Hopefully you have enjoined the show and more often use your camera in all light conditions.

Monday, October 20

New PhotoBlog and Monday Odd Shot

A group of Norwegians have last week started a new site or photoblog called NorskNettfoto (Norwegian Web-photos).

We want to have a website for non professional photo lovers with the intention to learn from each other. It is no meme and postings will be done when we have something to share and discuss and want feedback and advises.

We hope, although the language is Norwegian, many bloggers world wide will find the photos interesting.

However, it is Monday and a possibility to post an odd shot like many others globally.
My contribution today is a picture made of tiles from Cabo de sao Vicente, Algarve Portugal. This cape is the southwesternmost point in EuropeThe real lighthouse as an ordinary photo follows.