Monday, March 31

Ola testing water temperatur

It is still cold water in the large swimming pool, but Ola is testing the development from last week.
He is the only one.

Saturday, March 29

Happy birthday Rikke

Yesterday we received a photo showing our granddaughter with a painted face. She is at the moment with her sister and parents at the Canaries and enjoy being part of the children-group at the hotel

That photo reminded me of another old scanned photo in my photo-library showing her mother (and her mother again) 30 years ago. This is taken during the Oslo Carneval in 1984.

Today my youngest daughter celebrates her birthday, and whether they paint their faces or not, I prefer to show her face on an image taken six years ago.


Thursday, March 27

Happy birthday, Brit

Together with my two sisters, brother-in-law and my wife we celebrated my youngest sister BRIT´s  birthday this thursday. Age not mentioned.
We had a great late lunch / dinner at the restaurant La Farola here in Fuengirola with starters, main course and afters together with drinks.
Thanks for a lovely meal, Brit, and may your years ahead be prosperous .

Tuesday, March 25

Ladies on the red carpet

Another week and another visit to Malaga.
The Malaga Film Festival are running at the moment and these two ladies stopped on the red carpet posing for the photographer
 My sister Brit for the first time in Malaga and my wife ready for another day of shopping, tapas and some wine.
 On the way through the narrow streets close to the arabic center in the Centro Historico, we found this workman hanging above our heads repairing the facades. Hopefully he later returned to the ground safe and alive. Reminded me of the way they painted ship sides in earlier times.
Film divas also need some rest and this image is from the Plaza de la Merced end this Tuesday blogpost

Tuesday, March 18

I and Pablo

 Another visit to Malaga, Bodega El Pimpi and of course coming close to my second painter favorite; Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz y Picasso

At the Tapas bar close to Picasso´s child home there can be time to reflect about some of the works that have inspired my own painting development.
The painting above is one of my own imitations of a Picasso paintings.
Sitting on the bench together with my painter "friend" and with his childhood house in the background makes me only think about another imitation shown under here. It may be difficult to decide if this is a self portrait of PP or me.

Saturday, March 15

Quality art on net-auction

Of our over 20 paintings and graphics we put on auction a month ago when we moved out of our large apartment and relocated to less than half wall space, only 4 are still pending. Grab your chance and acquire some very nice quality paintings and graphics at Blomqvist Net Auction

We have found out that the art marked at present is not what we expected. Both the estimated prize level and the bids have been lower than preferred, but that gives YOU an extraordinary possibility to get spectacular works from some of Norway´s most famous artists.

Thursday, March 13

Great TX-Cor friends at Costa del Sol

Once again Audun and I had the opportunity to meet here at Costa del Sol. This spring in Los Boliches together with our two wives. A glass of Cava and a Tapa and light talks about common friends, RH, the situation of our transplanted organs and what ever comes up.

Audun returns to Norway next week, when we will be here for some more beautiful days.

Wednesday, March 12

Walking from Torremolinos, along Carihuela and Benalmadena Beaches to Fuengirola

This morning the weather forecast told us that a trip to Malaga could end in rain.
We therefore decided to make a stroll along some of our favorite beaches instead.
We took the bus from the hotel and continued with the bus to Torremolinos. After climbing the staircases down to the beaches we started out walk going south west, and this photo is from the eastern point of the Carihuela beach.
During our walk I found a hat for 12 Euros ( in Norway the prize would be about 70 Euros ) and when coming to the western point of Benalmadena Beach this image once again documented the waves.
The last pit-stop before returning to the hotel was at a small Tapas restaurant in Fuengirola. Last time we were here (12 months ago) the establishment was closed, but now reopened with a glass of wine including a tapa for only 1,50 Euros.

A lovely wednesday with almost 15 km walking. My leg and muscles are improving.

Friday, March 7

Friday afternoon in Fuengirola

After a lovely dinner at Bodega Charolais a stroll along the beaches in Fuengirola together with Gerd  and Arne, made the afternoon a day to remember.
Children were playing in the waves, but we do not know the temperature of the water. Arne, my brother-in-law had made some swimming in the sea yesterday and meant that it was around 15C.
Turning to the right we could see surfers preparing for the more heavy waves.  The wind direction was east / southeast making the waves a real challenge.
With flowers from Gerd and Arne (the large bouquet) and from Knut and Lillian (the nice small one) together with a glass of Cava the afternoon sun-beams made it lovely to sit at the veranda of our apartment.
We now have been here one out of six weeks and feel fine.

Malaga on a birthday

 Yesterday we visited Malaga City. During our stay in Andalucia we normally take the train from Fuengirola to Malaga at least three times, but the city is so lovely that it can be even more visits. The train takes only 45 minutes and leaves every 20  min from the stations.
The weather this thursday was very nice although we are not sure if this measure was correct
 After our ordinary visits to shops, Pepa y Pepe  and El Pimpi for drinks and tapas, we moved up to the Plaza de la Merced and Pablo Picasso´s birthplace. The walking stick is good to have when we was walking almost 10 km over the day.
 The new (for us) cafes and bars along the facade of the building close to Picasso´s birthplace (to the left on the photo) was a very nice experience. A little higher prizes than in the middle of Malaga´s old town, but what can you expect on a place like this facing a burning sum and no clouds.
This blogpost´s last photo and comments are connected to the fact that my wife this thursday celebrated her birthday. Age? Up to the readers to assess but she is still in good shape I mean.
This photo is at the last pit-stop before returning to the train.

Tuesday, March 4

10% of our long-stay in Andalusia

 Arrival day.
Welcoming party with friends Evald, Lillian, John-John, Knut, Ola and Britt. Of course they wanted Cava; sponsored by the hotel. Thanks :)
 Saturday walk to the Fuengirola Puerto. Some grey clouds, but +23 C in the shadow.
 Our new pit-stop on the way home from the daily 5km walk.
 In the hotel bar, relaxing in the corner chair with the left leg in higher position.
The spring flowers are everywhere. These are close to my wife´s pool-bed.
Windy, but no clouds this tuesday. Asian food for lunch later today.