Wednesday, June 27

Preparing for some days at the ocean coast

 After two full working days with grandchildren we now are packing and ready for a friendly workshop at Skuleøya (Flemsøya) located at the north western part of Norway. AnneKatharina´s place close to the North Sea will be visited for old friends ready for the support of any maintenance activity.
 Hopefully the weather will be as nice as last time, giving us the possibility to watch the sun setting in the horizon. The weather forecast is not too good, but with god food and great wines we fear nothing.
Report from the weekend highlights will come as soon as internet connection has been achieved, either at "Eidet" (Øya) or after returning to Oslo later this week. A beautiful place and a peaceful place for us all. Will miss Asbjørn, but life must and will go on.

Tuesday, June 26

It is Summer

The "Fagerbusk" is in full blossom. Beautiful.

Thursday, June 21

Walking with 60 +

 Today we have been on a tour together with Majorstuen 60 + .
11 persons that normally (together with some more) meet twice a week at Frognerparken for an hour exercise, took the train to Frognerseteren (altitude 649m and view out the Oslofjord) and walked 11 km to Sognsvann
A small break at Ullevålseteren for something to drink and eat is part of the tour. In this beautiful weather the spirit among the participants were great. When arriving home I feel that my legs need to go this distance more often.

Wednesday, June 6

Tullarbo, summer 2012

After presentations of our new patio in the last posts, the time for an indoor presentation of our 22 sq.m cottage seems obvious.
Our living "room" and the reading corner is our most visited part when the chilly nights force us indoor.
Passing the bedroom door we find the dining "room" under the loft where guests may take a sleepover but usually it is a place for grandchildren to play when the weather is not on our side for outdoor activities.
I have covered the kitchen (renovated this year) in another post, but for this 360 panorama view it has its place when continue turning to the right.
Ending up at the entrance door (from the partly closed balcony) and the TV corner, you have got an overview of our 22 sq m cottage with some of my paintings on the walls.

Friday, June 1

The new Terrace Patio

 Compared to the heading images some of you may think our new patio is a contamination of the beauty in our green garden. However, for us it is an extraordinary luxury that will make it better to stay outside in our summer and early autumn nights. The "wet" lawn has been a challenge for me in many years. Now we hope that previous pneumonia not will occur this year.
 Our sitting group on top of the patio and the steps down to the lawn looks great.

From the balcony the new area looks beautiful and as an extension of the outdoor area.
Thanks to Krzysztof and his crew for the performed job.