Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year to all readers

Happy new year. Thanks for contact in 2015 and looking forward to see you in 2016.

Sunday, December 20

The last Sunday in Advent 2015

 Tomorrow the sun is going to decide if she wants to give us another summer and prepare for turning on Tuesday. If the world is going to be as it has been, that will happen.
In the meantime the main street of Oslo is highlighted and prepared for the darkest day this year

Saturday, December 19

Another advent photo

Yesterday we had a short light lunch at Albert Bistro, Aker Brygge, Oslo. The snow we got on Wednesday had disappeared in the streets and the afternoon is dark and foggy. However, on Tuesday 22nd at 05.49 CET the sun is turning and we once more can start to prepare for summer again
Only 45 hours to go.

Wednesday, December 9

15 days to Christmas

Early morning in Bogstadveien, Oslo on my way to the doctor for checkup after long stay in Spain.
The decorations in the streets are there to remind us about the holy season coming up.  Nice.

Sunday, December 6

Paintings, Antiques and Beer from Horten

For many years we regularly visited an art gallery "Kaare Berntsen" in the center of Oslo at their Christmas show. This year it almost reopened. Not the same company, but some og the old people. For me the most interesting paintings are shown below, but due to lack of wall space we only looked (without buying) and enjoyed the beer from Horten "Hortenpilsen" Rooted back to 1854..
 The two first paintings are by Thore Heramb, one of my favourites.
 The next painting is by Arne Ekeland, and for many years he was an unobtainable dream.
 The last image shows a painting by Kjell Nupen, and the three dimensions he has made in this painting is really awesome

Monday, November 30

Home sweet home

After 9 weeks in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol is it nice to be back home and start preparing for Christmas. The dining / living room is covered with "nisser" and singing boys, and the traditional tablecloths are decorating the tables.
The tablecloth in fromt is made by my late mother-in-law and embroidered  about 60 years ago. The text in Norwegian is: "is there any good children here" and be sure that was important if it should please Papa Noel and result in Christmas gifts.
Maybe it is too early to wish you all Merry Christmas but still better than sending Happy new Year to all my blog readers from over 190 different countries.

Monday, November 23

Strolling beaches at Costa del Sol

 This Sunday our stroll started in Torremolinos where the Christmas decorations are already in place.
 However, the beaches are almost without people. This photo is from Punta de Torremolinos towards north east and Malaga city. Although the snow is falling in northern Spain we have to wait some days more to see the white cap on the Sierra Nevada mountains.
 Same situation we face at the beaches of Benaladena. A few individuals were walking barefooted in the waterfront but no sun catchers could be seen
At the beaches in Fuengirola sun beds and sun umbrellas are removed for the winter season. Therefore we have to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea,  some clouds  along the horizon towards Africa and the clear sky with a growing moon.

Monday, November 16

Two weeks of Culinary Competition

During the last two weeks there has been a culinary competition between over 100 restaurants and tapas bars to present their candidate for the best tapa in Fuengirola this year. In November 2015 the 7th tapas tour has taken place and we have participated by walking around, making tests and enjoyed the food and drinks connected together with lots of others.
 The first to be mentioned is from Taverna Chinorros : "Forbidden Fruits"
 At Picoteo we tasted "I am Picante"
 At Bar Lizzaran they gave us Gua Boo pa mi chistorra (translation impossible)
 Our Favourite at Bodega Charolais Tapas is called "Sexy in New York"
 At La Casana de Paqui it was a Gazpacho called "Every night Spike"
 From Meson Salamanca (many years winner) "Burning Legs"
 At Bodega La Solera (also a favourite) "With honey on the lips"
 At La Dispensa de la Abuela "Picante Grandma"
At Med 15 the tapa was called "Greek passion"

Hopefully one of these tapas will have enough votes to win and that one of the voters will get a one week cruice for two people or one of the other very nice prizes.

Saturday, November 14

Paris November 13th 2015

A message on FaceBook from Sabine Schinhan on this birthday (Nov 14.) of mine.
#parisisaboutlife covers what we have to accept in the aftermath of the disgusting actions from terrorists in Paris. I am sorry of all the losses for the French people but still want to focus on my  life.
My blog is called Life is great and so I want it to be for many years ahead.

Wednesday, November 11

Visiting Marbella November 2015

Normally we visit Marbella at least once during our stays here at Costa del Sol. This autumn it was only in week seven that we decided to take the long bus trip (60 min one way) for doing almost nothing
Well, visiting the Plaza de Naranjas is a must and we can see that the oranges are growing and maybe ready for the next year winter season in Norway.

In the tourist shops in the Old City Christmas are well prepared and a complete tree with everything could be bought. In Malaga City as well in Fuengirola the Christmas Light decorations are also under preparation and for those of you staying here during Christmas, see my blog from November 2014 with photos from last year.

However yesterday had nothing in it for starting to worry about Christmas. The weather was awesome and people was sunbathing ans swimming in the sea all the way from Marbella to Puerto Banus as you can see in the horizon on the photo above

Along the Paseo Maritime the restaurants offered a variety of tapas and other dishes together with drinks as usual. The sun glittered in the sea and just relaxing was great.

Next visit may be in March 2016 to visit Audun and Brit as they stayed home this autumn.

Monday, November 9

Castillo de Bil Bil Benalmádena Spain

Only one sketch made this Sunday but I feel that the result is great.
The Castillo de Bil Bil in Benalmadena is a well known landmark for us here at Costa del Sol, and the information about the building from 1927 can be found here from Wikipedia

Tuesday, November 3

November 1st -Winter in Spain

Today the formal start of the winter season has come. In the hotel pool all the sun beds are removed and tomorrow the pool will be emptied and some reconstruction according to new EU regulation will take place. That is no problem for most of us long stayers.

However, the start of the "Invierno" could not be more spectacular. The wind from Africa are mild but strong. I therefore present some photos taken along the beach Sunday afternoon. Dramatic but also beautiful.
 Normally when the wind is coming through the beaches from that direction there are surfers in the waves. But not today.
You may think of Tsunamis when the seawater break through the fences, crossed the road and almost arrived to the restaurant we were sitting
 The Chirringuitos  got some damages and people had to run away when the water reached the walls.
 Some of the owners were working hard to put together debris and remove their parasols
 High above Fuengirola River the Castillo Solhail has control, but the flag was strengthen to its limit.
Almost 1 km higher up the river the flooding was about 1 meter above normal level, and if you wanted to take a rest at one of the benches, I can guarantee that you would be wet on your shoes.

Wednesday, October 28

Malaga: Tapas and Interior of Malaga Cathedral

Tuesday we went ti Malaga City because the weather forecast for the rest of the week indicated sunbathing at the hotel and no more.
When visiting Malaga City the only food we eat is Tapas. Yesterday was no exception. For lunch we went to Lo Gueno ( a tourist trap with ok food) but on the way back to the train we once more visited the very special (almost no tourists) tapas bar Meson Iberico. Try it, but dont tell everybody.
We have been in Malaga many many times, but never before visited the Cathedral and experienced the interior. Yesterday the rain came in portions, so to avoid some of the showers, we spent 10 Euros to see what was behind the great exterior.
The leading architect of the works at the Cathedral was Martin de Aldehuela also known for the construction of the Main Bridge at Ronda.

There are many paintings (including glass paintings) around the walls in the Cathedral, but two main works are important to comment:

When Jesus Christ was on earth could a hosting offer his guest water to wash the feet in, give him a kiss and rub his head with oil. The Pharisee Simon neglected to show hospitality at these three ways when Jesus was a guest in his house. When a weeping, sinful woman washed Jesus' feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, kissed his feet and then rubbed them with perfumed oil,  Jesus pointed out how negligent Simon had been, and then said to the woman: "Your sins are forgiven . "- Lu 7: 36⁠-50.

According to writings in the New Testament St. Paul, who was originally called Saul, was dedicated to the persecution of the early disciples of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem. Christian tradition holds that St. Paul was beheaded in Rome during the reign of Nero around the mid-60s at Three Fountains Abbey. The painter is Enrique Simonet

Monday, October 26

Food at restaurants

Eating during our long stay here at Costa del Sol can be home, at the restaurant in the hotel or as we prefer, at our favourite places in the city. Tapas are important and in addition to the small snacks together with "un Blanco o Tinto" we have our special "Taperia" La Cepa:

The first dish is "Camembert Frio" which can be taken as a starter of as an afters.
My wife´s favourite.
The next one is "Salmon con salsa de najanja". A homemade extremely nice way to present a salmon filet and should be tried if you visit the "hole in the wall" restaurant.
Afters or desert is probably not a tapa if you are correct down here, but a small caramel pudding with cream is presented as Michelin three star and tastes great.

There are of course many other tapas at La Cepa or other places, but the challenge is to remember to take a photo before you start digging in.
I therefor turn to some dinner (or lunch if that is preferred) dishes that we absolutely can recommend.

The Entrecote with pepper sauce at the Italian restaurant La Pergola is large, tender and delicious. You do not need to have pasta or pizza at Italian restaurants, and this steak is a very good alternative.
 The sirloin at La Farola is also a must during our stay if you want a break from their speciality; the Leg of Lamb
Another recommended main dish is the Salmon with Hollandaise sauce. Some places we feel that the salmon filet can be a little dry down here, but at La Farola you are always guaranteed a fish that slices up perfect when eating it.
An other favourite restaurant here in Fuengirola is Bodega Charolais. Yesterday we tried their Cod with red pepper fruit and small potatoes, and will absolutely return for another before we end this long stay in 4 weeks.
This photo is of a full portion dish, but can also be served as a media portion if you think it looks too large.
Enjoy your meal and Buen provecho