Saturday, May 30

Remi Eriksen appointed new Group CEO at DNV GL

In this blogpost I copy and support the information from DNV GL:
The Board of Directors of DNV GL Group has appointed Remi Eriksen as the company’s new Group President & CEO. He is succeeding Henrik O. Madsen, who is retiring on 1 August.
Since October 2014, the Board of Directors has undertaken an extensive executive search and selection process to find and appoint the new DNV GL Group President & CEO, due to the planned retirement of the current Group President & CEO Henrik O. Madsen. Candidates from many countries, both inside and outside of the organization, and both men and women, have been reviewed. 
Leif-Arne Langøy, Chairman of the Board of DNV GL Group says; “On behalf of the Board, I am very pleased to announce that Remi Eriksen has accepted the position as DNV GL’s new Group President & CEO. Eriksen has a solid track-record in leading positions within the company for two decades. He has gained extensive international experience in the oil & gas, maritime, and renewable energy industries, and has led our operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. His success in these positions led him to his current role as DNV GL Group Chief Operating Officer. In addition to his strong performance in managing the integration of DNV and GL, Eriksen has deep knowledge of our core markets and key industry technologies. Not least, he has displayed an acknowledged ability to foresee industry challenges and drive responsive solutions.” 
“I am also glad that after a thorough executive search and selection process, the best candidate was found among our own people. This will ensure the continuity of the company’s values, culture and strategic direction. I really look forward to working with Remi Eriksen in the next phase of DNV GL’s development,” says Langøy. 
Remi Eriksen says, “I am very humbled and thankful for the opportunity to lead this company where I have worked for the past 22 years.”
“We now see challenging market developments in both the maritime and oil & gas industries. DNV GL will not remain unaffected, but I have strong confidence in our ability to constantly improve and develop our services. Even in tough markets, there will be a need for expert advice and services that can help improve efficiency, qualify new cost-effective technologies, and that can help drive standardization of specifications and work processes – just to mention a few examples. In the energy sector and the business assurance market, I expect positive development in the next few years,” says Eriksen. 
“I believe the future will be characterized by a very complex and fast-changing world and a period of slower global growth. However, the world economy is still on track to more than double in size over the next 40 years. I see a future where trusted independent parties are increasingly needed to enable safe and responsible business performance and sustainable value chains. In this context, DNV GL’s innovation capabilities, as well as our role as a standard setter and driver of joint industry collaborations, will be an increasingly relevant strength. It will be important for me that we continue our investments in people, R&D and innovation to develop new thinking, insights and solutions to the benefit of our customers and society,” Eriksen explains. 
“As Henrik O. Madsen is retiring after more than 30 years of service with us, the last 9 years as Group President & CEO, I want to sincerely thank him for his commitment and extraordinary achievements in heading the company towards the world-leading positions we are in today,” says Chairman Langøy.

Tuesday, May 26

Norway ruled by women

These four women are in charge of Norway in these days.
The Prime Minister: Erna Solberg, Conservative, the Minister of Finance: Siv Jensen, Progress party, are together with the Leader of the Liberal party, Trine Skei Grande to the left and the deputy Leader of the Christian Democratic party to the right.
On the other side the parties covering the red-green opposition are all ruled by men. Coincidence?

Tuesday, May 19

Sunset in May

Our short stay in Fuengirola is soon over this spring. A fantastic long week and Hasta Luego.

Sunday, May 17

May 17th - El dia National de Noruega

 This year we decided to celebrate the 17th of May, The Constitution Day of Norway, here at Fuengirola, Malaga, Costa del Sol, and the national colours are of course covering the doors.
An almost normal breakfast with scrambled eggs, ham and tomato juice, but also a small Cava.
 Down at the beach Tullen is waiting for the 17th May-parade going from Los Boliches at 11.30 am.
 The parade was full of Norwegian flags and children from grade 1 to 10 grades in addition to  lots of  other Norwegians at Costa del Sol. A surprising and nice experience for us. The Spanish flag was also participating. We all ended up in the harbour of Fuengirola where the national anthem and more Norwegian national songs were performed.
 As usual "pølser" or hotdog was part of the food on 17th May, but our dinner took place at the restaurant Charolais. One of our favourites
 As a starter the white asparagus was perfect.

 However the ox filet as the main course can only be recommended and should be mentioned in Michelin Guide
Well back at the hotel a Cava in the AquaBar made the day a great "syttende Mai".

Saturday, May 16

Relaxing at Myramar Fuengirola - Castle Beach

Since my TX-friend Audun Bell is not at Costa del Sol this time of the year, I have to give you an image of two other good friends when relaxing in the AquaBar at the Myramar Fuengirola.
It is always a pleasure to "come home" to Director Carlos Cana and his crew anytime of the year. Here we are sitting in two of his Julio Iglesias Chairs

Tuesday, May 12

Short stay in Fuengirola Malaga in May

 The spring in Norway, Oslo has still a way to go before we feel it comfortable this year. A short stay in Andalusia is therefore preferable and director Carlos Cana is welcoming us "home" as usual
After settling down at the hotel and made some food shopping we made our first walk down to the beaches and one of our favourite Chiringuitos: Gali Gali for a cava.
Dinner this Monday was tapas at the square close to the post office and then walking home.
We recognise that adapting to the life down here is very easy. The temperature is lovely although around 40 C tomorrow in Sevilla is a little too strong for most of us too.

Sunday, May 10

Sunday stroll - Tjuvholmen Oslo

 Visiting SS Christian Radich for the first time in my life. Nice to be onboard this beautiful Full-rigged Ship from 1937.
The crew member Tullen was safe from heavy waves and did not need to put sea legs
Ready for departure. Will return with new blogposts in the coming weeks.

Motive for next painting

Finding motives for painting may sometime  be difficult. However when I started to look at my birthplace, the spectacular Jugend city Ålesund, there are motives around every corner. I am not living there anymore so I have to steal from other people´s photos. This one is now in process:

Hopefully my version is on canvas during the coming weeks.