Thursday, May 31

Building a terrace patio

 In this week we have planned for and started to build a terrace patio at our cottage. First we had to measure the area and apply for acceptance from the Solvang 4 Board to do the job.
 When acceptance was given the foundation and frames was made of solid impregnated material.
Then the deck and the rail followed. Tomorrow it will be finished and the garden furniture put back for a more stable position compared to the slope lawn we have used for almost 35 years.

Sunday, May 27


From my new corner at the balcony sofa, the sunset this Sunday gives me a lovely image of nature in touch.

Pentecost morning

Early in the morning on our way to the cottage after a babysitting activity down town. Mari is soon sitting in a small pool. Summer continues.

Friday, May 25

BBQ dinner

After the traditional "ventepølser" the main cource today was grilled trout etc.
Strawberry for dessert and still +28 c at 7 pm.
Time for another beer.

First Summer weekend at SOLVANG this year

Our renovated kitchen is close to be finished. 6 sqm and almost 20% of the cottage´s main area.
I am ready for BBQ.

Wednesday, May 23

Summer 2012 has started

With this photo of the Forget-me-not flowers from our cottage garden, I welcome everybody to another blog-summer from our cottage in the middle of Oslo.
This is our 35th summer up here, and after a larger outdoor repainting and rebuilding of our balcony and basement entrance last autumn, we have this spring got a new "kitchen", new furnitures in the garden and thus made it even more easy to stay longer periods of the coming months up here.
The header photo is showing how we cope with the + 26 C at the moment. Later we will open the Cava and celebrate the opening of summer 2012.

Thursday, May 17

Happy 17. May

Lovely day in Oslo. Brit and Tullen at Amundsen Bryggeri og Spiseri

Preparing for breakfast on 17th of May

Still half an hour till the national emblem, our flag, is on the pole at our balcony, but the dining room table is on it´s way to welcome family members to a traditional 17th May breakfast. Seafood and Champagne added to more common Norwegian dishes.
Have a nice "syttende mai" wherever you are.

Tuesday, May 15

Friday, May 11

Happy birthday Maja

Three years young today. A very nice and smart girl even though she still not want to give me a hug when leaving.

Wednesday, May 9

The Copy

It it normal (I think) that the father is the main role model ( a person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others)  for a son. My grandchild Henrik is perhaps too young to have an awareness of this, but at any chance he imitates the style and behaviour of his father. Looking at them walking at the pavements is just one example of how he copy David when he is around. A lovely image.

Thursday, May 3

Edvard Munch's The Scream - has sold for a record $US119.9 million

The Scream is not my favorite Munch painting, but I understand that the Iconic Pastel from 1895 has a high value in the market.
Edvard Munch created at least four versions of The Scream. He also worked out lithographs and other graphic versions of the motive. Thousands of "copies" or private versions have been made by other artists.
I have never made my own version of this motive except the photo of Tullen and her pimiento in 2001.

However some other paintings first made by E.Munch has been part of my painting education and here you will find some examples of these.
I do not believe that my versions can get any million auction price, but someone have once said that copies of new versions can be even better than the originals.
The Day After (E.M. 1894-5)
Lonely or The Voice (E.M. 1894-5)
Summer Day (E.M. 1904 - 08)
Red and White.(E.M. 1894)
Landscape or From Åsgårdstrand (E.M. 1904)
The Embrace or Vampire (E.M.1893-4)
Shame or Ashes (E.M.1894)
The red Suffragette or Madonna (E.M. 1895- 1902)
and my own self portrait as Hans Jaeger (E.M. 1889)

Wednesday, May 2

Book and sun protection

It is beautiful weather in Oslo. What else can you dream of than a new book and sun protection cream while sitting in our new furniture at the cottage. A cold Beer?