Wednesday, September 26

Veritas Pensjonistforening 30 years

On June 14. 1864 Det Norske Veritas was established as a Ship Classification Society and a Member Club for Norwegian shipowners. Their ships should be classified and valued by the society and recorded in an annual Register.
Basis for classification a new uniform building rules was issued, and the principle was that DNV should be a non-profitmaking centre for the insurance clubs.

The development of the society from 1864 to present, is a history of technical challenges, strong personal managers and a market need for professional third party services within risk management. The process between 1864 and 1989 is covered in the book Anchor and Balance.

In 1982 the Veritas Society for Pensioners was established and yesterday 165 Norwegian pensioners (of a total of over 400) was gathered at Høvik for a lunch together withe the President and CEO, Henrik Madsen. He promised us that in 2014 we would celebrate the 150th anniversary together on the 14th of June, so hereby the date is registered in my calendar.
In the meantime good friends and colleagues (like Inger and Rolf on the photo) will meet at a variety of activities (dinners, tours and lunch presentations) together with spouses.

Monday, September 24

Autumn becomes visible

No comments needed. Everyone can see that autumn 2012 is here.

Thursday, September 20

Window cleaning

Home from the Cottage Season and preparing for winter.
Before it is too cold our windows have to be cleaned. We have totally 42 single glass windows  to be cleaned in the apartment, and living some meters above the ground, it has been my duty to hang on the outside doing it. So today.

Tuesday, September 18

Sunday, September 16

Sunday stroll with Endomondo

Sunday strolling around Downtown Oslo. Total about 10 km at 2,5 hours including coffee at United Bakeries at Karl Johan (Americano and Croissant) and shopping vegetables for dinner at Gulden .
Forgot to start Endomondo at the beginning, but the route from Frogner, around Aker Brygge and Akershus Fortress, to the Opera and following Karl Johan through the Royal Garden back to Uranienborg.

Try the Endomondo App on your iPhone. Nice app.

Saturday, September 15

Apple Pai a la iPhone 5

On September 28 the newApple  iPhone 5 will be on sale in Norway. Hopefully I am able to get one of the first copies through NetCom, but I expect many of the fanatics to be fighting together with me.

In the meantime I have to relax together with my new baked Apple Pie. Served with ice-cream and / or Vanilla Sauce (and maybe a small Hennessey Cognac).
The Saturday evening cannot have a better start.

Friday, September 14

Fridays are bread baking days

The house is full of great fragrance. Newly baked bread makes the expectation for lunch even better. One of my jobs at home is to make these wheat breads based on the recipe from "mormor" as described on the flour-bag. Adding olive oil, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds make the result as seen on the image.

Have a great lunch and a nice weekend all bloggers.

Monday, September 10

Oslo west, a green city

This is an interesting image of "Western Uranienborg" in Oslo.
You see the "Inner Golden Triangle area" behind the Royal Castle from Oscarsgate (named after king Oscar the first) at the right to Gyldenløvesgate (named after U.F. Gyldenløve) and Arno Bergs Square to the left at the lower part of the photo.

At the top the photo follow Professor Dahls Gate (named after the painter I.C.Dahl.) from to the left at Vestkanttorvet to the right where the famous Homansbyen and Josephinesgate (named after Queen Josefine of Norway and Sweden) can be found.

Most interesting is to see all the green areas among the streets and houses. Also the green areas / or vegetation in the backyards can bee seen.

You may see similar images of your own neighborhood if downloading Satellite Eyes.

Sunday, September 9

Among the first 20K

I started blogging in 2005.
In April 2007 I was among the "first" to join Twitter and FaceBook in Norway.
The history of these social networks are well known.  Now there is another tool that can be recommended:

The is still in it´s Alpha version, but over 20.000 people world wide have already joined this real-time social feed without the ads. (About 20 persons in Norway I think)
It costs you 35 NOK to join, but that is only 50% of the price of a pint of beer (if you are on the right places in Oslo), so why not be among the first to test it out. It is here to stay.

Wednesday, September 5

Breakfaset in a blue kitchen

 The coffee is warm and the temperature in our blue kitchen gives a sparkling image during breakfast.
The rising sun welcomes the scrambled eggs and bacon. A new day can begin.

Monday, September 3

POSH - Port Out Starboard Home

Today we had a beautiful day at sea together with our friends Gunnar and Ragnhild (Starboard out).
A glass of  Cava on the voyage when leaving Bestumkilen, a delighted lunch at Middagsbukten and a lovely voyage back to Oslo. It is September but still possible to enjoy a 5 hours summer party  at sea.

Saturday, September 1

Fro one castle to another

We are still in transition between living at the cottage and at our apartment down town. On a beautiful day like today (and yesterday) we are saying farewell to the wasps in the garden, spend the hours in a lazy position and care for a light beer. But if the temp is coming a little bit closer to zero or the rain is returning like we have had most of the days this summer, the neighboring church will be more interesting than the apple trees as a landmark.

This Saturday we will at least spend some hours at the harbor watching the show of airplanes and vintage cars. Most probably some drinks will also be part of it. Where to sleep tonight will be a question to decide later. Have a nice weekend.