Thursday, February 28

John John and Dia de Andalucia

At the hotel we see many people year after year. The Norwegians, Swedish and Scottish are people we see and small talk to almost every day. From Northern-Irland John John is a person that we have met at every long stay winter period since 2010.
We call him John John because there are several Johns in Myramar. John A is married to Ann, and John B is Norwegian with Bjarne as his second name (married to Karin).
I may have posted another photo of John John on St Patrick´s Day some years ago, but the green habit from that you have to find yourself in my history posts on March 17th. John John does not want me to copy that image once more, so you must accept this today-image instead
However, John John s not the only thing worth to be mentioned today.
After a horrible night with Rain, Storm, Thunder and Lightening, we decided to make a smooth walk in the chilly morning. Only +9 C when we started. But during the Day of Andalusia the temperature rose to 15C and we had really a nice day after all. We ended up at Restaurant Oasis in Carvajal (6,4km) before we returned home via La Farola and a lovely lunch for 11 Euros (gratinated Sole). A Thursday stroll of around 13km is acceptable.

Wednesday, February 27

A nice day in Malaga

This morning we expected (according to weather forecast) blue sky, strong sunshine and possibility for some lazy hours at the pool. Instead we decided to take the train to Malaga.
First stop was a cafe with the roof almost covered with Ham or Jamon. Cafe Americano and a Croissant is my favorite at 12-a-clock.
After a day of shopping  and Tapas bar visits, we (as usual) ended up in the old Guard house for a small Malaga wine waiting for the train.
Arriving Fuengirola the weather had changed dramatically.
While in Malaga we could sit at nice outdoor cafes in sunshine and temperatures around 18C.
In Fuengirola the temperature was 12C and the wind very strong. Only the youngsters surfing seems to love the heavy waves.
The cold front could be seen as a sharp edge over Benalmadena. In the east and over Malaga the sky was blue and over Fuengirola the grey windy weather gave us the coldest day in 2013. Tomorrow we celebrate "El Dia de Andalusia".

Tuesday, February 26

Happy birthday Gerd and Arne

Thanks for a great dinner (lunch) on your 73rd and 68th birthday ARNE and GERD.
The flowers from Ola and Kari and Tullen and me are only a small gift compared to the great meal you gave us at restaurant Aroma
The fried Camenbert (Tullens favorite) is just an example of the great dishes served at Aroma this afternoon.Lovely. My Caprese and Arne´s PilPil and the Soup of the Day are other Starters. Main Courses do not compare to any restaurants in Fuengirola.
The Roses in your apartment is a symbol of our love to you. May them last in many days.

Afternoon stroll

Normally we have an exercise  walk in the morning. But we also walk about 5-6 km during the afternoon where we either go for a drink or take a late lunch / early dinner at one of the many good restaurants in Fuengirola and Los Boliches.
Yesterday we discovered a for us new Italian Pizzeria: Papa Luigi.
We understand the pizzeria here in Fuengirola is one of several establishment under the Papa Luigi logo in Malaga, Torreblanca, Mijas Costa and Marbella. It also includes the popular Cafe - Bar Hollywood.

No many guests (in fact we were the only two) when we visited Papa Luigi, but the meal was excellent and can be recommended. We will return.

Sunday, February 24

Sunday in Puerto Banus

 This Sunday we did not make a long walk due to the fact that my left achilles hurts after the 15 km long walk in rainy weather on Friday. A blister had to be healed before the next long walk. Therefore we joined my sister and brother-in-law for a late lunch at Puerto Banus.
Both the harbor with great yachts and expensive cars like the Bentley above is common toys for rich people. We are happy that no financial cost of ours are bounded to the maintenance of these boats or vehicles.

Thursday, February 21

Visiting Audun Bell i Marbella

As usual Audun Bell (tx-Cor) and I (tx-Cor and tx-Renis) got together for a chat and some Cavas during our stay here in Costa del Sol. This time we met at Cappuccino Marbella Grand Cafe for lunch. Click at the link and be acquainted with this "hot" place in the western part of Marbella.
 We came to Marbella yesterday to see how the Winter Tapas Route took place. Between February 15th and 24th 62 bars and restaurants in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara should offer special prices for a tapa and a drink for only two euros. Our experience was that some of the bars with the "Ruta de la Tapa de Invierno" logo on the windows were either closed or did not promote it. The neighboring bars had even not heard about it. However the old city of Marbella is a beautiful place and especially now when the tourist season not yet has started.
The weather this Wednesday was beautiful and +21C. We could see Africa to the left and Gibraltar to the right from the restaurant as on this photo. We will return at least one day more during our stay.

Monday, February 18

An ordinary Sunday in Malaga

Living in Malaga (Fuengirola) for a long period, we have to do normal things every day.
Sunday activities in Norway would have been to take a stroll in Oslo or, at this part of the year, Skiing. (Tullen´s favorite)
Down here our walks along the coast is more natural, and yesterday a tour for seven hours was our ordinary Sunday stroll.

First we had to walk from the hotel to the train; 2, 34 km. Then relaxing at  the train to Los Alamos. Then down to the beach and continue to walk 3km to Torremolinos where we had an Americano.
From Torremolinos we walk slalom between thousands of people on the Carihuela Beach towards Benalmadena (5km), where we had a second break for the Sunday Cava and tapas Chorizzo.
From Benalmadena we use the buss services to Carvajal where we continue to walk another 3km to our Italian lunch location (Ramazzotti), before the next interval takes us to western Fuengirola and a last break for an Americano and Baileys.
Tullen is enjoying the warm climate in Benalmadena.
 I am beginning to feel the long distance in my legs on the Carvajal / Torreblanca beaches (still 5 km to hotel)
The last walk is from the beaches and back to the hotel were the Scandinavians are gathered in the ar for a Happy Hours drink.
Total walking distance this Sunday ended up in about 19km in 7 hours. An ordinary Sunday stroll :)

Friday, February 15

Fuengirola river

 Today´s  morning walk gave me an opportunity to show the beautiful weather we have at the moment here in Costa del Sol. No wind, no clouds, burning sun and temperature expected to be above 22 C.

"The mirror" can be the new name of Fuengirola River

Thursday, February 14

Daily exercise at the beaches

As usual we start the day with an exercise walk along the Paseo Maritime 

 Today´s walk was 8,7 km and in a quite moderate speed. Valentines day walk we called it
At the turning point; the Pesetas statue. A chilly morning, but I had at least one clothing too much on. Expect temp today to reach around +21 C. Swimming pool next.

Wednesday, February 13

Room with a view

The view from our balcony this afternoon. The horizon in the Mediterranean Sea and the blue sky over Costa del Sol today, gives great expectation for the weeks to come. An 8km walk earlier today, home lunch and tapas for dinner later at one of Fuengirola´s hot places will make the day,

Tuesday, February 12

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea without tourists. Off season and some of the restaurants still winter closed, but for us a lovely place on earth after 2 months of snow and cold. Average temperatures around 15C+ but with few clouds, a sunbathing condition all day through.

Saturday, February 9

Oslo Wine Festival

The crew on Gaia Wine & Spirits`s stand at the Wine-testing tent in front of Cafe Sorgenfri, Aker Brygge, yesterday afternoon. Nice people and great wines. Visits recommended.

Friday, February 8

Oslo from above

Oslo seen from the top of Midtstuen ski jumping hill.
A grey morning, but lots of young people playing in the "Korketrekkeren" toboggan, and some more mature people skiing from Skistua to Sognsvann.

Tuesday, February 5

Winter trees

 Both in The Royal Garden and in "Lang√•rdsparken" close to our home the trees are covered with white snow. If only the sun could appear we would see the beauty of crystals against the blue sky.
If you want to see the garden in summertime go My blog from November 2008

Monday, February 4

Snowing once more

Today, or actually from late yesterday, the snow once more is falling from the sky.
However, with only one week left before the beautiful Andalusia will be visited again, I can cope with. My wife is more than happy and looking forward to her skiing tour the coming days.