Monday, September 29

Public Laundry or Cancer Pink Ribbon

If visiting Aker Brygge this week you have no chance to miss the Pink Ribbon Campaign. Hundreds of bras are hanging between light masts and with the City Hall in the background we thought somebody was doing public laundry. Click on the photo and search for your size.The upcoming Saturday the Pink Ribbon March for Solidarity will be arranged, and it is still time to plan your visit to Oslo and joining.
If present at Aker Brygge don´t miss all the sculptures, and this Cello Player can be found inside the Shopping Mall.For those of you more interested in flowers the Royal Garden is beautiful this fall. Welcome.

Bridge over river Spree Berlin

In this month Bridges Between I take you to Berlin where we cross the western bridge of river Spree at MuseumInsel and visit the Lustgarten and Berliner Dom (in the background.) The bridge is at the end of Unter den Linden and at the start of Karl-Liebknecht Strasse towards Alexanderplatz.
I have made this post to help Sarah Palin in her afford to get some knowledge in foreign politics. Berlin is one city now! Her latest interview worried me, but feel free to make your own judgement. Don´t expect her to know anything about Norway.

I present the Bridges meme a week early due to other activities next Monday, and in the meantime we do as Leonard Cohen Take Berlin.

Sunday, September 28

Circling Lake Sognsvann

In autumns we walk in nature here in Norway. One of the most visited areas in Oslo is Lake Sognsvann close to my cottage or summer residence. Circling from my cottage around the lake and back takes approximately one hour.
Starting by crossing the Olle Bolle Bridge we see Vettakollen Hill to the left and the cornfields up to Løkka farm from 1800 with the horses.The path is normally crowded on Sundays but there are many places for photo safari and ideas for paintings.You may find several places to rest and let children play even though the water is a little too cold for bathing this time of the year.Back at Tullarbo (it is closed) we have nothing to do except take a break at the natural fungus chair and cutting some roses to bring home down town.

Saturday, September 27

Saturday Urban Life - Louis Vuitton , Aker Brygge and just a drink

Louis Vuitton and the Window show in his Boutique here in Oslo start this Saturday strolling (or photo Safari if that is a better meme). It is BAG Fashion this fall.
The Aker Brygge area is still a place to visit although the tourists are fewedr, and at Cafe Sorgenfri the new Buffet Lunch is absolute worth a recommendation. But so is a glass of wine and a beer.

Friday, September 26

Memories from the past

Asbjørn, Helge, Per Helge and Harald.
This weekend 34 years ago some good friends met for two (or more) purposes at Sykkylven, Sunnmøre, Norway.
First we had to do some farming activity like harvesting potatoes. The Potato-picking holiday is in modern Norway replaced by the Autumn School Leave which in 2008 also starts this weekend.
In addition to digging in the ground for new potatoes, we had to do extensive testing of Asbjørn´s homemade beer. (see the barrel in the background).
Angela studied physics in Leipzig at the age of 20 that time and could have participated, but had probably other activities that weekend too.We also "celebrated" Asbjørn´s birthday, and participated in different activities not to be made public.
Have a nice Weekend and School Leave wherever (Voss, Rhodos, Berlin etc.) you go.

Thursday, September 25

Oktoberfest in Berlin

A historical day

September 25th is one of the dates that need to be presented with content to visitors from all over the world.In the year 1066, 25th of September according to the Julian Calendar, marks the end of the Viking Age.
At the village of Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire in England, shortly after the invading Norwegian army under King Harald Hardråde had defeated the army of the northern earls Edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria at the Battle of Fulford two miles south of York, the last Anglo-Saxon King of England before the Norman Conquest Harold II killed the majority of the Norwegian Vikings along with our king Harald.In the year 1903, 25th of September, according to the Gregorian Calendar, the latvian-born American Painter Mark Rothko was born.In the year 1972, 25th of September, the Norwegian People with 53,5 % in a referendum said NO to join the European Community (EEC, present EU).

In the year 1978, 25th of September, exactly 30 years ago, I got my Driving Licence.

Other events, births, deaths, etc can be found at Wikipedia September 25.

Wednesday, September 24

J is for Jubilee and Joy

Tonight, 24. september 2008 00.03.06 GMT+02:00 I received an email with the following screenshot The sender was Gerald England and many of you will probably have visited his blog Ackworth born, gone West.

To learn more about Gerald´s Virtual life take a break and look at his Hyde Daily Photo or his Autumn Haiku or his contribution to ABC Wednesday where he is one of the administrators.

When I went to bed 8 minutes to twelve yesterday there was still 8 visitors to go for the magic number. Gerald hit it, and I agree

I also thank Marit for reminding me about the countdown after breakfast yesterday. Since I received her comment on my A summer is over almost 200 visitors have been here. That is just what RuneE wrote about in his J is for the JOYS of Blogging.

Tuesday, September 23

ABCW = Japan once more

On monday we had autumn equinox. An equinox is the moment in time (not a whole day) when the centre of the Sun can be observed to be directly above the Earth's equator, occurring around March 20 and September 22 each year.

Three months ago the sun turned towards colder seasons here in Norway and I was blogging about our Company Tour to Japan, Kyoto and Kobe.J is once more for Japan
Klick on the above link and join us for Rafting, Karaoke, Shrine visits and other adventures in Japan.

Visitor number 50000 - Who?

During the coming days one of you will be the visitor number 50.000.
If you are THE ONE, send me a photo and I will put it without censorship into my blog.
The text I will I do myself.

Follow me through the next 120 visits countdown.

Sunday, September 21

A summer is over

It is time to close the summer residence for this season. We moved home three weeks ago. did some maintenance and made plans for activity when the sun has turned, the snow disappeared and spring 2009 is coming.
Some roses are still trying to deny that the temperature during night hours is close to zero or even below. They love the sunshine during a few hours, but never make to open to the full blossom.
The plastic cover is wrapped around the open balcony. The garden furniture is carried inside. No values are left behind. It is time to say goodbye. The summer is over.
Some apples (Lobo) are still hanging in the neighbour´s trees. The shadows are growing longer. It is Autumn.

September Sunday morning

Out of bed with a smile. The sun is sharing its beams of lights outside my bedroom window. Bacon and Eggs for breakfast. Morning greetings from the web. Ready to start the day.Another "Marius" made by Tullen is sent over to Wales and makes these british children look a little Norwegian.

Saturday, September 20

Saturday Urban Life - Spa

Since anemone and ivar ivrig in today posts have been on countryside safari, I just had to present an Urban version of the same subject.
The sculpture(s) was found in Montecatini Terme, Italy.
Have a nice Saturday Spa.

Friday, September 19

Stock Exchange up and down or what

During the last month have we learned how the value of our securities at the different Stock Exchanges have gone up and (mostly) down.
The New York DJ Industrial index:The Oslo Stock Exchange
and one of the funds that some of us have put our savings into.
Perhaps the development of today increase in Oslo (ending at +8.86%) make some of them investing in this market will sleep better though the weekend, but the game is not yet over:Have a nice weekend wherever you have your fundings.

Thursday, September 18

More from Cinque Terre on SWF

Passing the Carrera mountains (by bus) I will follow up the success of showing photos (based on comments regarding Corniglia last ABCW) from the coastline north of La Spezia, Italy or the so called Cinque Terre this Friday.First we have to make a break at the pointe where the beautiful Portovenere is located.Then we continue to Riomaggiore and pass Maranola before Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare lead us to stilleben through local art and fruits