Thursday, January 31

The most beautiful street in Oslo

At this time of the year you normally see lovely images of nature covered in white snow. Oslo West is however also a place to catch photos, and this is probably the most beautiful street in Oslo both winter and summer.

Eilert Sundts gate er en gate i Oslo som går fra Gyldenløves gate ved Arno Bergs plass på Briskeby til Bogstadveien. Gaten ligger i bydel Frogner 
Gaten er oppkalt etter samfunnsforskeren og presten Eilert Sundt (1817–1875) fra Farsund. Eilert Sundt hadde stipendiat fra staten mellom 1848 og 1869 for å studere landstrykere, noe som etter hvert ble utvidet til å gjelde hele den sosiale tilstanden i Norge. 
Bebyggelsen langs Eilert Sundts gate består av både murvillaer, hovedsakelig bygget mellom 1870 og 1900, i tillegg til trevillaer fra samme tidsperiode. Flere av bygningene er listet på Byantikvarens gule liste over bevaringsverdige bygninger.

Monday, January 28

Winter in Oslo

 A typical winter image from Norway. The snow and mist at "Skistua" Frognerseteren. Beautiful.
 Almost in serpia the old lady starts for another tour through the nature. The tracks lead to Tryvannstua, Skjennungen, Ullevålseter and Sognsvann. Ca 13 km, and she is happy.
Normally we show the "Fagerbusk" in full blossom covering it´s pink flowers, but today the flowers are replaced with newly fallen snow. Still four months till we migrate to the cottage, but being there in springtime is also lovely. Now it is only cold and deep snow.
However, now we look forward to the long stay period in Spain which starts in two weeks.

Thursday, January 24

Winter in Frogner Creek

On our Thursday 60+walk in Frognerparken we take an exercise-break on the bridge at the southmost point of the park. The Frogner Creek under the bridge today can get associations to the lyrics by Simon and Garfunkel
When times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water
The bird on the stone is told to be a "Stor Hegre" (Grey Heron), but I do not know if that is correct based on a Wikipedia search. The bird (like a penguin ?) looks almost frozen to a sculpture, but we saw it moved it´s head so it was alive.  The Ice in the creek is a combination of art and nature. Beautiful.

Monday, January 21

Skrei season

Just started to prepare my Monday dinner. SKREI.
 First we let the migration cod stay in flowing fresh cold water for more than one hour. Then we cook (not boil) the fish in about 10 minutes and serve it with carrot, cauliflower and potatoes. Sauce Hollandaise or melted butter. Delicious.
More detailed recipe in Norwegian can be found here: Skrei, rogn and lever

Wednesday, January 16

Exercise for lowering weight and strengthen hearth

Although the temperature is minus 8C and the roads are slippery, our daily walks are important preparations for the winter stay at Costa del Sol. Almost 7 km today and that is like walking from our hotel to "han Dean" in Carvajal.
The same length of distance at Paseo Maritime but believe me, much more up and down. In addition it is normally time for a glass of beer at Oasis before we return. In Oslo we end up at home for a hot chocolate before blogging.
But soon we are back in Fuengirola.

Sunday, January 6

The return of the sun

The beauty of a Saturday afternoon in January gives us hope for a new spring in 2013 too. Although it is only 16 days since the Winter solstice we have a lot of days ahead until June 21st when the darkness again will rule over the sky.
This image is from Skovveien , one of the new fashion streets in Oslo.

Tuesday, January 1

Training activity the day after

Just to document my good intentions of keeping fit also in 2013 we went for a walk after breakfast this morning. The slippery pavements around Frogner made the speed moderate, but an hour walk is a start.
The important task is now to follow up with exercise every day, or at least as often as possible.
Looking forward to the stay in Fuengirola later this winter where ice glaze and dangerous ice patches normally can be avoided.

Happy New Year 2013

 We are in 2013. Happy new year to all regular and random visitors.
 From my library and dining room I send texts and mails to friends and acquaintances all over the world, and receive in return many great wishes for the year 2013.
If you do not know where to find me in social media go to some of the addresses shown at