Wednesday, August 16

Visiting the Royal Palace with Helene

A visit to Norway by our grand child Helene give us a great possibility to show her (and ourself) the interior of the Royal Palace in Oslo
We start with some external images showing her in front of the palace including the Kings Guard Daniel and Tullen in the rear garden. In addition a photo of our queen Maud, princess of UK and her husbond King Haakon VII.
The statue of King Haakon is placed outside the royal garden at the June 7th square
It was originally named The Triangle Square, but was renamed in 1962 after 7 June 1905, the day when the Union between Sweden and Norway was declared dissolved by the Norwegian government. 

It is not permitted to take photos inside the palace anymore. Last time we visited the palace there was no such limitation, but on the web you will always find images taken hidden or by official media.
I therefor present some of the rooms we visited based on web images.
See also The Royal Court

One of the most famous rooms at the palace is the Bird Room where official photos of guests together with our Royal Family are taken. There are 43 different birds painted on the walls covering images of Norwegian landscapes
The next saloon is the waiting area for foreign guests and the come-together room for ministers before the weekly meetings between the king and his councel.
The Council of State is the name of the government body that is meeting every Friday to make formal  state desicions. The king and / or the Crown Prince are leading the meetings. Their chairs are are red and seen in the front of the table.

From there we moved to the Mirror Room or Queen Maud´s saloon. To enlarge the room the queen got mounted mirrors in all doors and her piano where she held conserts for the family is still there.
This room is also used as part of the Head of State suite including the bedroom below.
This bed is only used once by a person with no Head of State level. That happened after the 2nd WW when sir Winston Churchild visited king Haakon VII.
On the other side of the mirror room we were passing through the beautiful breakfast room. Be aware of the ceiling and the blue colors on the paintings on the walls.

Then we enterd the small ball-room where we this year could see some displays of the belongings to crew serving the royal family since 1905.

This is the Ball Room where the royal family arrange Palace Dances and  "smaller dinners". A beautiful room and even more beautiful than the great Banquete hall (where more than 250 seats could be serves) alongside this room.

This blogpost opened with our grand daughter Helene at the castle. I also ends it with images of Helene at Aker Brygge having Moules Frites and Ice Cream for lunch.

A great day in Oslo for us all.

Thursday, August 10

The last painting of Summer 2017

With the "Portrait of an Artist" it is time to end the production season in front of my easel on my balcony.
When moving from our large apartment at Frogner Oslo, after my leg disease, I had no more room or studio with easel inside the apartment. That made me move outdoor when painting, and part of our balcony became occupied. However, since late 2014 to date almost 40 large paintings have been signed so it is not the environment that makes limitations. In addition many sketches in A4 format have been made during my stay in Spain.

This morning painting, paintbrushes and other tools are placed into the storebox and put away before the autumn and the wintercold. No canvas are leftovers this year, and preparing blind frames and cover them with canvas, must be the job before next year spring and creativity season.

Once again I offer the world that for those of you who would like to have one of my paintings, visit my blog from september 2014 to date and have a look of the last 3 years production.
Prices are around 2000-3000 nok, but bargening is possible.

Sunday, July 30

One theft and one happy image

I know that stealing is not always acceptable, but as Picasso once said: To steal from the best is what I sometimes do.
So I do.
A friend, Astrid Øveraas, has developed into a great photographer lately, and I have more than once used her photos as motives for my own paintings. This beautiful image may well be used that way. I love it. (just to warn you, Astrid).
This image is not a theft. It is a loan. It is done by my wife the evening I returned from another visit to hospital. ( When sick = Hospitalization, not-sick happy and a live) This time I was diagnosed : "Osteoarthritis in left shoulder" and I promise you it was very pain full.
Therefor she took the happy photo of me sitting in my favorite corner surrounded of great paintings.
Life is Great.

Tuesday, July 25

Summer shots from Oslo and the Norwegian mountains.

Oslo during summertime can be experienced through a lot of activities. We walk a lot and visiting different parts of the town is one activity that we apreciate very much.
I therefore start this blogpost with an image from Grunerløkka; the area close to Akerselva the most important river when developing Oslo into an industrial city during the 1800 centyry.

 From the river delta and upwards to the old church: Gamle Aker church from around 1150 many old and beautiful houses have been taken good care of. The hill is though very steep for an old man.
Oslo during summer can be very nice when the weather is good, and visiting some of the many restaurants is always important for us Urbanists. This image is from Grand Cafe at the city´s main street "Karl Johan".

Visiting shows and concerts is another summer activity in Norway. We took a trip for participating in the 20th anniversity of the "Evert Taube Show" at Engelsviken at the southern part of the Oslo Fjord. Here is Lars Klevstrand performing one of Taube´s figures: Fritiof Andersson.

Next late summer activity is moving up to the Norwegian Mountains and the area west of Høgevarde where family members have their "cottage" or more likely their mountain villa. A pitstop at Sole Hotel and the beautiful surroundings gave a nice experience.
Then wa arrived to the Høgevarde Fjellpark
Høgevarde 1459 moh is a nice mountain where many walking routes (see map) can give a great experience

My legs have no chance to move up in the altitudes, but my wife and her cousin made an almost 5 hours walk toward Ranten (a nearby peak at 1419 moh) on sunday. You can reach the peak from south or north. Tullen and Kittan started their walk to Ranten from the north.
Startying at about 900 moh the paths are good to follow althoug your leg muscles must be prepared for a climbing and do not forget to carry cloths for changing conditions.
At the first " relaxing level" you find "Raumyra" at 1220 moh, where they have already climbed 300 meters altitude
Until 1858, kryllinger, sigdøler, eggedøler, hallinger and people from Numedal came together to mountain dance at Raudmyrane between Krødsherad and Eggedal. 
Here people gathered for trading, horse-swapping, drinking and dancing.

During the Raudmyr dance, 24-25. July 1858, there was a horrifying bad weather. Extreme snowstorm and party people searched for shelter in the bushes. Others took on the paths back home. 

Kryllingane had a long way. Four hours  walk with some steap hillsides. Three men died this night. Two were found shortly after, but the playman Kjetil Langebakke (33 years) was not found until later in the fall.

Kittan at the peak of Ranten 1419 moh. Behind him there is a steap steap hillside.

Well back at the chalet a dip in the small lake (17,5 degr) feels good,
Tullen and Sissel later found it much more comfortable in the jacuzzi bathtub at 37 degr.

A BBQ dinner from Kittans handmade outdoor fireplace made the day for all of us, and we have only impressive feedbak to give our hostes.

Then it is time to follow the sun setting and waiting for the horrendous rain that raped us during the night. It was not the same level as for 159 years ago, and we were hiding in a safe house but the weather made tremendous damages in other parts of southern Norway.

Monday, July 17

Latest balcony paintings this summer

 Two paintings are now ready to be presented in my blog.

The first painting: 42 x 62 acryllic on canvas,
is from one of the most traditional motives in the old Jugend city; Molovegen,  Ålesund
Molovegen is also one of the eldest streets in the city and the wooden houses here were not attacked by the city fire in 1904.
This painting is 55 x 70 acryllic on canvas,
is a "selfie" of the artist and his wife although you have to be very kind is you say it is a portrait.

Monday, July 3

Monday and time for some new paintings

Three new paintings and another ready for signing (possibly)

Thursday, June 29

Rome, The tourist traps and more, Blogpost 3

Yesterday I left you at Piazza Venezia and the southern end of Via del Corso, also knovn as the shopping street in Rome. If you walk north towards Piazza del Popolo there are many small boutiques open for you to spend some money. Be aware of the size of cloths; you are in Italy.

However, you may very well find what you are looking for in a store like Zara and the building with mirrors of 5 floors is interesting in itself.

Just around the corner you have the Spanish Steps, one of Rome´s most photographed spots.

Some bloks further to the south another tourist trap can be found.
The Trevi Fountain with almost 3000 euros thrown in the water every day. We left some coins in the water last time we were here, and made sure that our return has been fulfilled.
Maybe there will be another return later when my wife throw some coins with the right hand over her left shoulder into the water.

Do not forget to drink a lot in the heat and there are restaurants like this all over the city
Pasta,  anti pasti, pizza and platte primero and secundo can sometime be to much, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

And Romans together with tourists eat ice cream all around. "Gelaterias" are all over and in most streets. Italian ice cream is rightly very good.

Crossing the Corso to the west and turning toward the Vatican you will pass the Italian Parliament with the egyptian Obelisk of Montecitorio taken from Egypt in 10 BC,
and behind Panthenon you enter Piazza Navona with fantastic sculptures by della Porta and Bernini together with many coffee places to visit.

Sitting there with the Fountain of Neptune (1574) behind me, I do not understand why the prices of a glass of wine is more expensive in the neighboring streets than actually at Navona.

South of Piazza Navona it is easy to find Campo di Fiori with the daily market of food, vegitables, pastas and flowers . The name is originally Field of Flowers.You do not need to buy anything, and to be honest, the market in Malaga is much more spectacular, but the colors of pasta-bags are nice.

The only area not mentioned in my three blogposts from Rome is the Vatican and Trastevere.
Trastevere means "Beyon the river" and was in the Rome´s regal period (753-509 BC) belonged to the hostile Etruscans. The name was at that time Ripa Etrusca (Etruscan bank). Etruscan people come from Tuscany in northern Italy.
 At that time many sailors and fishermen had taken up residence in Travestere together with immigrants, mainly Syrians and Jews. Under Augustus the name Trans Tiberim was used.

Crossing the Tiber (large river) you see the St.Peter´s Cathedral in the horizont

The houses and narow streets are quite spectacular, and there are lots of coffe-houses open for you.
We however returned to the busy streets in Panthenon area and could say Arrivederci from the hotel´s roof-terrace with the sunset over Panthenons doome