Wednesday, March 4

Death postponed in 17 years - so far

Today it is 17 years since some relatives said YES to Organ Donation and postponed my death by 6210 days so far.
THANKS for giving me a new heart and a new kidney.

A lot of other diagnosis have been put on my body during all these years, and most of them have some relation to the side effects of medication linked to the transplantation.
However, once again I say: "The alternative has been much more problematic"

In addition to the donor I have to thank my wife for all the help and support throughout these years. Without her I definitely can say that my life had been shorter. Even today she is acting as a nurse helping me to heal the wound beds on my thighs after last challenge with necrotising fasciitis.

However, time for walking along the beaches at Costa del Sol, and participating in all nice activities under the Mediterranean sol are part of taking care of the Gift for Life given 17 years ago.

Tuesday, February 3

Sunset over the western part of the Oslofjord

This afternoon the sky gave us some beautiful colors over the western part of the Oslofjord. 

The days at Sunnaas may end like this every days as long as I am here. 

Sunday, February 1

Images of Maja and Mari in 2014

This Sunday I am learning how to add and publish blogposts with images from iPad. This are some of the nice photos of my grand children in Norway from 2015

Visiting Bestefar in hospital 

Getting new furniture in new apartment 

Visiting Bestefar at Sunnaas

Thursday, January 29

Rehabilitation in progress

After health challenges during the last five weeks, I am now in acceptable progress of my rehabilitation program at Sunnaas Hospital. Today I went through a more than four hours healing process similar to the processes described in blogposts from October and November in 2013. After that, exercising in the physio room for one hour. Now dinner and more physical activities during the evening. Hopefully I have recovered so good that the doctors give me traveling card for Spain in three weeks. Looking forward to continue the process by walking along the Paseo Maritime at Costa del Sol. No photos in this blogpost because I have to learn how to copy photos by using my iPad. Thanks to all family and friends sending good wishes during this five weeks of hospitalization. I am recovering and soon on my feet again ��
Now I know how to upload images ������

Sunday, December 21

Oslo City Hall

It is soon Christmas in Oslo. There is almost no snow, but the precipitation we had last week has made the pavements very slippery. The weather forecasts for the days before Christmas have no indication of a White Christmas, but the City Hall with the Christmas Tree in front gives me a great opportunity to publish the first blogpost after returning to Oslo.

Thursday, December 11

Last visit to Malaga this autumn

 Only a few more days here at Costa del Sol this fall, and on Saturday we are back to Oslo and probably to snow and cold winter. Our last visit to Malaga City took place yesterday and just to be prepared we visited the slope outside El Corte Ingles where toboggan made closer contact with winter than going to Sierra Nevada.
 The weather improved very fast and after a traditional visit to El Pimpi we found back to La Plaza at Plaza de Merced. Tapas bars and restaurants occupies the ground floor of the total block all the way to Picasso´s birth place on the left corner. The sun was really warm and +23 C gave a nice farewell experience of this lovely city.
Well, the real farewell we got from the Christmas "tree" at Plaza de Constitution. No lightening except glitter from the sun above the shophouse buildings this afternoon. Hasta Luego Malaga.

Tuesday, December 9

Hunting for new restaurants in Benalmadena

In Spain on this Monday they celebrate Inmaculada ConcepciĆ²n and had a Bank Holiday because their Constitution day was on Saturday 6th. We therefor joined the Spanish families and went for a restaurant stroll between Carihuela and torrequebrada map Torrequebrada.

First stop was a recommended tapas bar  La vina de ale vinoteca. A nice place witch we will return to on later visits at Costa del Sol.
From Carihuela beach we continued along the Benalmadena beach with necessary pitstops. The weather talks for itself with 17 degrees and it is December 8th.
Our next stop should have been the spectacular restaurant La Cala in Torrquebrada. The steep path down the hill did not look safe enough after 9km walk, so we dropped it for this time, but will return next time we are down here. Close to La Cala there is also an Italian recommended restaurant (with no pizza) GISLA.
Without eating at La Cala we had to stop at one of our other favourite tapas bars in Fuengirola, Taverna Cinorros in Calle Larga. I write favourite because their Baccalao (tapa or ration) is very like the way we make this dish back home.
Maybe I look a little old on the photo, but it is the way I look at present. Back home at Myramar we had walked over 11 km this Monday. That´s training :)