Sunday, January 13

Lights of Oslo

The light of Oslo in the beginning of 2019 tells a lot about where on earth we are located.

The dark evenings and nights, the low sun and the cold winters are part of what we call the Northern Lights

So it is in Oslo as well.

Lamps and candle lights are used indoors as decoration but also as enlightning the dark corners of our rooms.

A walk along the harbor promenade early in the morning can document the rising sun behind the eastern part of the city. (Photo stolen from my wife)

In the midle of the day the sun gives a beautiful light of our old castle; Akershus Fortres

In the center of the city, along the main street Karl Johan, the trees glitter and the shopping facades are full of lights although it is only afternoon and the city is full of freezing people and skating children

When the night is approaching and the city is covered in black,  the Operahouse is a contrast to the dark sky, and we are once again waiting for the morning to come

Wednesday, January 2

January 2019

To all my blogg friends all over the world:

Happy new Year, Feliz ano nuevo, Godt nytt år, etc.

Thursday, December 27

Christmas time in Norway

Norway is a small country with many different Christmas traditions in various parts of the country.

The food and eating habits are mostly connected to where you grow up and live; at the coast, up north, down south, inland or in the cities.
However, people are moving around, connect to other families and take their traditions with them or adopt to new through these migrations.

We live in Oslo, are perhaps more urban than average people, but when it is time for the holiday preparation, we more or less follow "Norwegian standards". We visit the Christmas market, enjoy the lighting in the streets and eat traditional Christmas dishes.

Most people participate in at least one "julebord" (as a brunch or as dinner) This photo shows the  brunch that was served at restaurant DS Louise and had all the Christmas dishes as a buffet.
Roasted pork ribs
Dried mutton ribs
Fermented trout
Marinated Salmon

On the four Sundays before Christmas the Advent lights are lightened one by one and together with the red tulips and the Christmas table cloth every home (like ours) are prepared for the great holiday.

Then back to the food:
 Lye-fish from Cod (Lutefisk) is served with green mushy pea, potatoes and bacon butter. Pepper and Mustard, Beer and Aquavit. Lovely.
 Rakfisk (fermented trout) in Lefse (a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread) with Leak, Sour Cream and Beetroot. Beer and Aquavit. Great for special interested.

Simmered Nordic Cod with potatoes and carrot and melted butter. Red wine to cod of course.

 Pinnekjøtt (Dried mutton ribs) have during the last years been more and more popular in the cities. For me, borne at the north west coast of Norway, it has been my family´s traditional Christmas dinner in generations
It is served with grove spicy sausages, mushy sweeds (Kålrabi) and potatoes. Beer and Aquevit or a great Riesling.
Ribbe (steamed pork ribs) is more used in the eastern part of Norway but due to migration you can also be served this dich in families all over the country. Served with red cabbage or souerkraut, grove meat balls, sousages and potatoes. Beer and Aquavit, a great Riesling or full bodied red wine.

I do not like the cold winter, but for Christmas we all hope for the white snow falling down.

This photo is taken from our apartment windows, and I must admit that it looks beautiful

Then it is time to dress up before the great evening and family dinner, and maybe it looks a bit formal, but we like to celebrate this evening with style.

When it is time for the opening of the gifts, everybody gather around the Christmas tree. In our famliy with no Santa, every gift is unpacked one by one under the control of all guests. This image show the exsitement of the children when their mother open their gift to her. Will she be surprised, will she like it, or .... A mother is always a mother, so hugs are distributed.

Happy Holiday from Norway to all my blogger friends around the world.

Thursday, November 29

Costa del Sol - Autumn 2018 Heaven and Sea

My 3rd blogpost from Costa del Sol 2018

3. Heaven and Sea

When living at Costa del Sol in about 16 weeks a year motives from the beaches occur almost every day and night. The morning view at the delta of river Fuengirola with the bridge near Sohail Castle has been shown earlier, but a great thing cannot be left out for that reason

My wife´s images taken during her early morning´s walk, show the sun rise in different weather situations. This morning the sun had just left the horizon and the sky had a wonderful color
Another morning and some minutes later (winter-time) when the clouds hide the rising sun, the birds at the river seem to be on ice.
The wind at the coast varies almost every day and the waves are crashing the shore with different strenght. Sometimes the surfers are happy playing in the water, and sometimes people are diving in these waves,
When the clouds are black and the storm and heavy rain are stronger than usual, the beaches and riverbanks are full of "leftovers". The comunity personnel are wery good in cleaning. In a day or two the branches and mud are taken away.
When the bad weather is approaching the colors of the clouds are really spectacular.
A heaven and sea photo-serie can also contain images from above.This image of the port of Fuengirola is taken from a hotel roof, and gives us an overview of the long coastline and the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here as all over the world the moon is full every 28th day, and these images show that we often are at the beaches late afternoon or early evenings.

The next three photos can well be motives for paintings. We all know many paintings by E. Munch which contain the full moon and the light on the sea surface, so maybe these will end as paintings by me.

At last I swap the Mediterranean sea with the landscape around the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada taken from the airplane window travelling north and leaving Andalusia this autumn.

Wednesday, November 28

Costa del Sol - Autumn 2018 Places and people

During our about eight weeks stay at Costa del Sol every winter/spring and summer/autumn we move around to locations all over Andalusia and also meet friends and family.

2. Places and People

We have visited our hotel Myramar Fuengirola for 10 years (20 visits) and have decided that this kind of accommodation is siutable for us. An one bedroom apartment with kitchen and all the services needed. The swimming pool area with sunbeds, poolbar and guards during the warm season is a safe and nice place to spend long stay time at Costa del Sol
On a sunny day the temperature between May and October can reach +40 C in our patio.
The hotel cat "Amina" has been there all the years and comes on arrival day till departure for some food and peace with us. This autumn she mainly  moved from us to other guests for food, but was greeting us every day

Another creature was discovered in the flower beds this year. We saw it only twice, but heard it every day.

During our long visiting years we also have developed frendship with the hotel´s management; here represented by Liza.

Visited Locations:

From Carvajal to Castle Sohail the beach promenade is 7 km. My wife walks this distance almost every morning, and I sometimes use the bus in one direction and walk back with a lot of pitstops. In this bay we pass Torreblanca, Los Boliches and the center of Fuengirola before we reach our apartment hotel
Between Torremolinos and Benalmadena we have the beautiful La Carihuela Beach where Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra stayed to enjoy the Mediterranean in the 1950s and 60s.
In one of the hotels Frankie boy has got his own bar with decorations of his albums.
When using the train one station is Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel. A very nice place and many good reataurants etc.
We come often to "the honey river" as a starting point for walking down to the beaches and the Benalmadena port. On that tour we walk through the "Jardin de Paloma" but more facinating is the hundreds of proud Hans flurting the Hens.
Well down at the sea the prominade to Benalmadena Marina and further to Carihuela, Torremmolinos and even Los Alamos is great. Lots of shops, bars and restaurants together with the African salesmen.
On the other side of Fuengirola (south-westward)  we at least visit Puerto Banus and Marbella once during our stay. In Puerto Banus we have found our own restaurants behind the tower where the crowd of tourists are not so big. Here with my sister Gerd.
In Marbella the tourist season was almost over when we visited the Paseo Maritimo in the beginning of November. Very few people in the streets and in restaurants compared to the busy and lively Fuengirola.

We normally take one "long travel journey" in Spain during our stays and this time we decided to visit Cordoba for the second time. This photo is taken from the speed train (295 km/h) over the Andalusien fields and can result as a scetch for a new painting in 2019
When people visit Cordoba La Mesquita is the main attraction. So also for our first visit to Cordoba. This time we decided to explore the area north from the fantastic cathedral, and close to the train station we walked through the "Agricultural Park" ( very similar to the park in Malaga)
Cordoba has also some great historical remains from the Roman periode, beautiful gardens and interresting squares so we recommend future visitors to use more time outside the main tourist paths.
To compare the parks in Cordoba with other cities, I once more give you some images from Malaga
In Malaga the fortress Alcazaba and the roman amfi in front are both on the 17 highlights list recomended.
Although most hotels and properties in Spain have their own swimming pool, a bath in the Mediterranean sea from the beaches will be seen as a top experience. That also happened for my daughters family.
Another great time we have with our family members was dinner at La Farola where Magic Manu show us his fantastic tricks.
Many visitors to Malaga has been sitting on Pablo Picasso´s bench at Plaza Merced, but Pablo also can be found in Mijas Pueblo.

At last it is time to say adios and Hasta Pronto to our host at Myramar. Director Carlos Cana allways try to make our stay the best, and he and his staff succeed in that every time. Feliz Navidad and bueno anos nuevo to you all. See you again in February 2019.