Wednesday, February 5

Food and Beverage, January 2020

I often publish blogposts from our visits at restaurants and pubs during our long stays at Costa del Sol. But we are urban people and visiting food and beverage venues here in Norway are also some of our activities. Therefore this blogpost.

I start with an image from the Gastropub Amundsens Bryggery & Spisested ,where lots of people gather for pints, wine and good food. Recommended.

Another pub to be frequented is Fru Burums. This was our "local" in the years we lived at Frogner Oslo and it is still nice to be recognized by other guests when visiting by chance.

A new restaurant at Egertorvet is also recommended. Olivia Eger. Real Italian / Roman and you feel welcome for lunch, dinner or just a Vino Bianco.

The lounge at Grand Cafe is also a place where you can relax over a Valpolicello Ripasso or test the fantastic winelist in the basement bar. However  it is only at Grand Cafe you can look at Per Krogh´s wall painting og the Kristiania Bohemians

Without including an image from our new "local" Tekehtopa at St Olavs square would be an insult.  A great outdoor place at summer afternoons but also lovely during the dark months inside in Oslo. Highly recommended.

Just for the balance I choose to share a photo form a completely different food and beverage place: a family dinner at Tullen´s sister new home. We are not eating out every day in Norway.

Thursday, January 30

Memories from Andalucia autumn 2019

It is only a few weeks till we again move to Spain, Andalucia, Malaga and Fuengirola.
It is therefore nice to go through my photos from autumn 2019 and present some of our memories from that priode. (the blogging was difficult during that stay due to hardware and software challenges)

Late September there is still summer temp at Costa del Sol, and we had a nice time both in the Aqua Bar, the Pool and along the beaches.

Tullen is an early walker along the Mediterranean Sea and the sun rises when she cross the Rio Fuengirola.

Our favorite restaurant La Farola is normally the first dinner venue at every stay and the Lambuena wine is mandartory. Mago Manuel in the background.

Malaga City is also a target the first week and visiting the Picasso museum was on the route this time.

During the autumn school holiday in Norway our daughter with family has been visiting us five years in a row. It is one of the highlights in October.

Going out for visiting four or five restaurants in the evening is one of the activities the grand children love. A drink here and some food there and ending up with an icecream in the dark hours.

Feria del Rosario is a week full of activities in Fuengirola, but on Octobre 7th, the spanish females dress up in colorful costumes and love to be photographed.

My legs are not as they used to be, but walking along the beaches from Torreblanca to Fuengirola (with many pitstops) has become a tradition with the pesetas monument as a milestone.

The nightlife in Fuengirola is not among our priorities so the full moon had to be captured from our patio.

A lunchtime trip up to the white village Mijas Pueblo is also on the agenda when the weather is good and that was the situation every day except one night and some hours in one morning over 8 weeks.

Visiting Cordoba without getting in line with the people who want to go inside the La Mezquita can give you a different view of this old city; the largst city and most advanced cities in the world  around 1000 ad.

To and from Cordoba over the Andalucian fields we use the highspeed train AVE up to 300 km/h

The view of the Fuengirola harbour from the SkyBar at hotel Puerto is also one of our favorite relax areas in Fuengirola.

This image is also from the SkyBar together with friends from Ålesund Norway. Agreat place to see the sunset.

Walking on the wooden path at Mijas Costa will also be on our agenda when returning this spring.

Another visit to Malaga City. The first photo is from the restored Paseo Alameda with the flower shops. The sculpture can be found at Jardin de Picasso near to Maria Sambrano train station.

Loving tapas we always visit Casa Lola and Cortijo de Pepe in addition to Meson Iberico. Our secrets but recommended for friends.

It is time to say Hasta Luego to our lovely Andalucia with an image from La Plaza de los Chinorros. As you see I have used this corner (except Diana at La Oliva Taverna which is our "local" ) as motive for one of my paintings.

Hopefully will I manage to give you a more acurate description of our activity at Costa del Sol this spring, so stay tuned.

Regards Tullen and Arne

Tuesday, January 21

November - December 2019 and January 2020

With apologies to my blog friends and followers all over the world for not being an active blogger lately, I here give you an update of what have been my consern during the last month of 2019 and the first in 2010.

The Christmas market Jul i Vinterland in Oslo has grown tremendously. It is however not our most wanted area during our urban life, but compared to other markets it must be classified as "good".

Our greatest experience and best Christmas gift this year was that our eldest daughter got a donated kidney in London. After many many years of knowing that only transplantation could save her life and the last 4 years in dialysis up to 3 - 4 times a week, everything went well and she is ready for Life 2.0.
Being an heart and kidney transplanted person for 22 years I once more give my sincere thanks to those who say "YES" to organ transplantation when the life of loved ones no longer is possible.

Being in London on hospital visit is one thing, but experience London befor christmas is also a nice experience. This is from Covent Garden.

Another place to visit was the Shard in Southwark where we has lunch at Oblix on the 32nd floor.

From the Shard we had a great view over the City og London with the Walkie-Talkie skyscraper at Fenchurch Street.  A rainy day but that is normal in London in November too.

Together with friends and collegues at my old workingplace DNV Høvik for a Christmas lunchon is always a good start for the weeks before chrismas dinner etc.

After returning to Norway the Christmas preparations had focus. Being together with grandchildren had priority, and here we have a visitor from England (Helene) together with Maja and Mari (living in Norway) in the Winterland lights.

Around New year we took a few days in Milan and had a great time although the weather was really chilly. This image is from Piazza del Duomo with the fantastic cathedral and the shoppingg mall Galleria Vittorio Emaluele II. Shopping ? = Window shopping !

In the shopping mall there were also many restaurants with good "italian" food. This photo is from the bar at one of the oldest restaurants (1867) called Savini where I tasted my first Negroni. Has been repeated.

Coming around in Milan city is no problem. Everything are in walking distances, but using the many trams make it even better. The very old line uno (1) and line 2, 3, 4 and 12, took us to the most attractive areas.

One of the interresting areas was the Castello Sforzesco, the garden behind and the Arco della Pace.

Behind the Arch and to the right it is a short walk up to Chinatown where the very special Cantine Isola must ve visited. Lots of wines in any price group and if you want to taste one in the shelves, they say yes inmediately and open the bottle. The number of already opened bottles were nearly 50 when we made our visit..

The nightlife in Milan was not on our priorities, but late dinners we had both in the popular Brera area and along the Navigli canals like Navigli Pavese and Navigli Grande. This image is from The Darsena Docks

The people of Milan are very proud of the new-town area called Porta Nuova. Here is the Diamond Tower and below is the UniCredit tower with the antenna spire at 231 meters and floor 31 at 146 meters

We tried to visit the top floor, but that was impossible

A building that was qiute different from the othe new sky scrapers. The Vertical Forest tower makes an intreaguing error in all glass and concreate skylines.

Downtown again and a streetview in the neigbourhood of the Duomo and people all around.

It is impossible to visit Milan without shopping (at least window shopping) and although my Burberry trench coat is not like this, I like the photo.

A place that "everybody" have to visit is the Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Cenacolo Vinviano (the last supper). We came there on a Sunday and the museo was closed. Happy us. No long queue.

Then it is time to say goodbye to last decennium and welcome the new 2020. See you soon at Twitter, Instagram or Blogger for more information regarding our live here or there.