Sunday, October 4

Another sketch for discussion

Yesterday I made another sketch and put it on FaceBook in two versions. This was the one who most friends preferred and maybe it will find it´s way to the canvas later.
The other one?
Turn your laptop upside down and see the same image that way.

Friday, October 2

Playing with colours without canvas and easel

I took some basic colours with me to Costa del Sol this autumn in addition to a sketch book and some paintbrushes. In this collection of photos I started with an image of the famous mountain "Slogen" more or less equal to the colours in Hjørundfjorden. Then I changed colours and finisher with a third version including some contours.
What will be the permanent version and size in spring 2016, remains to be seen

Sunday, September 13

Oslo City Hall

After visiting Høstutstillingen 2015  I decided to continue my work on a painting which I was not satisfied with some days ago.
This work is absolute a more ArneA painting and more same style as many of the others presented here on my blog; rough, colour rich and wet on wet.
The painting; "Oslo City Hall" 54x70, acrylic on canvas 3000nok.

Saturday, September 12

Queen Sonjas square

Today´s publishing is another painting from my hometown Ålesund. I have called it "Queen Sonja´s Square" although it also includes the building from 1905  "Rønnebergbua".  Hope you like it.
Acrylic on canvas 42 x 62 "Queen Sonja´s Square" can be your for 2000 nok.

Sunday, September 6


A valley in Norway. The 60-kilometre (37 mi) long valley runs through Rauma Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county and Lesja Municipality in Oppland county. 
It is the valley of the Rauma river, from old norse Raumsdalr (Rauma valley).
I have made many paintings of or from Sunnmøre, but this is my first of Romsdalen. Romsdalen is maybe mostly famous because of Trollveggen but I have made my painting from the Romsdal Fjord towards Åndalsnes based on a photo by Thomas Johansson (thanks)

The painting "Romsdalen" is crylic on Canvas 60 x 74 and available for 3200 nok.

Wednesday, September 2

The Capital City of North-West

Thousands of photos have been taken and hundreds of paintings and graphic images have been produced about this view. The Capital City of the north west Norway is without doubt; Ålesund.
It is time for me to do my version.

This painting (my first in September 2015) is as usual acrylic on canvas 40x54 and offered to a price of 1700 nok.

Sunday, August 30

The Figure 8.15

Another painting finished in August 2015. "The Figure" Acrylic on Canvas 50 x 70 2500 nok.