Thursday, October 15

Ålesund Paintings: 2

As I have said many times; I cannot draw. Hopefully my followers like my expressions through colours 

My paintings are therefor not a precise "copy" of how the Jugend city Ålesund looks like, but how I remember or like to remember some of the areas in my birth town 

One of my favourite motives in Ålesund is the area along "Moloveien" with the houses not involved in the great city fire in 1904 and the landmark "Moljå" lighthouse . This painting above is a winter image.

The same view in these two paintings at late evening without snow and the "Aspøy school"  together with old sea houses  along the shore. 

Between Molja and the southern seaside the well known "Brosundet" separate Aspøy and Nørvøy; the two original city islands where Ålesund was established. The Sea Houses and the city mountain Aksla are painted on this image,

The same area prolonged to south west and "Naftadjupet" is expressed through this Summer image.

The old sea houses at Aspøya are today free from fish production and changed into hotels, restaurants and modern homes.

On the other shore (south) and further west in the "cannel" towards the great "Hellebroa" (bridge between the islands) I try to express my  experience of the landscape along the quays.

The same area expressed in a different style show the great shopping house "Rønnebergbua" before the street development  along the seashore.

Rønnebergbua seen from east to west and the central square "St Olavs Plass" (Sankten) is also one of my favourite motives.

Another image from the old Ålesund is the bird cliff which today is replaced by City Hall and shopping areas.

 From Sankten the Løvenvold street goes uphill towards  the old Løvenvold cinema 

Ålesund is one of Norways most beautiful cities and especially when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. However the annual rain volume is 977 mm so the painting above could be seen as the typical Ålesund image.

This end my blog presentation of Norwegian city images. 

Tuesday, October 13

Ålesund paintings: 1

In addition to my Oslo images presented in last blogpost I have made 2 blogpost of my paintings from Ålesund and the surroundings. The first post (this) has images of the nature in which the city is placed.

The first painting is how I see the city from the viewpoint at "Aksla / Fjellstua" at the top of the famous staircase of 418 steps up the hillside.

This painting is made from the fjord at the northern side of the city with the "Sula" mountain behind.

This is also from north to south but from Aksla showing  "Slinningbua" on the eastern part of the island "Hessa" (one of the three islands where Ålesund is located)

From Slinningsbua facing north and behind the stormy Aspevågen, you have second island "Aspøya" with the landmark "Aspøy school" and the City Hall.

Stormy weather is almost natural at this part of Norway and the rain pouring down at "Breisundet" and "Eltrane", is the view from the western part of Hessa


South east of the city the spectacular "Sunnmørsalpene" gives a great framework of the nature surrounding the Jugend City Ålesund

 This two last paintings end the presentation in my blogpost no 1 from Ålesund. In a few days I will give you my expressions of the inner city .

Saturday, October 10

Oslo Paintings

Almost every painter in the world use their home surrounding as possible motives. So am I.

Buildings and landmarks in Oslo have been backgrounds for many paintings during my efforts to create a ArneA-style. But my head is so full of different intensions so I do not know if my followers can look at an image and say: "This is  ArneA "

However, in this blogpost I will gather some of my Oslo paintings and thus be up to the blog-followers to decide which is or should be the typical ArneA-style.

I start the presentation showing Oslo City Hall

These paintings are done from Aker Brygge (west) and Pappabuene (east) in an area called Vika.

This painting is also  from the City Hall Quays in Vika showing the steamer "Børøysund" and one of the Cruise liners at the Akershus seaside.

This one is also from the seaside at PiperVika, but showing the Akershus Fortress  in front of Ekeberg Hill

On the other side of Akershus we find the new city development area ; Bjørvika.  Here I have tried to catch my expression of the new sky line Barcode early in the development process.

The Parliament building from 1866 in the middle of Oslo centre at Karl Johan is made in black and white like a sketch

 Higher up the Karl Johan we find the old University Library and the Royal Castle at the top.

Covering the Fortress, City Hall, University, Royal Castle and the Parliament I was only missing the spiritual or religious power factor in our society. Oslo Cathedral and the Courtyard are covered on this painting from "Storgata"

A complete different style of buildings can be found at Tjuvholmen  located on a peninsula sticking out from Aker Brygge into the Oslofjord. It is located east of Filipstad and south of Vika

Oslo has a great area around the city called Marka where recreation or physical activities can be done either by walking, running, biking or swimming. This is from Sognsvann 

Mentioning physical activity an image of the pride of Oslo; Vålerenga and Freddy dos Santos also must be included.

 The last three paintings I present in this blogpost is from our (now Rikke´s) city cottage area where I first started my painting carieer. Our garden on top and below our neighbours red cottage

and finally a self portrait in front of out great Fagerbusk (Kolkwitzia Amabilis)

Tuesday, September 22

Paintings September 2020

In September this year the weather in front of my easel at the balcony has been perfect for continueing the work with images. My first painting (above) in September was an attempt to get a new way of combining colours and forms.
However because I had a frame similar to the first, I tried to combine two paintings into one by create another shape of stripes figures and colours. These two paintings are not fastened to each other and thus can be used by themselves, but also as a bigger decoration.
I have made several paintings of important buildings in Oslo. The City Hall, the Cathedral, the Akershus fortress and the river Akerselva have previously been shown in my blog. This time it is the Parliament and the square known from many demonstrations in front which is the motive for my painting
Because we now have autumn, the colours in the mountains are really spectacular. The yellow colour is perfect for images although this painting is not from a specific area in the mountains.

 This landscape is also only an artificial expression after a play with colours and figures. 

Wednesday, August 26

Paintings August 2020

 The weather in the month of August 2020 has been nice in Oslo. Thus my balcony activity (Painting) has also been on an acceptable level. In this blogpost  I therefore present five of my latest works.

The sunset in Norway during late summer days is often pink/red coloured on the western sky and the affect between dark hills and mirroring water is expressed here.

The farmers fields are yellow during these days and a close-up with the blue autumn-to-come sky has resulted in a painting like this.

Re-doing of previous paintings has been one of my favourite activities when saving canvas instead of overpaining

This painting is also a result of changing another work from years behind. Using painting knifes instead of brushes gives also a more rough expression of the motive and also more ArneA style.

At least another black and white abstract painting giving interesting results dependent of how you look at the image.

Monday, July 27

July 2020 production

This blogpost is covering my production of paintings in July 2020.

On Instagram we are very often presenting photos covering our daily life at home and away. Some of these photos are also inspiration for me when deciding a painting. This image is based on a photo of "gubben og gamla" from our trip to <a href="">Kistefoss Museet</a>

Black and white paintings have been one of my challenges this year. Making abstract paintings on black canvas and only using white acryllic paint can result in a nice impression like this.

Another painting also based on black canvas but with a touch of more colors give this result of a beach during the corona pandemi.

Like some of the paintings presented in my last blogpost, I sometime feel an urgent need to make chaos on the canvas. Where to put different colors and which brush or knife I am using will be based upon coincidences but also with a plan/hope to create the best result

Going back to my painting activity some years ago I feel satisfied to make an updated colorful female act.

The latest painting from July 2020 is based on green but with white and blach together with purple as shadows.