Wednesday, July 18

Exhibition of motives from Oslo, Costa del Sol and Budapest

 In Malaga we very often visit Plaza de la Merced where Malags´s best burger can be found at one of the restaurants along the birth-place of Pablo Picasso.
Artists sometimes exhibit their paintings on the square and many interesting motives can be found.. This painting 50x60 acrylic on canvas I call "Exposicion en Merced" and the price is 2500 nok

Back to Oslo and restaurant Festningen at the walls of Akershus. The view from here against Oslo west with Aker Brygge and the hils in Bærum made the frame for this painting.
50x70 acrylic on Canvas  "Evening lights" 2500 nok

 When in Budapest early in june many motives found their way to my iPhone. A river dinner cruice on the Donau is almost mandatory in Budapest and when my wife dreamt about Titanic this motive was natural.
50x70 Acrylic on Cancas "An der schønen blauen Donau" 2700 nok

A variation of another painting made from the backstreets in Malaga "Stalker in Calle Trinidad"is in privat ownership alreay.
This morning I finished my variation of E.Munch´s painting from 1901, but called it "Kvinnene på Broen"( Las mujeres en el puente) due to the fact that very few young girls walk alond the coastal pathway from Calahonda to La Cala de Mijas.
50x70 Acrylic on Canvas 2500 nok
The last panting presented in this blogpost is "Calle Marques de Larios" and an exprecion of the main street in Malage where shops are the dominating activity on ground floor.
70x50 Acrylic on Canvas 2700 nok

Saturday, July 7

New painting style.

Is it true that an artist must find his own expression to be known and interested in the art marked. Is it necessary to develope a specific style that people immediately recognize as "that is he or her", or kan you work in different styles in the same periode and still be valuable.

Anyway, in this blog I present some of my latest paintings that have been well received and liked by friends and people on FaceBook, and even resulted in  a clear message : "that painting I want!!"

Lately I went back to the primory colors: Red, Yellow and Blue plus Black and White (all colors and no colors) and tried out the effect these colors had on eachother, and more interresting the effect when combining them to black and white. In the summer night in my last blogpost I even used the secondary color Green.

On the painting above "The wall painter" I made the figure paint red on a black surfice. To get the figure in the foreground I made him yellow.

In this painting "Home from Shopping" I made the yellow indicate light in the end of a narrow street with dark walls, and the near figure white.
In this painting "Nightwalk in Budapest" a lonely man with a stick moves into the night represented by a dark blue sky.

The last painting in this blogpost is in a way Op Art.
That means that how you see the image is dependent of how you focus on the picture. If focusing on the black starry sky you may see the Orion´s Belt, but may be also a black monster coming against you. If focusing on the blue colors the buildings along the street "Gran Via in Madrid" may be easier to recognize.

In all these paintings I have put in depth and distance by using colors and perspective. When Braque and Picasso developed Cubism, the first technique was to ignore perspective, and many others have tryed to do the same by weighting colors as cultur and not nature. If you want a natural image use photo. Painting is culture.

More to come.

Thursday, July 5

Evenings at Skansen in Ålesund and Skansen (The Fortress) in Oslo

In the middle of the old Jugend city Ålesund there is a square called "Skansen" (Saint Olav´s square). The impressive old sea house from 1907 Rønnebergbua is well known, and I have for some time had plans for making this painting. Hope you like the painting "Skansen".

In my second city, Oslo, the "Akershus Fortress" is much older. We believe that the work with the castle started late 1290s. The fortress was first used in a battle in 1308. Here you may read more about the history of Akershus Festning

On the walls around the castle we have a great view of the inner Oslofjord called "Pibervigen" and the new city on the western shore called "Aker Brygge".
This painting I have called Summer evening at the Fortress.

This painting is also the beginning of a new paintig style (may be) by me. Some new paintings will be presented in my next blogpost.

Sunday, June 24

City motives Oslo and Ålesund

With reference to some of my friends, buildings are one of the types of images I am best in when painting. How to express these motives may vary from canvas to canvas, and today I present two paintings in that genre made last weeks.
This one is from Oslo; called The Cathedral. Acrylic on Canvas (70 x 50)
This one is from Ålesund; called The Cinema. Acrylic on Canvas  (70 x 50)

Sunday, June 17

From Marbella to Oslo

Two new paintigs are ready to be shown.

The Fortress or Akershus Slott is the name of my last painting. Acryllic on Canvas 50 x 50.

Before the Fortress painting I finished the painting from Marbella; Playa de la Fontanillas Acryllic on Canvas 50 x 70.

Friday, June 15

Finished Paintings June 2018

Once again it is time to present my last finished paintings. Three of them have motives from Ålesund and one is an experiment of matching colours through a reorganized selfie.

"Slinningsbua" has been one of the Norwegian coast´s pearls. Due to bad weather I have made the painting without the mountains normally shown in the background. No doubt I love the blue color.

This painting is from the canal as people in Ålesund call Naftadjupet of Brosundet. The storehouses along the sea "Sjøbodene" was built after the city fire in 1904 and have been used for fish-drying and storing up to present time.

Another way of presenting "Brosundet" from Hellebroa to Nørvøya with a full freedom of playing with colors.

Playing with colors (red, blue, yellow, turquoise and white + black)  resulted in this painting too. I call it "Summer Selfie" because the faces in the image became visual when making dots in some of the fields.

Tuesday, June 5

Visiting Budapest and what I did not show in previous blogposts, Post three

At the Chain Bridge it is impossible to ignore the lions. The question is however if you are brave enough to check out if the lion has a tongue.

Under the bridge there is a walking tunnel so you can avoid the restricted areas with heavy trafic.

On the other side of the pedestrian passage this sculpture made my attention. High heals in front of the Four Season Hotel
However, the sculpture of the great Hungarian painter Ignac Roskovics (1854 -1915) is my favorite.
The bronce sculpture in the Zrinyi street facing the Basilica, must be the most touched stomach in Hungary
On the Buda side of the river Donau the Semmelweis Museum have large sculptures outside covering the first World War, and showing the horror and suffering of the soldiers. (ps: if possible you should read Rierre Lematre´s novel : Sacrifises)

As we say good night from Donau and Budapest at the end of this blogpost, I hope you have enjoyed the journey together with us from our visit to Hungary. If you found this post first, go further into my blog Life is Great and see the two other posts from the Hungarian Capital together with over 2K other memories from our life.