Sunday, May 28

Recommending Noodee Barcode, Oslo

Sometimes we can have advantages by having some relationes to the crew and management at restaurants.   Saturday night we had that experience and received excellent service and hospitality at Nodee Barcode and Nodee Sky

We started at 13th floor for a drink before dinner at ground floor. The view over Bjørvika and the Oslo Fjord from Nodee Sky is great.

The open kitchen is remarkable and all honor to the staff for giving us a dinner far over expectation.
We will absolute call it Customer delight.

 First dish: Sashimi salad

Second: Nigri sushi of Lobster, Duck and foie gras plus Crayfish

Third: Wonton, Kimchi dumplings and King crab siu mai

Forth: Iberico ham with cabbage

Fifth: Peking Duck in three variations; Nigri,  Breast of duck in Plum sause and rapped in pancake etc.

Sixth: Chocolate fondant with ice cream and Macarons on salted caramel

Due to shellfish alergy the Chef Lung made axtra effort in serving my wife alternative dishes with same high quality all over.

Thanks to Chef Lung and his team and many thanks to Rikke recommending us to go here. The recommendation we pass on further to everyone.

Tuesday, May 16

Mid May 2017

Tomorrow we celebrate our Constitution Day; "syttende mai".

The productivity in front of the easel will therefor take a break and new chalenges have to wait until or after the weekend. However, three paintings have been signed since last blogpost.

The first painting is from our favorite view at Taberna La Oliva at Plaza de Los Chinorros in Fuengirola and is meant to express the area adound Casa Colon

The next painting I have called "The River" and is a coloristic impression of how a river flow down  the landscape.
Both the paintings are acrylic on canvas.

Painting on paper by using limited water is sometimes called paint-on-paint-water color, or only acrylic on paper. This acvarell is made on woodfree paper and shows a nightview of Akershus Fortress in Oslo

Acrylic on paper is a technique I love, so next blogpost will probably cover some of these products.

Saturday, May 6

Back in Oslo

From Fuengirola to Oslo. Back home.

We do not have all the jobs and responsibilities connected to our summer resident in the hillside of Oslo. That has been taken over by our youngest daughter and her family. Reaching the age of 70 and all the health challenges from last years, it is not so easy anymore. But visiting the cottage area and have a coffee in beautiful Norwegian weather is still a pleasure.

Downtown the Spring Auctions have started and these are some of the great paintings that will swap  owner at the end of the month.
In my own amateur studio this painting has developed, and is now awailable for a good bid.

And do we keep going to the city´s great places as in Fuengirola. Yes
At Aker Brygge there are allways tables ready for us, and to make the change from Spanish "Almuerzo" to Norwegian "Lunch" easiest, a visit to Delikatessen gives us Albondigas, Chorizo, Jamon Serano and 6 month Manchego to the tripple prizes. Larger, but Norway is expensive!

Sunday, April 23

Adios Fuengirola, Hasta Luego en Septiembre

Then it is time to say goodbye to Fuengirola for this winter / spring and return to the coming spring in Norway.

During the last days we had to return to places visited earlier, but that fill us with so many memories that they deserve another place in this blogpost.

First the walkpath along the Coast of Mijas (Mijas Costa). About 5 km going all the way to Marbella (Elviria). There is only one challenge. The unfinished wooden path of ab. one km where toy have to walk in sand or the trafic road. In the background of the picture you can see the tower of Calahonda where this sandy challenge occur.

In La Cala de Mijas there are several good restaurants and this spring we discovered a new one (expensive?) called Olivia´s La Cala where the sea view is great.

Another place can be found higher up where Mijas Pueblo  (a beautiful white village) gives an astonishing view of the long coastal line and even Gibraltar and Africa in the background. Many nice viewpoints up there where even the Norwegian Prime Minister sent a message to the Norwegian peolple during this year Easter.

The Easter Parades in Spain are something you have to experience, at least once. We have seen many both in Malaga City and in Fuengirola, but this fleet carried by young school children in Fuengirola on Easter Tuesday was new to us.

On Good Friday the Spanish people eat fish, and so did we on the Easter Thursday for testing La Farola´s Cod Pisto (Ratatouille). Great. It is only served on these days so we were lucky having dinner there that day too.

When Easter arrives, many of our friends leave Fuengirola. Here are our appartment neighbours Lillian and Knut ready to travell back to their cabin at Trysil together with our nice hotel restaurant weiters Javier and Antonio.

We also have to say goodbye to the hotel cat Amina. She has been our friend for many years and likes to stay in our patio during daytime.

An afternoon Cava at Gali Gali is also included in the procedures before leaving, and I hope you all can imagin the warm climate and relaxed attitude after eight weeks at Costa del Sol.

The sun is setting during our walk back to Myramar; our second home. It is over for this time but get ready for blogposts from Spain in the autumn when we see the Pyrenees from the oposite airplane direction in September.

Sunday, April 9

Photos from last week activities

Once again we went off to Malaga City for some other experiences than we can get here in Fuengirola.

This time we moved behind the Plaza del Toros and discovered the beautiful area and beaches east of La Malagueta; La Caleta, with the spectecular villas up on the hillside. We also took some photos of the beaches.

First the photographer herself

and then the image result from her iPhone. You can see the port and the lighthouse far away.

We also discovered the alternative to our present hotel; Myramar Fuengirola, when we found Gran Hotel Miramar Malaga. A 5 Stars De Lux establishment with room prices up to 450 Euro pr night. Fantastic.

The building
was the masterpiece of the architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan and it was inaugurated after five years of construction in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII under the name “Hotel Príncipe de Asturias”.
Its facilities were used as a field hospital during the Spanish Civil War to tend to the injured.
At the end of the Spanish Civil War, the palace reopened its doors and regained some of its old functions under the name “Hotel Miramar” until 1967, which is when it closed its doors. 
The building was Malaga’s Palace of Justice until 2007, completely transforming its activity and spaces to adapt to its new role.
10 years later the building once more opened its doors for hotel guests, so you are free to experience the luxury as seen HERE

Between the old city and Plaza del Toros Malaga city has developed a great garden "Paseo Parque and Paseo Espana" between heavy trafic in both directions.

Exotic plants and trees, quiet places with running water and golden fishes swimming in pools.

A short way to Centro Pompidou Malaga

Well, every blogpost has an end. This time I add on with a photo of the delishious fish dish served by La Farola,

a personal image of the blogger NOT following the football match between Real and Atletico (result 1 - 1) but enjoying one of the Saturday tapas when touring Los Boliches.

Monday, April 3

Sunglases and heavenly stripes

Presenting photos of my wife is perhaps a boaring experience for you to look at.
However it is a standard procedure to document where we are at some certain time.
Therefore you once more (if interested) have to see some of the images taken so far at Costa del Sol spring 2017
NB! All images are with the most in color for sunglases this year - Blue -.
At Chiringito Gali Gali 26th of February
In Malaga City 1st of March.
In Sierra Nevada on the 6th of March

In Frigliana on 7th of March

In Puerto Banus on 9th of March
At restaurante La Farola on 25th of March
At Taperia La Cepa on 2nd of April
But at last for the fun of it, and for thouse of you more interested in other things, an image of the afternoon sky on March 30th. Airplanes coming to and returning from the cities in western Marocco.

Saturday, March 25

Walking around

Walking around gives many nice experiences.
When walking on the red carpet in Malaga last Wednesday we suddenly met friends and colleagues from my time in DNV. Einar Venold and his wife Ingrid, Torger Baardseth (taking photo) and his wife Anne-Sofie. It was a cold and windy morning,
but at Plaza Merced the sun gave us a good shelter and some clothing could be removed.

The Easter (Semana Santa) is soon coming up and the decorations and candies are to be seen all over Malaga.

Walking around sometimes also bring us to Torremolinos where we after a quick coffee outside the train station, start on the long way home along the coast and beaches.
Here is an image of the lovely beach Carihuela towards Torremolinos and with Malaga city in the background.
The mirror in my glass of beer is an art itself and I do not dream of not having the Cerveza Grande at the restaurant La Fragata on one of our pit stops.

After walking about 8 km we used the bus between Benalmadena and Fuengirola.
In Carvajal another new experience could be noted when we had lunch at restaurant Los Marinos Paco. It can bsolutely be recommended.
Then it was only to start walking once more for the last 7 km back home to our hotel. Passing the Pesetas sculpture in Los Boliches is on the route, and we came healtht home after 21609 steps during this Friday.