Friday, September 5

Indian summer or just continuation

As in Spain we relax on this Friday afternoon with a "copa de cava." The summer seems to have decided that the beautiful weather shall continue in the autumn month September too.
That means visits at Aker Brygge and all the other outdoor restaurants we find around in Oslo.
One of these restaurants are Tekehtopa just around the corner from our apartment. This silhouette in front of the restaurant shows that the sun is lower on the sky, but still there and giving about 20+ C.

Saturday, August 30

Day 24 - Departure day

Today we are leaving Fuengirola for this time. It has been lovely and I recommend everybody to try to make a family gathering in safe condition before it is too late. The memories will stay with us forever.

We started to talk about such a holiday several years ago. Would it be possible, could we afford it. Would our family members like it, Where to go. When to go. Etc.

There is always something that can make things difficult. Jobs, schools, ages, sickness, other plans and interest etc., but without trying you may have lost an opportunity forever.

This photo will for me be the image of what we wanted and what we achieved.
5 grandchildren between 3 and 11 from UK and Norway gathered together for the possibilities of having fun.. and we know they had fun.

We have learned new things about our family members and ourselves during this holiday, but we are very happy doing it and will try it again sometimes in the future. Planning for that has not started.
On this departure day we will only think back on this gatherings positive results and carry them in our hearts forever, Thank you Mari, Henrik, Helene, Hedda and Maja, plus Trine, David, Rikke and Tor Marius for what you have given us.

Thursday, August 28

Day 22 - Sunrise over Costa del Sol

Sometimes it is best not to use too many words in a post. The image says it all.

This photo taken by my wife at 7.51 am this Thursday morning is that kind of image. On her daily walk along the beaches the mist suddenly disappeared and the beauty of Costa del Sol had to be documented on her iPhone. Well done.

Wednesday, August 20

Day 14 - Feria de Malaga

 A very hot day when we participated in the "Feria de Malaga" today. The history of the festival is copied from the official website:
The summer festivities in the city have their roots in the commemoration of Málaga's incorporation into the Castilian crown by the Catholic Monarchs who made their triumphal entrance into the city on 19 August 1487. In 1491, coinciding with the religious celebrations of the Cathedral Council, the Municipal Town Council decreed popular festivities were to be established. It was in 1887 with the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Catholic Monarchs’ entrance into Málaga that these festivities regained their original splendour. Málaga’s August Fair has reached us as an expansive, cosmopolitan and international Grand Summer Fair that illustrates the capital's character as the leading tourist area in Europe, and the City of Málaga as the nerve centre of the Costa del Sol and its Metropolitan Area. 
Some of the main events include the inauguration of the fair accompanied by a firework show, the Romería (pilgrimage) where horseback riders, horse-drawn carriages and people on foot accompany the bearer of the fair standard to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Victoria, the fair in the city centre, where you can savour wine and tapas while listening to music all along the ancient streets of Málaga and the Fairground offering marquees, live music and fair attractions for the enjoyment of visitors. If you need a guide for the Málaga Fair, you can see our suggestions for a day there or consult the official programme.

In the main shopping street we were welcomed by these great flowers.
At our favourite bodega "El Pimpi! everything was covered in red, and in the shopping stands all over the city these paper flowers could be found.

Sunday, August 17

Day 11 - Sunday market and diving day

Sunday market in Fuengirola. Lots of "billig dritt" but always nice to have a break from pool.

Maja (5) diving to 140 cm for her father´s watch.

Mari (3) also caught the watch with a little download help.

Saturday, August 16

Day 10 - Maja on stage and a bit more

This Saturday morning Tullen felt for a great walk at the beach. Off she went when I still was in bed, and one and a half hour later she returned after 11,7 km along the Paseo Maritimo. A real workout before breakfast. The event had to be shared on FaceBook.
 In the afternoon Mari (3) joined the Shuffleboard (by hand) competition. Participating is prior to winning, and all the kids are applauding her effort.
 Maja also joined some competitions today. She was part of the winning team in the Petanque game.
In the evening show she was on stage receiving her diploma together with the other kids.
A beautiful five year old girl is a little bit tired at 9.30 pm, but who can sleep when an important event take place at the PoolBar in the night.

Monday, August 11

The early bird gets the worm

 We are about 600 to 700 guests at Myramar in the top season. There are sun beds to all of us. However, the English saying the early bird gets the worm is valid every morning when the security personnel opens the gates for the pool area. Lots of people have been queuing up for the 10 pm opening of the night closed gates and are running to the "best" beds.
After leaving their towels and perhaps other belongings they disappear, but hopefully returning some later time of the day. Occupation seems to be a human attribute on the dark side of our behaviour.