Thursday, July 28

Welcome Tonga

Sometimes I like to go deeper into the visitor chart presented on my blog´s right side. Visitors from 191 countries around the world have now seen my blog since 2008 when I started to register these data. The last one came from Tonga:

Visiting a palace called cabin in the Norwegian mountains

The Norwegian dream is it sometimes called. Having their own cabin in the mountains or along the coast. We have not made that dream true. Instead we spend months in the southern Spain, in an apartment in a hotel with lots of services from management and their crew.
However, we love to make short visits to friends that have realised their dream of a mountain cabin but we like to tell that it is more a house or palace than a cabin.
Thanks for the short stay Kittan and Sissel. Your "cabin" is fantastic and we will like to return soon.

Friday, July 22

Visiting Tromsø

Tromsø lies in Northern_Norway The municipality has a population of (2015) 72,066, but with an annual influx of students it has over 75,000 most of the year. It is the largest urban area in Northern Norway and the third largest north of the Arctic_Circle(following Murmansk and Norilsk)
  Most of Tromsø, including the city centre, is located on the island Tromsøya 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

We visited Tromsø in the middle of July.

 People from Tromsø likes to tell that wild animals are walking in the city streets, and some of them can be found. The reindeer and Polar Bears are not wild anymore, but interesting decorations outside and inside various spots.

This polar bear can be found at the famous "Ølhallen" where they have 67 taps of different beers.
I did not taste all of them.

At restaurant Skarven this bird is welcoming you at the entrance  Great food is also served there.

In Tromsø they have made an adventure center where you can experience the polar area and watch the seals to be feeded and trained.

There is one thing that have to be mentioned about Tromsø. Although the city centre of Tromsø contains the highest number of old wooden houses in Northern Norway, the oldest house dating from 1789, somebody must have forgotten everything about aesthetic then developing the city.

Bunkers among the old wooden houses. No more comments from me. 

However there is one building that must be added as an example  of beauty. Tromsdalen church or "Ishavskatedralen"

A spectacular building outside and inside.

 Close to the cathedral you can also find the cable car that brings you up to the view point where I took the first photo in this blogpost.
On the bus trip  to the plane bringing us back to Oslo, my last image was taken towards north.

Saturday, July 9

Images from Oslo, Norway

Since we returned from Costa del Sol the blogging activity has not been the highest priority. However, here you will find some photos taken from our lovely city; Oslo
Here you see Oslo city Hall from the eastern part of the fjord.
 We often make a walk along the Akers River. The old industrial areas from the lake "Maridalsvannet" to the fjord have been renovated and are now offices for mant businesses. This photo is from the northern part of Nydalen
 At the southern part of Nydalen apartments ave been built close to the river, and a nice and safe promenade follows the water all the way
At some locations the river has to make beautiful waterfalls.
 My wife is a great walking partner and she is carrying our belongings on her back.
 I do not know the number of bridges we have to walk under through a culvert because the traffic roads, or over on there walk towards the fjord, but sone places the bridges are more beautiful than others. This is Åmot bridge with a special message from the 2nd world war.
At last an image from our "local"; Cafe Tekehtopa.