Wednesday, October 31

Ronda, Andalucia

 High up in the Andalucian mountains (723m) the interesting city Ronda is situated with it´s spectacular gorge and bridges.
 Puente Nuevo from 1751 took a total of 42 years to build and claimed the lives of 50 builders.
A beautiful place well worth to visit

Tuesday, October 30

Sand sculpture

Back at the apartment after this morning walk at Paseo Maritime
The sculpture builders have already done their works and this coloured sand sculpture reminds me of the first snow back home yesterday.
And above the beaches we can see the local castle without snow.

Friday, October 26

Visiting Malaga, Spain

 It has been raining in Fuengirola for two days now. The WIFI connection is rather lousy, so we decided to take the train to Malaga City this Friday. First stop was as usual the old Guard House for a small Seco Malaga Wine.
 After some shopping we visited our favorite (almost local) taverna for some Iberico Ham and white wine. Also visited the special room belonging to Carmen Thyssen. Nice
For lunch we walked around the new Boat Quay / Aker Brygge area and had Tapas at a modern restaurant.
Tomorrow we expect the Weather god to return with warm and lovely temperature.

Tuesday, October 23

From Euro to Pesetas ??

Following the EU financial challenges from inside the UNION

Monday, October 15

Vertigo at 128.000 ft from the sofa

 Vertigo is probably not a problem for Felix Baumgartner when he opens the hatch at 39.068 meters (128,117ft) above sea level  and made his final preparations for the spectacular skydiving yesterday evening.
 Together with "half the population" on earth I became calmed when I noticed that he had oxygen supply for a ten minutes speed dive to the ground.
 I think the MacBook Air got a new perspective when he left his capsule at the edge of space hoping for everything to proceed as planned.
 After achieving the fastest ever free fall when reaching a top speed at 834mph (1137 km/H) and broke the sound barrier we saw his parachute worked and Felix Baumgartner controlling the landing well .
However it was first when we saw his feet running on earth we could breath normally again. Congratulation Felix, I will never copy you.

If you missed the direct sending yesterday and will see the spectacular space dive click here for the video

Thursday, October 11

Oslo Food Market, Vulcan

This afternoon we visited the new Food Marked at Vulkan close to Aerselva. A place for Baby Mothers, shoppers of specialities and relaxation over a glass of beer, wine and some Tapas maybe.

The Pata Negras can be recommended, but we still experience the dishes at EL PIMPI, Malaga to be the preferred one.
These photos are taken with my new iPhone 5, Excellent

Tuesday, October 9

Strolling Tjuvholmen

Today´s stroll down town Oslo targeted Tjyvholmen / Aker Brygge

 One of our newest attractions in addition to the intriguing building architecture is Astrup Fearnley Museum. At the entrance this sculpture can be seen, and outdoor close to the Oslofjord this sculpture makes the maritime proximity visible.
 In the background my wife´s apartment dream comes true.
 At the outermost peer at Tjuvholmen turning towards the city we can see both City Hall and Akershus Fortress.
 The yacht harbor outside Aker Brygge makes the maritime environment even more posh, and a nice place for breaks or even sunbathing if the temperature was a little higher.
Astrup Fearnley Museum was built as part of Tjuvholmen Icon Complex (2006-2012) and was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with Narud-Stokke-Wiig (Oslo).

Saturday, October 6

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Tuesday, October 2


Playing Wordfeud is fun, but when Tullen made a word creating 115 points, I had to loose the game. Without this excellent draw the match would be mine (hopefully)