Sunday, August 31

Home again after 13 weeks at Tullarbo

This morning we went out of bed with the right leg back home after staying three months at our small cottage at Solvang Kolonihaver.
Yesterday we left the ecological way of living with birdsongs from 03 am, bugs and insects in the most unexpected places, the north star (Polaris) clear visible from the garden, and moved into our urban apartment in the golden triangle of Oslo. The nightlife urban sounds with fire brigade sirens, and rumbling streetcars made continuous and deep sleeping difficult, but it it good to be back.

Last sunday I posted about our neighbors who now are terminating their lifelong summer stays at Solvang.
This week I made my number 12 of this summer paintings showing their cottage, and gave them this as an extra tribute to their friendship during the last 30 years. I am sure they will remember some of our common summers when looking at this work.

Saturday, August 30

Saturday Urban Life - Paris

Some may think of Paris as a pretty blond girl.
Others may connect the name to dreams about bohemian life and springtime.
The French Capital is known for all the Icons like La Gioconda and the Eiffel Tower among many others.

Our trip to Paris starts at the western end of Champs-Elysees with the spectacular Arch of TriumphAt the eastern end of the avenue the wonderful Louvre is a must and first "have to" during a stay in this city.The entrance through the Pyramid (ref Da Vinci Code ) opens a world of beauty that you may need almost a lifetime to discover, but I recommend you to look up and see all the fantastic ceilings above the paintings and sculptures.
Delacroix´s "Liberty Leading the People" from 1930 makes me think of the musical Les Miserables and Do you hear the People sing The Greek sculpture Venus de Milo and the Borghese Hermaphrodite. are two of the most stunning artworks to be seen from all angles.
Leaving Louvre you take a jump to the Modern art museum with artworks like Wassily Kandinsky´s Red, blue and yellowBut Paris without Mode and Fashion would be nothing for urban people. A stroll (with shopping?) at Rue du Faubourg St Honore is mandatory.From there to the bridges (remember Sept 1st and RuneE) you have to pass the statue of Jean dÁrcThe Bridges over the river Seine and the river banks have been used in many paintings, books and movies from and about Paris. Here you se the editor at the oldest bridge Point Neuf (the new bridge from early 1600) with the Eiffel Tower far west.The next photo is taken from Pont St Michel towards Pont Notre-Dame. Notre Dame is a Gothic Cathedral on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité and has its main entrance to the west. It is the Cathedral of Paris and the seat of the Archbishop of that city.At the Montmartre butte the second best known but most beautiful church can be found. Basilica Sacre-CæurThe painting at the roof above the altar is absolutely different from the ones at the entrance of Moulin Rouge not far away.Of course you have heard about the musical Moulin Rouge, but to se the legendary Parisian Cabaret with costumes of feathers, shine stones and sequins you have to go here.This ends this Saturday urban life at Paris with a glass of white wine and a salad nicoise at Place Pigalle

Friday, August 29

Up in the sky - Eze Village

A week at Cote dÁzur part 2:Between Aeroport Nice Cote dÁzur and the Italian border you just have to visit Eze Village. The oldest places of inhabitants on the commune of Eze go back to the neolithic era towards 2000 BC on the Mount Bastide. At the iron age, the celto-ligurians population who lived in this area erected many castellaras along the coast. These constructions were built with dry blocks of stone and were generally heighly located.From the top of the Mount Bastide it is a long way down to the sea level (567m)The "Jardin exotique" close to the top is worth the climbing.and as we sing "Der ser man Corsica i siktig veder" (in Fridtjof i Arkadien by Evert Taube)From Eze there is a short drive to Monaco with the Opera building and Casino in Monte Carlo where you may get rid of some of the money not spent at shopping in Cannes.If you find Monaco too expensive return to Nice and have lunch (or dinner) in the old cityDo not forget to take a break at Place Massena, or rest on one of the blue chairs at Promenade des Anglaisand see the sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle at Hotel Negresco or outside the Museum of modern and contemporary Art

Thursday, August 28

Have a nice week at Cote dÁzur

This post is dedicated to my friends Astrid and Helge before they leave for the French Riviera or Cote dÁzur. Hopefully they will as Picasso in 1946 enjoy the "Joie de Vivre" in Antibes and some of the other beautiful places like Cannes, Juan-les-Pins, Saint Paul de Vence, Nice, Monaco and Eze Village.

Antibes is a resort town located between Cannes and Nice. The costal line of Antibes may be rockyso the beaches at Juan-les-Pins with the jazz festival (the sister city to New Orleans) may be an alternative for sunbathing. This town is in walking distance from Antibes.
In Antibes the streets are narrow and difficult to pass with carsbut you will for sure find (and may be join) the locals playing Petanque.Where ever you go remember not to pass the Restaurant Albert 1 without experience their fantastic seafood.

Staying at Antibes gives also a possibility to visit Cannes. The city with the international annual film festival is a wonderful shopping eldorado.and a stroll at The Promenade de la Croisette makes you feel upper class.From Antibes there are 16 km to the jewel of Provence Saint Paul de Vence.
Saint-Paul was founded in the 9th century. Before long, castrum Santo Paulo (the château of Saint-Paul) dominated the entire village. The only surviving part of the castle today is its dungeon.As Rome Saint-Paul has its "fountain" where you have to throw coins in for the reason to returnThe streets are narrow as in Antibes, but here there is no cars at all.
We had rain during our off season visit in autumn 2000 and the possibility to see without queuing all over was a lovely experience.
Close to Saint-Paul the Fondation Maeght is located. Chagal and Miro are of course represented in the gallery:but in addition Hans Hartung can be seen between July 3 and November 16 this year. He and his Norwegian wife Anna-Eva Bergman is also to be found at the picasso museum in Antibes.Tomorrow I will give you some of our experiences east of Antibes towards the border to Italy.

Wednesday, August 27

ABCW - Fundacio Joan Miro, Friends and Fitness

Since this week is dedicated to Barcelona I have to start this ABC Wednesday = F with Joan Miro.

F is for Fundacio Joan Miro

The wool textile is huge on the wall (Tapestry of the Foundation, 1979)and the paintings marvelousThis painting is called Drop of water on pink snow and you are free to use your own imagination regarding the next:
If you do not have a better idea, what about:
The lark's wing ringed in the blue of gold meets the heart of the poppy asleep on the field studded with diamonds
But I also want to give you a photo of my very good friend Asbjørn, at Steigen with Brennvika at the seashore, and the ocean towards Værøy and Røst.On the next photo Asbjørn (leftmost) and myself is "Vorspieling" for party together with Per Cato, Helge, Erik and Anton.
F is for Friends. And at last if you are tired of looking at photos and clicking on links, and feel ashamed that the >63 years Asbjørn and others are in good condition when climbing the mountains and performing on stage, I recommend some hours in your fitness studio.
F is for Fitness.

Tuesday, August 26

Tuesday facts - Barcelona

The capital and most populous city of Catalonia, and the second largest city in Spain, with a population of 1,6 mill, is Barcelona.
Este Dimarts I have to tell that me falta la practica hablar Castellano (as my old teacher learned us in the Spanish lesson at collage), but that is no argument not to present some of the facts from this fantastic city.

Barcelona performed by Freddie Mercury together with Montserrat Cabelle (You Tube video) is one of my favorite duets, and if you do not like my photos, please listen to the music.Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia is probably today the most known ikon of Barcelona, and at the east entrance the fantastic details can be studied.The Gothic Cathedral is another cultural place to visit and the Thursday dance at the square in front of the cathedral, can absolute compare with the student´s Flamenco at Plaza Reial in the same Barri Gotic area.Another square well worth a visit is Plaza Catalunyaat the top of La RamblaAs seen at the photo many buildings in Barcelona seems strange (for Odd Shot Mondays?) for people not known with Art Nouveau or Jugend art. Antoni Gaudi and his buildings and parks in Barcelona, are a necessity when visiting the city. In addition to Sagrada Familia La Perdera and Park Guel are Gaudi´s best known landmarks.La Perdera above and Park Guell below. The Picasso Museum at Montcada 15-23 is of course a must and the same is a visit to 4 Gats at Carrer Montsio 3.No more to tell today, but call tour travel agency and order a weekend to Barcelona.