Thursday, June 15

Another productive week

The paintig activity is still high at my balcony. So high that I had to clean my paint palette. That resulted in some interesting "paintings":

However, The real work was connected to the three acrylic paintings on Canvas:

This painting did my grandson named "The tilted Tank", when somebody else meant it shows a man sitting on a chair scratching himself with a large knife. Good responce to the style.
This painting is a variation of some of my previously prodused paintings made on demand by a friend. and called Karen´s lust. Her name is actually Karen Ylva.
The last one is an attempt to visualize part of the new skyline in Oslo; the business area Barcode at Bjørvika in the night.

Sunday, June 4

4 new painting last weeks

The spring activity at our balcony continues; playing with colors on canvas and paper.

These four paintings are partly made from scetches I did during my stay in Fuengirola October 2015 and some other motives found from friends on FaceBook. Thanks.

"Mauntain Cottage" is the name of this painting on Canvas. 50x75 cm 2.500 nok.

"Spring flowers" have I called this completely different painting on Canvas. 55x50 cm 1.200 nok

"Sunset" can be the natural title of this painting on Paper in front of Canvas. 50x65 cm 1.900 nok

"Hjørundfjord and Slogen" is the chosen title of this painting on Canvas. 49x64 cm 2.500 nok

You are free to come forward with other bids for these paintings. The only requirement is to collect them at my house.