Monday, February 27

The first week at Costa del Sol 2017

Once again we have arrived at Fuengirola  (our second home Myramar Apertamentos) and will in he weeks to come give you some information about our life at Costa del Sol.
The Norwegian flag har been hoisted and Avenida Noruega is once more presented to all other guests. This time we will stay till after Easter and various blogposts will be presented.

However, since this is the first week, I have decided to present some of the Spanish dishes that we have been tasted this week (and probably will have during our stay this spring too).
We recommend them all.
Tapas are normally our wekcome dinner where we go from restaurant or bar to restaurant and taste some of the dishes they deliver. This is Baccalao, and most likely or equal the one we make back home. Taberna Chinorros.
Oor favorite restaurant in Fuengirola is La Farola, and if going there try the Sirloin (Solomillo) with baked potato and sauces separado; Pimiento or Gorgonzola. This is made Medium.
At the restaurant La Caracola (at the beach) they have lots of great fish dishes but the Mediterranean fish Dorada (Sea Bream) baked in salt can absolute be recommended, The servent remove almost all the spines in an interresting process and the taste is great.

The two next images are again from the menu at La Farola.
First I present the Chateaubriand Steak which is served together with aspargues and grilled tomatoes. A dinner for the special occations and have to be ordere a day in advance,

The second (or third) dish from the La Farola menu is the Lubina or Sea Bass Meuniere with prawns. Try it with or without garlic.
Talking about eating and food at Costa del Sol we also have to present an image of the hotel cat Amina and the food (kibble) we serve to her every morning (when she is waiting outside our door), and night. Simple, but she loves it.

Thursday, February 2

Thursday dinner is Potetball

In the western part of Norway Potetball or Raspeball, Komle, Kompe etc. is a traditional dish for dinner and particularly on Thursdays.
In the old days the tool below was important when preparing the potatoes for creating balls, but I must admit that today I used more modern tols.

Ingredians are as follow:

Salted Mutton (boiled in about 1 hour) and taken out of the pan before put back in when the when the potatoballs are boiled.
Kohlrabi or Swedes cut in pices and boiled soft before mashed and added with butter and light milk
The potato-dumplings need to be cooked one hour, and you can use the same water as the mutten was boiled. After 30 minutes the mutten is put back for the remaining 30 minute slow boiling activity.

Then it is time for eating.
Salt mutten, mashes swedes and Potetballs with some bacon in the melted butter. Back in Ă…lesund my mother also served smoked sausages, boiled potatoes and vegetables, but that is no need for more fat and carbohydrates in today´s dinner.