Tuesday, October 28

Sweden, look here

The missing submarine is found. In Malaga.

And it was Turkish.

Monday, October 20

Autumn in the Royal Garden

Today walk to improve the strength in my left leg gave 9000 steps and 7km distance around the Royal Garden. After heavy rain yesterday and last night, the beautiful blue sky and autumn colours of leaves gave a nice image for this blogpost.

Sunday, October 19

ÅLESUND Brosundet

Hopefully AaFK after the 2 - 1 victory over Start, Kristiansand  yesterday, will save the position in Norwegian premier football league also for next season.
I celebrate this important victory with an image from "Brosundet" in Ålesund, and invite you to see the NRK Portrait of this spectacular Jugend city: Ålesund

Sunday, October 12

Ålesund, Molja og Aspøyskolen

Another painting with Ålesund as motive. "Løp og Kjøp" or give me some acceptable bids between Nok 2500 and 3000.

Wednesday, October 8

Another bad weather painting

At the balcony where I have my easel it is +11 C and rain today. The winter is coming closer and closer. I am longing for Andalusia where the temperature still is around 20+ but in the meantime I can describe my depression in a painting ( acrylic on canvas 54x70) which I have called "Bad weather hides the beauty of the Alps"

Monday, October 6

"Møringer" are winners of 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser from Sunnmøre and John O´Keefe from USA are awarded The Nobel Prize 2014
Is there a better day to present my painting "Velledalen / Sykkylven / Sunnmøre" ?

Once a Miring, always a Møring

Friday, October 3

Greetings to Ålesund

Tonight the weather forecast for my birth town Ålesund is gale and lots of rain. Therefore I give you one of my paintings "Breisundet" (acrylic on canvas 55 x 70) to a reasonable prize of 3000 nok.