Monday, September 30

Room with a view

Looking out the window at Sunnaas Hospital towards the Oslo Fjord and the hills at at the western coast line of the fjord. The outer frames of my rehabilitation looks fantastic and now the inner process is  scheduled with daily and weekly activities within ergo therapy and physiotherapy, medical healing and strengthening my trust of managing my life again.
The room with a view for the weeks ahead is positive for me and my family.

Sunday, September 29

Long time no posts, however still alive

Over two months have gone since last time you had the possibility to read some news from my blog. Hopefully the time ahead will give more possibilities to update you with some interesting happenings in my life.

Last blogpost covered our trip to Copenhagen and Berlin. On the same night I became very sick and have been hospitalized up to now for nine weeks. Diagnoses and activities in the healing process will not be published, but is has been a very demanding period physical and psychological .

That is history. Now I an starting up the rehabilitation period with minor and more sophisticated goals. May be some parts will find it´s way to this blog.

I will use this post to thank doctors and nurses of the University Hospital in Oslo at Cardiological and Plastic surgical departments for the extremely high quality in their work towards me. The staff´s attention and care and the high tech professional surgery mixed with human understanding must be a flagship in the criticized norwegian healthcare.