Thursday, August 30

Cathedrals here and there

It´s full moon over Oslo tonight. The church at Uranienborg has got two moons. One is the clock in the tower, but the other is Ms Luna where now late astronaut Niel Armstrong made his footprints in 1969.
In Paris another church is illuminated through a painting by Alf Krogh Holt. He made his high day version of Notre Dame in 1956.

Thursday, August 23

Harvesting Reine Claudes

According to Wikipedia the plum Reine Claude are considered to be among the finest dessert plums. Today we harvested our first bowl of this delicious fruit. The autumn is here liking it or not

Tuesday, August 21

Saturday Car Show at Bryggetorvet

One of our favorite lunch venues is Cafe Sorgenfri at Aker Brygge, Oslo.
Cafe Sorgenfri opened its doors 8th November 2003, to a restaurant where one can remember 'the good-old-days' , whilst enjoying the present! Here you can loosen your tie, and the piano is there for everyone to play. But be aware that you will never se a paid performer by this instrument.

Good old days were also present outside the restaurant on Saturday as seen on the photo above. The "old" Rolls Royce Silver Goast from 1920 and all the other beauties were there to be seen. This blogpost is published too late for you to see the cars, but the restaurant is still ready to welcome you. We had Chicken Salad and Moules Frites and can very well recommend these dishes to you.

Friday, August 17

A Troll has arrived

Yesterday we had some friends for a late but long lunch at the cottage. This morning the Troll they gave us, was still smiling confirming that the party had been a success.
Thanks to Gunnar and Ragnhild for making the Thursday afternoon being a very happy gathering.

Sunday, August 12

A summer morning at Solvang

The sun is fighting against the morning mist. The sky is blue when turning the eyes to north, but the southeastern sky is still cloudy with shades of grey. A motive for the painter.

Friday, August 10

Take a ride at the planet Mars

Here you have a possibility to look closer at the planet Mars.

Go direct to the 360 panorama and explore the surface on the red planet.

Wednesday, August 8

Computerization is education too

Our grandchildren in Wales are well prepared for the modern world through their use of computers. This time they are learning about collaboration through games with Trine2. Their father was kicked out of the room because they wanted to increase the sound volume according to Path messages.

Monday, August 6

Mari´s first day in kindergarten

Today Mari our youngest grandchild started her career in the Norwegian education system by attending the kindergarten.  Playing with pedagogical toys and eating under supervision of pre-school educated personnel. Her daily weekdays procedures in the next five years will be good taken care of.

Saturday, August 4

A summerday at last

I think we can count on one hand the numbers of really beautiful summer days this year. Most of our roses have been taken by the heavy rain, but today I found a possibility to take a photo of some of our pink beauties.
Later this morning we got a visit by Maja together with Mari and Rikke. Tor-Marius came for dinner, but that is another story.
After lunch Maja and granddad joined efforts to make Waffles. She participated in the total process and was very clever handling the batter on the hot waffle iron .
Maja has every month during last year received a math-book (called Goboken 123) and we use every opportunity to count different things or activities. Here we recapitulated the process of adding water, butter and flour- mix before the cooking could start.
Today Maja got her 13th math book (2 to go) and then we will start with My first ABC