Thursday, April 24

O for the OperaHouse Once more

Spectacular possibility at the new OperaHouse was presented in Aftenposten this morning.
Is it a future press photo, and not a photomontage. Yesterday I took a new tour to this Beauty together with my sister and brother-in-law. We walked the Roof, and saw tourists, lunchers, sunbathers, workers and all enjoying the white marble, enormous mirrors by the windows, the closeness to the sea and sky.
Join our tour by visiting My Gallery

For the Odd photo lowers I also bring you this alien vehicle just landed from outer space.

Wednesday, April 23

ABC Wednesday - N O P

ABC Wednesday will this week have focus on the letter N.
N is for Nothing (almost)
except presenting the blogroll of Names (made by mrs Nesbitt April 17th.)

Visit MrsNesbitts Place for updated participants, or visit them through the Names below:
N is for Names.

I will Next week not be able to participate, so
N is for my Next week O

O is for OsloN is for Neither in that week Nor the week thereafter, when you do the P may I be able to participate

is for Painting, Painter and PaintingsSo Not anything more - Nope!
but I will be Back.

In the meantime see and listen to
N is for Nocturne - Secret Garden or / and
O is for Opus 54 no 3 March of the Trols - Grieg and / or
P is for Porn on Internet and / or if that is too rude
P is for Puccini - O mio Babbino caro

Monday, April 21

Tuesday Facts - Drug dependency

Before my name and diagnosis more than ten years ago was put on the most precious list at all; The waiting list for organ donation, I remember one of the doctors told me that it was my choice. It was up to me if I would move from one medical condition to the other. Prolonging life through transplantation (if a suitable heart and kidney become available) was not only achieving the possibility to live and experience life for undefined months or years, it was also swapping to a world of drug dependency for the rest of my life. MY CHOICE!

I remembered that question when I went to the pharmacy yesterday morning to get medicine for the coming three months.All these medicines are necessary to keep the alien organs under control and make my body continuously accept the hearth and kidney from the donor. In addition medicines are required to treat side effects and balance one side effect with another.
Cyclosporin, Mycofenolat and Prednisolon are immunosuppressive properties used to prevent the rejection of grafts and transplants.
Nifediprin and Enalapril are for reducing blood pressure.
Fluvastatin is for lowering cholesterol and Allopurinol is for lowering urine acid.
Warfarin is a anti coagulation drug to prevent thromboses (after DVT) and Furosemide is a diuretics.
Pantoprazol is helping towards reflux oesophagitis.
Other drugs must be taken if we (and many do) develop osteoporosis and /or skin cancer, or at least protect us against UVa and UVb radiation. Further different medicine against infections and improvement of sexual activity may be necessary to continue to keep up the good survival figures. More than 50% of heart transplants in Norway live 12 years after the operation.

Yes, and I don´t regret.
The Yes to be on the list and the Yes from unknown persons who gave the organs when it was no more hope for their own loved ones. This gift for life make me live and experience springtime 2008 and these flowers in the garden close to the pharmacy once more. Thanks.

Odd Shots Monday

Monday odd shots mean nothing today. It just an odd photo from my Photo Library.A Wine Cork, a Beer Can, a Pot with Flowers and some Crazy trophy Figures brought home by my daughter after an evening at Tusenfryd
This Amusement Park celebrates its 20 years of in 2008.

And another: a photo taken yesterday at my cottage. A Boxer?Have a nice blogging week, and more odd shots can be found at Katneyskaboodle in her blogroll.

Sunday, April 20

Weekend activities

Weekend activities starts Saturday night with playing cards in our home with friends (Bitte and Terje) Of course dinner and wines are included.
Sunday morning. Still a little chilly , but working in garden get the temperature up
Rhubarbs growing, se the first picture from Dawn of Spring in March
The raspberry stems are manicured and made ready for the season. At the end og august we have had about 30 kg from these prickly canes.
The countess can rest after the first spring effort this year. The sun is burning. The trash put in sacks. I am at my favorite location, 15 C in the shadow.

Saturday, April 19

Fire Brigade - Heroes all over the world

Wednesday March 26th we got the shocking news from Ålesund that a landslide had hit a house and destroyed the building. The lowest floors were totally demolished. 5 persons were missing.
Yesterday, 24 days later, the last of the persons perished was taken out of the building by the rescue team. In almost four weeks the fire brigades have worked day and nights in doing their job. Once again we have witnessed the heroic efforts made by these dedicated heroes, as they are all over the world.
The Brigadier in charge Ståle Linhardt, confirmed yesterday that the last person was taken out from the ruins
Normally we are used to see fire brigades high up in the sky.
During the last weeks we have learned much more of the job these highly qualified persons perform in the effort to save life and property.
My contribution is only - Thanks!

Friday, April 18

Alternative Friday surfing

Many bloggers around the world present photos of the Sky, with or without clouds, in various colors and situations, today. That is great, as long as you like to do so.
It is a Meme that almost 100 persons participates in every Friday, and I have the last three months seen lots of great photo shots through these blogs. I have also had fun by reading the text presented, learned a lot from many of you, and got some valuable comments on my own posts. Thanks for that.
For those of you who want new challenges in seeing the world I recommend the Google Earth 4.3 and you may see a Video with some of the features through that link.Download the Google Earth 4.3 for free and have fun with this new tool! I have.

Thursday, April 17

Sunset at Eidet

Somebody may believe it is an Atom bomb hitting target out in the west prior to the building of US Missile Shield. The strength of the sun is however many times the power of that possible mass destruction nuclear weapon, and the sun is extremely dangerous for us with reduced immunodeficiency. Make your UVa and UVb protection cream ready for the season.

The photo of sunset at Asbjørn and Anna Katharina´s wonderful residence close to the sea, taken on tuesday afternoon, gives a spectacular view and we look forward to stay there later this year.

Wednesday, April 16

ABC Wednesday is for M

This week the letter in operation is M
I cannot find any better choice than paying tribute to this MEME and the creator of ABC Wednesday.
M is for MrsNesbitts PlaceMy Major M this Wednesday are to focus on Norwegian Mountains. We have a lot of stones in this country, and some of them are so big that they can be called islands or mountains. The above stone is my painting of the island Godøya with the lighthouse from 1876 at Alnes west of Ålesund.

M is for Mountains.
From Ålesund we drive in Hjørundfjorden with the fantastic Sykkylven Mountains east of the fjord, and climb up to Standaleidet and Standalhytta.
From this pass we continue thru Stryn and up the old road as seen towards west from Videseter
At the plateau we have the Stryn summer ski center, and the beautiful green icewater.
After leaving Lom and taken the route against Oslo with Snowkiting at Valdresflya,
before we have the possibility in Oslo to watch the movie The bucket list (in Norwegian: nå eller aldri) with two very great actors. Worth seeing. See it you too.

M is for the Movie about Mortality with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson

Back home we end this ABC Wednesday post with

M is for Music and W.A.Mozart´s Piano Sonata C Major

If this tour was inspiring take your time to visit more ABC Wednesday fellows at Mrs Nesbitts Place
or go direct to the other participants here, when you can, it's all great fun!

Tuesday, April 15

And the winner is:

Some of you will remember that I was one of the members of the development team at Rikshospitalet (National Hospital)´s reconstruction of their Web sites.
I know that my participation had some influence on the result, and today I feel some pride in reading that the new look and the overall design have given the result as 5th best website in Norway.
The argument given by the jury is (in Norwegian)
"Rikshospitalets sider har gjennomgående meget høy kvalitet, både når det gjelder innhold, bilder, navigasjon og grafisk design. Rikshospitalet skal spesielt ha skryt for sine hovedtemasider, som setter en helt ny standard for andre lignende organisasjoner i Norge.
På tross av en stor informasjonsmengde, har Rikshospitalet en luftig design som hjelper sidene med å fremstå som brukervennlige og ryddige. Fargeprofilen, tekst og bilder gjør en god jobb med å få sidene til å fremstå som profesjonelle, varme og vennlige.
Rikshospitalet har gått fra nettavisform til en side som tydelig har blitt gjennomarbeidet grundig med fokus på brukerne.
En side som Rikshospitalet skal ha spesiell skryt for, er siden for barn og ungdom. Siden bærer preg av høy grad av pedagogikk, gode bilder og gjennomarbeidede tekster, og vil være et svært viktig verktøy for mange.
Rikshospitalet bør være meget stolte over hva de har klart å få til på nettsiden, og over at de vil gå i bresjen for lignende nettsider i Norge.
The project manager (Børge Einrem) and the web designer (Siv Holen) are happy as seen on the photo here:
Congratulation to us all!

Monday, April 14

Monday Odd Shot - rules or fun - Award from anna-lys

I have lately found myself being in opposition to strict rules and regulations in some of the blogging fellowships I have joined. I have certainly bended the rules, and am able to see that it may be wrong according to the idea behind. I have more or less been advised to think once more about my participation, and not express too many personal opinions. If in, follow the rules, if not, do something else.

The Odd Shots Monday has also rules and I find it for example difficult to follow the systematics in "only one odd shot a week". Same today. Shall I quit as I have done with Sky Watch Friday, or shall I post more than one odd photos without caring.

For me blogging is fun. It keeps my mind active. I’m always thinking "that would make a good post", "that would make a great picture", "the other bloggers would love that joke" as akelamalu says in the interview in David Macmahons blog.

My odd photos this Monday are odd because they are two, and in a way literally speaking, they are facing the same idea although the first is from 2004 in Tuscany at Villa Majonchi and the second from the old shopping centre Steen og Strøm in Oslo taking Saturday.
Another odd thing is Awards in Bloglandia.
From Anna-Lys, Sweden I got an award last Friday. Being concerned of other matters, I have not registered the award prior to her own comment at my blog, but I am honored and copy her argument for the award
ArneA (Norway) Your passionate work for awaking us to become donors hit us in the head, now and then. You also inform us about transplantations and important stuff and in-between that You show us a great sense of humour, culture and love, and You are an amazing photographer and erotic painter. I am a blood-donor and I will look into if I can give more, thanks to You "keep Up the Good Work"! (My heart You already got *lol*)

Sunday, April 13

The day thereafter - The Opera House opened

After a fantastic evening participating in the opening show of the new Opera House in Oslo, Norway, no comments necessary except that the photo is from Dagbladet
For those of you not being able to see the show direct on Norwegian Television, NRK1, and for those who want a re-happening, let us hope the 4 hours mountainous show will be distributed all over the world, and here come back every Saturday night.
See more of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet here

Saturday, April 12

Saturday urban life - Walk in the city

Saturdays we always stroll downtown to feel the urban life. On our way from home we meet the challenges connected to using the tram or our feet on the 15 minutes walk . The weather must be extraordinary bad if the tram is our tool, but in the last years city-bicycles are available around the city free for use if you pay 70 nok a year.

If you plan to visit Oslo often look at the conditions for renting Citybycyles during your stay.

Normally you see photos of the Royal Castle from the front, and the main street Karl Johan, but we always see the backdoor on our way down Riddevold street.Further down to the main street we meet spring flowers in the Royal Garden and see that "Viola Canutta" are already planted at the bottom of the trees at Studenterlunden:On the top of the hill, before Karl Johan continue down to Oslo Central Station, the old shop selling gloves and hats, "Hallens", are rebuilt into a Restaurant. Three Brothers.A few yards from this bar and restaurant the very odd Ole Kopreitans peace-wagon with hundreds of buttons is located.Turning the face towards the Royal Castle again, we visit the Cafe Christiania for a lunch. The Urban Saturday life is normal as usual. Have a nice weekend wherever you are in Norway and around the world.

Friday, April 11

Rolf Berntsen is dead

One of my colleges and friends in the Norwegian Association for Heart Lung Transplants (FHLT) Rolf Berntsen died yesterday after being seriously sick for a long period.

Rolf was Heart Transplanted in 1991 and have, although fighting side effects related to required medication connected to transplantation, experienced a prolongation of his life with 17 years. In 13 of these years Rolf was part of the board of FHLT.

I became acquainted to Rolf in 1999 when entering the same board, and had a giving cooperation with him in many challenges for the interest of persons with seriously heart failures.
Rolf´s integrity, special strength and attitude became even more visible when his stepdaughter fell in love with (and later married to) the Crown Prince of Norway.

In the Norwegian Newspapers Fedrelandsvennen and VG (among others) the sad news are covered., and FHLT / LHL own websites have of course honored Rolf.

When friends pass away our thoughts always goes to those left behind. I myself also want to remember Rolf for the energy he put into the job of creating the best for us heart transplanted, of which he received the highest award in FHLT "The golden Heart" in 2005.
Thanks for your effort.

Gates / Doors and Sky Watch Friday

My last Sky Watch Photo is placed at the end of this post
In her blog April 9th anemone posted some thoughts around beautiful doors. I have therefore decided to use this post to present some of the doors I have seen on our journeys in different countries and cities.
I start with the front door to the Norwegian Parliament.To continue with official Gates or Doors I move to the famous bronze Gates of Paradise at the Florence Baptistry just west of DuomoThe door consists of ten bronze panels from the Old Testament:1. Adam and Eve 2. Cain and Abel 3. Noah 4. Abraham 5. Isaac with Esau and Jacob 6. Joseph 7. Moses 8. Joshua 9. David 10. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

The next doors are all from Dublin.
The Georgian door, The Environmental door and the door as The Face of the houseEnvironment includes rainy weather, and we had no time to wait for sunshine.
The door is called the face of the house and you can feel that this door wishes you welcome
My own Gate to the world could of course be my laptop, but here I choose the Sony 46 incher on the living room wall receiving TV signals from the whole world.
On Fridays, photos of colorful clouds, landscapes and lots of blue (if not bad weather) skies have been webbed around the world every week. I have participated in three months. I have had an interesting period looking for motives in my every day life, and also searching through my own photo library since 2002 to find suitable pictures.
I have also seen a lot of very interesting (and some not so interesting) shots from all continents. Thanks for that.
I have tried to be more creative than just posting a photo. I have tried to combine my text and photos, and also tried to make a story with external links to create learning processes for persons interested. I have during this period got a lot of supporting comments and valuable feedback related to my posts, to photos and to my theme and text.

However, I think I take a break in this fellowship by showing the Gate or Door to the Monolitt platau in Vigelandsparken, Oslo. Click on the link and you will have many Sky Watch possibilities in the weeks to come.

Thursday, April 10

Climate challenges and The Opera House once more

Today I want to show the different weather conditions around my corner
This week, A year ago and in 2006.
Not exactly the same date, but at this time of the year and we start with the "cleaning" of the street by removing of snow two years ago:I also made a photo-video with music by Abba about the whole snow-removing process.

Last year the volume of snow had decreased, but lasted for a longer period with bad weather.
This year the snow has taken a break, even though we have had some volumes for example in February and during Easter. The temperature has, as an average, been a little higher "than normal" and yesterday the street was washed at least a month before the previous years. Instead of snow the trucks moved away lots of mud.
I am indicating climate changes, and accept that something is happening. The big question is if the changes are manmade or occur as a consequence of "normal" variations. The discussions about this will continue. Today I am not part of the Al Gore hysteria. Discussions about the opening activities around our new Opera House in Oslo will go on too. A new video was presented by TV2 yesterday, and to all you Graffiti enthusiasts visiting my blog, take look at the video here.
but please do not bring your sprayboxes to Oslo.