Monday, January 30

Day 5. Weekend Recovery

 It is Monday morning. 5 days after removal of the prostate cancer , and after a relaxing weekend at home. Although the services at the hospital are great and the personnel highly qualified, it is better to sleep in my own bed and make priorities according to my own decisions.
Helene and Tullen had their first common skiing exercises in Frognerparken yesterday, and to be a first Norwegian cross country runner from Swansea, Wales, Helene learned and managed the technique wery fast and LIKED the typical Norwegian winter activity.
 Another weekend activity is Waffle Baking. Here too Helene showed a professional attitude and with hot chocolate we had a nice after ski time. Waffle with Norwegian Brown cheese is our favorite.
Before and during hospitalization and recovery I have received a lot of greetings. This bucket of Tulips  from Gunnar and Ragnhild, our Munich Christmas Markets friends, have all the spring colors making the dream of a higher temperature outside my windows come closer.

To all of you following my fight against the cancer process, and sending thoughts and comments on Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Email, direct contact or by telephone, my warmest thanks for your concern.

Saturday, January 28

Day 3. Home and self-caring

 Well home ready to communicate with the world through my MacBok Air and iPhone. Thanks to all greetings and good lucks from family, friends and acquaintances.
The recovery is evolving and self-caring about pains, wounds, managing the renal and urinary system are working according to information from the hospital.
If you are interested in how my surgery was performed, and the professional control of the laparoscopic procedures were done by my doctors, go to and watch the videos. Maybe you should not.
This model shows the gates in the body from where the tools are operated, and the next image shows the tools inside the body performing activities during the prostate removal process.

Friday, January 27

World's first prostate cancer robotic laparoscopic surgery

14 years ago I became the first pasient in Norway to go through a simultaneous heart and kidney transplantation. Later three more persons have gone through the same operation due to gifts from donors.
Wednesday the doctors at Radiumhospitalet (OUH) performed a radical prostatectomy on me as the first ever in the world with my diagnosis and condition. Congratulation.
The surgery was done by Dr Brennhovd (righ) and Dr Axcrona (back) using the socalled da Vinci method. On the photo you also find Dr Molven (performing biopsy and finding the tumor last fall) and Cancer nurse Rozita taking good care of me after operation.

I feel fine, the doctors are satisfied and proud of their job and I will go home from hospital today.
Thanks to you all.

Sunday, January 22

January Sunday

 This Sunday we are staying inside our apartment. The temperature in our living room this morning required activity in the fireplace and later some Dumle candy to keep up the spirit.  Tullen has for more than a week felt pain in her back and after babysitting for many days , her chest sounds like a real flu is evolving. If not better tomorrow she has to see the doctor.

Saturday, January 21

Winter at last

This morning we once more were surprised of heavy snow fall. That should not be a stange situation when the calendar shows middle of January, but every time the white flakes fall down, the emergency clearing services from the community are not ready. The first snow ploughs I saw this morning on my way to the hospital, moved up the main road three in a row at noon.
However, the beauty of almost untouched streets are lovely.

Update Saturday afternoon:
Continuous snowing and more problems for Citizens of Oslo

Friday, January 20

Happy birthday, Hedda

Today Hedda is 2 years young.
Although last week has been challenging for her and her siblings due to severe chest infection for all of them, they are all improving after testing the Norwegian Health System. Establishing permanent local doctor (fastlege) and received important help there, visiting emergency rooms and admitted to hospital have been part of their mothers activities. Hopefully the recommended treatment will have effect.
"Minstemor" Mari celebrates her 6 months day on this same day. Mari´s photo can be seen on a previous blogpost further down. She had some red dots on her body yesterday, but hopefully these dots are not indication of another medical challenge. She is going for a holiday with her family very soon.

Thursday, January 19

Wrong diagnosis but same message from a doctor

This morning I was admitted to OUH Radiumhospitalet for preparation linked to a planned Cancer operation taking place on coming Monday.
After lunch I was told that the operation was postponed till next Wednesday.
OK, my special body and previous medical history are a bit complicated so I accept that the hospital want to peak their professional medical team, and the illustration above is only a way to make fun of the delayed situation.
Instead of sleeping at a corridor bed tonight, we went to DS Louise, Aker Brygge and had Skrei for dinner. Try it you too.

Sunday, January 15

Mari´s Naming day

Today we celebrated the Naming Day of Mari (6 months). The guest of honor herself did not pay much attention to the family party. She had a temp of 39 and stayed in bed most of the day. Hopefully she will recover quickly and give us her smiling attitude again and again.

Thursday, January 12

Helene´s school and Math homework

 Picking up Helene at school today. The first week has developed very well and she is happy with class mates and teachers. After school we went to a shop buying skiing equipment and she is really excited for trying the new cross-country skis during the coming days.
Then she did her homework. Logical math. A coming Mensa member?

Sunday, January 8

Sunday visit and waffles

 It´s cold outside, but a Sunday tour from their short term hired apartment to our home is just an appetizer before the waffles are served.
 The chef is showing Maja some of the first examples. Maja loves to take part in the kitchen work.
 And the load of waffles served in the living room with brown cheese, strawberry jam and sour cream was to the satisfaction for everyone. A nice Sunday visit that will be copied in many weeks I thrust.

Memories from "earlier times"

My son-in-law David is online.
And he can be followed on Twitter @berrydm if you want to get some interesting links to the world. Yesterday he gave me this link to The Restart Page.
You will probably remember some of these rebooting messages. Do you still use one of these antique operating systems it may be time for upgrading of your devices and/or systems.

Saturday, January 7

Path, next generation FaceBook ?

Path  is the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love — your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and beautiful high quality photos and videos. And for those of you who like to share on public networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Facebook, you can easily check-in, upload photos and videos, blog, and tweet directly from Path.

Try it, I am on already.

Wednesday, January 4

Christmas lasts till leftovers are gone

It´s a few days till the end of Christmas (Jan.13th), but in our home we still have Christmas food.
The Christmas Tree was transported to the junkyard on Monday, but the fridge is still full of leftovers from the Christmas week. Christmas cakes ended yesterday and today we had traditional Christmas Pork Ribs for dinner.
Now it´s time for preparing other important traditions. Life is Great!!

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year - Welcome 2012

With some photos from the family brunch table today, I wish you all a Happy 2012.

From yesterday night the firework at midnight over the Oslo night seen from Akershus Fortress was very nice, and here you can see some spectacular shots from my iPhone 4:
 This was Oslo City Official Firework from a barge in the bay
 Here you can see the barge at sea outside Aker Brygge