Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year to all readers

Happy new year. Thanks for contact in 2015 and looking forward to see you in 2016.

Sunday, December 20

The last Sunday in Advent 2015

 Tomorrow the sun is going to decide if she wants to give us another summer and prepare for turning on Tuesday. If the world is going to be as it has been, that will happen.
In the meantime the main street of Oslo is highlighted and prepared for the darkest day this year

Saturday, December 19

Another advent photo

Yesterday we had a short light lunch at Albert Bistro, Aker Brygge, Oslo. The snow we got on Wednesday had disappeared in the streets and the afternoon is dark and foggy. However, on Tuesday 22nd at 05.49 CET the sun is turning and we once more can start to prepare for summer again
Only 45 hours to go.

Wednesday, December 9

15 days to Christmas

Early morning in Bogstadveien, Oslo on my way to the doctor for checkup after long stay in Spain.
The decorations in the streets are there to remind us about the holy season coming up.  Nice.

Sunday, December 6

Paintings, Antiques and Beer from Horten

For many years we regularly visited an art gallery "Kaare Berntsen" in the center of Oslo at their Christmas show. This year it almost reopened. Not the same company, but some og the old people. For me the most interesting paintings are shown below, but due to lack of wall space we only looked (without buying) and enjoyed the beer from Horten "Hortenpilsen" Rooted back to 1854..
 The two first paintings are by Thore Heramb, one of my favourites.
 The next painting is by Arne Ekeland, and for many years he was an unobtainable dream.
 The last image shows a painting by Kjell Nupen, and the three dimensions he has made in this painting is really awesome