Thursday, May 30

Flowers and Flag

The apple tree is blooming under the National emblem of Norway.

Tuesday, May 28

Congratulation Oslo, The new Munch Museum (Lambda) to Bjørvika

Could my yesterday blogpost get a better timing? Probably not.
Today in the Munch Room at Oslo City Hall politicians announced an agreement making it possible to develop and build a new museum for Edvard Munch´s collection close to the Opera House in Bjørvika, Oslo. (photo by Fredrik Buer / NRK)
The museum will be the Lambda project and our city skyline will in 2018 almost look like this.

 It is an historical day for Oslo, Munch´s art and all lovers of this fantastic painter. Congratulation to us all..

Monday, May 27

Munch at the Cottage

This morning I received my new book telling about the life and works of the Norwegian great painter Edvard Munch. The book is in a way a biography of Munch, and an illustration of Munch´s background and process when creating some of the world´s most fantastic paintings.
The front page of the book which is a 270 pages "comic strips" by Steffen Kverneland produced by No Comprendo Press. A great book about how the genius Munch lived and worked in the artist bohemian environments in Kristiania (Oslo), Berlin and Paris.
I have myself made many paintings imitating the originals by Munch. Partly as training for the painting art itself, and partly to decorate the walls at my cottage. These three paintings are "copies" of: "Summer Night / The Voice" from 1893, "Ashes" from 1894 and the portrait of "Hans Jæger" from 1889 (here presented as my self portrait.)
On the wall in our "living room" Munch´s "The day after" from 1894 are placed together with some of my other paintings.
Kverneland´s drawings and text are a great experience, and the book-price 350NOK gives absolute a return of investment.

Monday, May 20

Flower day at the cottage

 Today we went to the horticulture to buy flowers for the balcony at our cottage. The result can be seen on these images. The cottage looks more and more as it use to look during summertime.
The negative gardening activity today is that we had to remove host of our Flammentanz roses. The hard and extremely cold winter killed most of them. That is the nature of Nature. Live and let die.

Saturday, May 18

At the cottage

Today we started the summer season at Tullarbo, our cottage at Solvang. The winter / spring grass had to be removed for the upcoming  grass.
Sharing the mowing job between us feels great, but at you see below the activity to remove weeds from  the raspberry hedge is only for those capable to work at that ground level.

Friday, May 17

Happy 17th of May

We are ready for the May 17th breakfast.
Our Constitution day always starts with a large breakfast together with friends and family members. This year it it only the Bjølsen bunch that will be here so our thoughts goes to the Swansea bunch wishing them a Happy "syttende mai".
The same greetings goes to Calahonda, Ålesund, Moss and where ever you are. :)

Wednesday, May 15

An ordinary Wednesday or ???

It is probably not an ordinary Wednesday when a bomb threat was announced outside the Norwegian Treasury in Oslo. However, the suspect bag contained only cloths and personal equipments and our emergency and security personnel  did a professional job.
 More ordinary we may call the visits at the harbor when the newly built (2005) swedish East Indies Ship Gøtheborg could be seen at the Oslo harbor.
 18th century ship is in full 1:1 scale without any of the original drawings. Tomorrow the crew invites citizens of Oslo to come onboard and see the ship
However, before 17th of May I want to give all my blog readers a warning. Take care of your valuables on the Constitution Day on Friday. A lot of pickpockets are around in the city; around the children parade and in various cafes and restaurants. This warning at our local "fru B" is seriously meant.

Friday, May 10

Yesterday rain, today sunshine

Same position different colors due to sunshine. The green leaves are still on the birch.

Thursday, May 9

Spring 2013

I have many times during the last months mentioned the word Spring. Is it coming, Is it here, Is it never springtime in Norway anymore, etc
However this morning the real evidence of Spring can be found outside my bedroom window. The green leaves og the birch tree has decided to bounce out on the same day as a historical religious person bounced or ascent to the heaven.
It is Spring for real.

Wednesday, May 8

Spring, Summer and 17th of May

Today the temperature outside my kitchen window reached almost +22C and thus was one degree higher than the temperature I had inside my apartment. We felt it was summer, and I visited the Aker Brygge and the newly opened Albert Bistro for a pint of beer.
Some hours later the weather had changed. The spring decided that Summer in the City still was a song recorded by The Lovin´Spoonful.
The band from Uranienborg School was however marching in our neighborhood exercising for our Constitution Day; the 17th of may.
It tis still Springtime.

Sunday, May 5

Sunday walk to the other side of Akerselva

Although my wife is in Swansea together with our family in Wales, I decided to make our Sunday walk  myself instead of sitting on the sofa or visiting the cottage at Solvang. A great choice.
9.55 km as seen on the map in nice weather and temperature up to +16 C. I also included a new area in my walk; Sørenga.
Sørenga is a neighborhood in"The Old City" of Oslo. It is located east of Bjørvika, west of Vannspeilet, south of the street Bispegata and Oslo torg, and west and north of the Alna River. South of the area the Sørenga-pier runs out into the Oslo Fjord.

From Sørenga we have a nice panorama of the new Barcode area close to the new Opera house.

At the Sørenga pier the first step of the building project is finished, and some inhabitants have already moved in. The erection progress can be found Here

On the western side of Bjørvika the Art Nouveau building Havnelageret , the towers at Oslo City Hall and Vettakollen can be seen
Vettakollen is a hill and neighbourhood in the borough of Vestre Aker in Oslo, Norway. The hill lies west of Sognsvann and southeast of Voksenåsen and Holmenkollen, and measures 419 metres above mean sea level. The built-up residential area south of the hill is served by the Oslo Metro station Vettakollen. 
The name stems from the beacon hill's former use as the site of a beacon (Norwegian: varde). Before modern times, such beacons were set alight on a series of hills to constitute an alarm system. The naming is found in other hills, such as Vardåsen, Varingskollen and probably Brannfjell. Vettakollen is the hill rising from our cottage towards Holmenkollen.
The areas around Bispegata and Bispevika are still a building area, but this nice bridge gives an easy access to Sørenga from the Opera House.
It is also in this area that the new Munch Museum LAMBDA have to be located. (if only the politicians can stop discussing and start building.)
Lambda is also the L-letter in the Greek alphabet

The bridge gives you a nice view up the estuaries of Akerselva.
Akerselva, or Akerselven, is a river which flows through Oslo. It starts at Maridalsvannet in Oslomarka, and follows the urban areas Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka, Oslo centre and Grønland, whereby it finally ends at Paulsenkaien and Oset in Bjørvika. The river is considered to be a part of the Nordmarkvassdraget, and has the watercourse number 006.Z. The entire river is about 8.2 kilometres long, and has a difference in altitude of approximately 149 meters.

On my way under Akershus Fortress the large yacht Mayan Queen is still at harbor. It was expected that the yacht should have left Oslo two days ago bound for Copenhagen, but as you see it is still here.
Maybe the Owner: Mexican yachtsman Albert Bailleres, 74 year old billionaire, who's inherited wealth (5+ billion dollars) originating from logging and mining enterprises, wants to spend some of his fortune in Oslo and Norway.

My last photo of today´s walk is from Albert Bistro stolen from their FaceBok profile. Congratulation with the reopening of a completely new restaurant. Not much is left from the old Albertine and I look forward to visit you another day.

Saturday, May 4

Traveling to London with SAS and further on

After 83 minutes departure delay at Oslo Airport this morning due to malfunctioned airplane, the pilots made a great effort to catch up and was scheduled to arrive London Heathrow only 49 minutes after estimated arrival time.
However, that was without unexpected delay at Heathrow.
Circling 4 times north east of London before getting admitted to line up for landing ate up all the saved time plus a little more. Traveling to London with SAS can be a challenge.
When grounded at Heathrow as seen on this image from , the pace to get the luggage and the National Express bus bound for South Wales became another stressing challenge.

Swansea is far away.

Friday, May 3

Apple 1 from 1976 still working

According to one of the 1976 Apple 1 computers are out for auction at $250.000 to $400.000 estimates.
The Apple 1 was originally priced at $666.66 when it was released in 1976, with only 200 units produced. It's believed that there are roughly 30 to 50 still intact.
Quality as always.