Thursday, March 31

Fiji at last

For many years Fiji was one of my desired visiting targets, and when staying in Singapore a visit to Fiji was not a too far-away dream. I never reached Fiji, but yesterday Fiji reached me.

Fiji (or The Republic of The Fiji Islands) is located between 176° 53′ east and 178° 12′ west. The 180° meridian runs through the 3rd largest island, Taveuni, but the International Dateline is bent to give uniform time (UTC+12) to all of the Fiji group.

The majority of Fiji's islands were formed through volcanic activity started around 150 million years ago.
Fiji was suggested to have settled by Polynesians before Micronesian, but there lacks evidence that this happened either in oral and geology, except that of Ma'afu.
The first settlements in Fiji were started by voyaging traders and settlers from the west about 5000 years ago. Lapita pottery shards have been found at numerous excavations around the country. Classic' Lapita pottery was produced between 1350 and 750 BCE in the Bismarck Archipelago.
The current flag of Fiji was adopted on October 10, 1970. Its bright blue background symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, which plays an important part in the lives of the islanders, both in terms of the fishing industry, and the huge tourist trade. The Union Jack reflects the country's links with Great Britain. The shield is derived from the country's official coat of arms, which was originally granted by Royal Warrant in 1908.

Wednesday, March 30

Rikke 30 and a light birthday party

My youngest daughter has passed the 30 years milestone. Congratulation.
Pregnant with our 5th grandchild (due july) and busy with job and Maja. (and Tor Marius)
Instead of birthday-cake with candlelights and because Maja loves waffles it was a different celebration this year.
Too much dinner and some waffles too many, will hopefully result in a speedy sleeping this evening.
But first playing with dad. An ever lasting happy story.

Tuesday, March 29

Back in Norway after 5 weeks in Andalusia

This morning we wake up in Oslo with new snow on the ground outside our windows. Should we have stayed for another week or so in Spain? The snowfall was however very light and during the day the "heat" from the nordic sun has managed to get rid of the white color
The image from the beach on our last evening can be one comparison to the snow and cover some of our memories from this year´s winter long stay at Costa del Sol
The hotel pool has not been open for daily swimming activity due to no Safety Guard on duty, but the Water Mirror shows at least the clear cky.
Goodbye and thank you Carlos, Ana and all you other personnel for some nice weeks. We will return, and have left a lot of things in the hotel´s basement locker for next time. This free service makes it even more attractive to use the facilities at Myramar Hotel, Fuengirola year after year. Maybe we will travel with only hand luggage in the future.

Sunday, March 27

Pool photos

It is almost over for this time. Later today we expect to get a mail inviting us to check in online for the return tomorrow. That is why it is time to say goodbye to the pool area and the Andalucian sun.
In the afternoon we have this view from the balcony. A few people are still trying to fetch some of the sunbeams, but most of us has get what we need and more too.
A cold beer and some olives are always welcomed before dinner, and the peanuts and wine are always close to Tullen
In the morning the pool-cat arrives to greet us, and for cat-lovers like my wife there is always room at the sun bed. The cat knows the different guests and maybe also remembered us from last year.
The water in the children pool is mirroring the palms and the bright sun. No wind is destroying the clear image. It will be a warm day.

Saturday, March 26

Half full, Half empty or any other attitudes

We have seen many presentations of attitude connected to problems and/or possibilities. This poster from a wall in Malaga was another way to present the challenge after some minutes at the Tapas Bar.
I will not describe my wife´s speed at the beginning of her last morning walk during this stay in Andalucia by any of the above terms, but on Thursday she set her new track record to 68 minutes. Mine is 81 minutes so walking without me as the break. will probably give another record later this morning.
If she wins the Lotto tonight, another record can be her, but dreaming of that is probably not covered at all by the mugs above.
If she wins the Lotto, may be this figure can be mine. I know exactly where in my living room the beauty can be placed. But that is another story.

She just arrived back to the hotel and made the 7km on 71 min and no sweat-drops on her skin. Better luck next year.

Friday, March 25

Jamon Iberico, Gallery CarmenThyssen and Antonio Banderas

Once again we went to our favorite (not local) Tapasbar in Malaga City - El Pimpi.
The main reason for going to Malaga this time was to visit the new Museo CarmenThyssen which should open their doors this Thursday. But the vernissage this evening was limited to celebs and we had no luck in arguing about being Norwegians and had travelled long distance for the event. Without a special invitation card, the door secured by policemen was closed.

The decorations on the walls at Pimpi had to be our only art discoveries this evening.

However, watching the chef preparing our medioTapas plata (8€) with Jamon Iberico, could be seen as art performance what so ever.

The end product looked like this, served with peanus and bread

No question. My wife appreciates both the tapas and the vino blanco. Something to adopt my dear fru Burums.

One of the celebrities that was invited to the opening of CarmenThyssen Gallery was the Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas. We could see him making comments about the event on TV this morning, but the closest I came to him, was posing besides his signature on one of the barrels at El Pimpi.

Thursday, March 24

Hot Rod Pinups or Family Car Pincat

Sometimes I find a motive that reminds me of times past. The time when beautiful girls were the main attraction when promoting new car models. I am not sure if this is over yet, but this cat on the car hood really got me to look at the car. The model is probably not a Hot Rod and the cat´s sex I am not sure of, but a motive for this Tuesday blogpost it really is.
For more Hot Rod Pinups see David Perry

Wednesday, March 23

Counting steps, calories and the land of Viktoria Falls

Not every day but sometimes we use the Stepcounter App on our iPhone to measure the variables (Time, Steps, Distance and Calories) during our walks. Yesterday we dropped the morning exercise and planned an ordinary walk along the beaches from Los Alamos to Fuengirola.
After almost two hours (effective walking) we stopped for lunch close to our normal turningpoint, The peseta sculpture)
With a consumption of over 800 cal, Tullen wanted her favorite dish (tagliatelle con quatro quesas) and I joined in with pleasure. The Italian restaurant "Ramazzotti" can highly be recommended. Also for a hot and very spicy Sopa de Tomate.
The Tuesday tour ended after 15000 m and about 19000 steps and 1200 cal.
I also want to mention that I have had a visitor from Zambia since my last flag presentation. The land of the Viktoria Falls (166) is welcome and reminds me of  the heavy rainfalls we from time to time can experience here in Andalucia.

Sunday, March 20

Costa del Sol o Costa la Luna

I do not have a professional camera down here, and taking photos of the large yellow circle on the sky during the day, is very difficult. With my iPhone 4 I caught this image of the object given the name of this part of Europe. Costa del Sol.
During the night another large yellow object occurs on the sky. The full moon.
To night the photos of the moon taken all over the world must be uncountable. The moon has not been so close to earth for 18 years.
March 19, 2011 the Moon passed by Earth at a distance of 356,577 kilometers (221,567 miles) According to astrologer, Richard Nolle, this month’s closer than average pass is called an Extreme SuperMoon.
We had to celebrate that with Cava and strawberries
and renamed the area Costa la Luna.

Friday, March 18

Sunset from the room with a view

It is Friday evening ending a day without a cloud in the sky.
The heat and possibilities to be sunburned has made most of my day in shadows updating the iPhone software  IOS 4.3 on a very bad Wi-Fi connection
The view to the east show how much we see of the Mediterranean Sea.
Turning 180 degrees to the west there are some clouds making the weather forecast for tomorrow same,same, but with the potential of more shadows for a tx-person.
Have a nice weekend. We will.

Art in Malaga

As usual when being in Malaga we have to stroll down the Paseo del Parque to have a look at this season´s exhibition. This March there was sculptures but I am not sure of the artist´s name.
However in contrast to the huge brown iron forms the park also have some nice classic sculptures
But the modern style is more according to mine taste of art. I could believe it has something to do with Miro or Piccasso but the signature "me Tica" tells me nothing.

In the shopping street live sculptures can be seen, and the men hasting after the modern woman was an interesting "performing art".

Thursday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick´s Day

To all Irish people around the world, and not at least Raymond Nutt from "Legenderry" now living in Scotland:

Wednesday, March 16

Malaga Wine

If you have been in Malaga or even in Andalucia you have probably heard of and tasted the "sweet" Malaga-wine.

Yesterday we visited a Taverna from 1840 for a small drink before the train should depart. A free choice of different types with "La cuenta" written on the table. For almost 40 years ago the system was even more easy. No figures, only lines to be counted before you left. Now the services has "improved ??" and you will know the paying amount for each delivery.

BTW no chairs at this taverna. Drink till you drop

Malaga market - Atarazanas

 One the places you have to visit when staying in Malaga is the Atarazanas Market. The huge painted glass window at the entrance is worth a photo.

Many different fish-types can be seen here. This one is called Jibias.
If you click on the photo the image will increase.

The fruit desks present not only local harvest, but it is time for sweet strawberry now to a price of 15 NOK pr kg.
We have seen the meat-market much better in Palma de Mallorca and even in our local Supermarket, but you can get all you want for Tapas here too.
This desk reminded me of the song "Molly Mallone"

Outside the fresh food-market at the main street the flowers are beautiful.

Monday, March 14

Carnaval Torremolinos 2011

Sunday we dropped the morning exercise and made a longer stroll from Los Alamos (arrived by train) to El Canuelo (beach above), Torremolinos, La Carihuela (beach around first corner), Benalmadena, to Fuengirola (with bus) and home along the Paseo Maritim. A 5 hours tour including public transport and breaks for lunch and drinks. A lovely warm day in good sunny weather.
At La Carihuela Beach (2.1km long) we were surprised by a Carnival Procession. If these figures are Jacket Potatoes filled with ?????, I do not know, but Ludvik and Solan are not that well known in Spain so any proposal may be welcomed.
The Queen of the day had to make a break together with other spectacular costumes,
while the card kings (free after Jan Baker) documented the historic day for the child in the push chair.

And as you see the weather was Spanish Andalucian style.

Saturday, March 12


A week ago we walked from Torremolinos to Benalmadena in good weather and discovered the beauty of the paseo along the coast. Yesterday we once more visited Benalmadena and tried to walk in the opposite direction. The weather outlook was not the best, but during the tour it turned really spectacular. Coming to the Carihuelva beach we had to turn around and find some bars and restaurants instead. Not a too bad choice.
The Mediterranean was almost grey, and I had to keep a firm grip on my umbrella.
The effect of the shivering disco due to the wind makes an interesting result on the photo.
Back at the hotel Rio Fuengirola had over flooded the area far away from the normal riverbanks. Although it is not comparable to the horror in Japan and the Tzunami, the effect of the nature is truly visible.
The last photo this Saturday morning when the yellow circle on the sky is fake, according to Pablo the receptionist, we met one of the inhabitants in the garden. His or her apartment is certainly not registered with a room number.