Saturday, June 27

Swimming the Mediterranean

Just a small documentation showing that the morning bath in the Mediterranean Sea is possible after a short walk from the hotel. Fresh and lovely (according to my wife in the video)

Friday, June 26

Walking activity at Costa del Sol

One of the reasons why I love to be here at the beaches of the Mediterranean, is the easy way to get around by feet. During the last 7 days I have walked over 55km and the only day the distance was under daily target was last Sunday when my sister picked us up by car for lunch at La Cala.

Before I got the serious infections in the legs this Pesetas sculpture was the normal turning point for our daily morning exercise. Now I am satisfied by passing it on a tour from Torreblanca (reached by bus) and home to the hotel (6 km)

Wednesday, June 24

San Juan 2015 in Fuengirola

In the following you will find some images from the evening of San Juan at the beaches in Fuengirola this year.
 The sunset is near and the families and friends are gathering for BBQ and fun at the beaches.
 Some of the bonfires are bigger than others and young boya are ready for jumping over the flames. Later they will hold hands and go backwards into the waves. Lucky them that the sea is calm tonight.
 At some of the Chiringuitos the restaurant has closed and moved their services outside like here at GaliGali.
 Grilled Sardinillas seems to be the most preferred dish this night.
 The crowd of people around the bonfires creates nice lights for photos and memories. I only use my iPhone 6, but the result is acceptable.

Tuesday, June 23

A warm day in Malaga

Yesterday we went on our once a week visits to Malaga. Left Fuengirola by train at 10.40 and could after 50 minutes document the present temperature this Monday

It was a hot day but with some pitstops at our favourite Tapas bars or restaurants getting some refreshment and food, the day ended up as expected.

The flowers in Malaga are someplace made up as sculptures. This is from the shopping street Calle Marques de Larios

Bodega El Pimpi is a place we always visit although it is very high on the tourist trail. A mixed platte of Jamon (ham) and Manchego together with a glass of wine is lovely.

Another place to visit is Lo Gueno
Have a nice Malaga day when you arrive.

Thursday, June 18

I love Oslo

Christian Radich and Akershus Castle and Fortress are the Norwegian Capital´s central skyline at the bottom of the Oslo Fjord. Looking at the sky you understand that it is still only +14C.
Spain is waiting.

Spitzbergen, Svalbard

I really do understand why many people who love colours become struck by the Northern Light.
Later this Summer I will return to my photos from Svalbard and try to copy them into paintings. This is no copy, only an attempt to remember the light and landscape with no address.

Sunday, June 14

Svalbard, Day four - Nordenskiøld-glacier and Pyramiden (almost)

We had chosen a second boat trip on day four. Perhaps not the best choice, because of the almost ten hours tour, but beautiful nature and dramatic situations made the day one of the greatest memories
We left Longyearbyen and the Adventfjord (The name probably derives from the English whaling ship "Adventure", which was stationed in Isfjorden in 1656), and entered the great Isfjorden with the mountain peaks on the port side and north west.
During the more two hours voyage to the end of the fjord we passed bird cliffs like this.

This is the Russian settlement Pyramien.
Read the information about Pyramiden by clicking on the link. Due to heavy ice condition that is also the only information and photos I have.

On the way to the glacier our crew had to pick up a female guide from the coastline. She had been on a week holiday together with some English tourists, and was expected back to Longyearbyen for work. This is typical. Tourist boats are the only transportation in addition to helicopters here.
Coming closer to the glacier the ice became thicker and thicker. Our boat was no icebreaker, but managed fine in this area.
Nordenskiöldbreen is named after the Finnish geologist Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1832–1901), and is 25 km long and 11 km wide
With the flag of the Faroe Island astern we the started to play icebreaker toward Pyramiden.
The ice became so thick that the boat at last came to a complete stop. Not coming further and only with difficulties been able to get us out of the heavy ice condition. The ice was more than 50 cm thick and increased towards the coast and settlement.
So therefore if you want to know more of Pyramiden go back to the Wikipedia link and read.
Soon after coming free and leaving the ice at Pyramiden, one of our friends got a medical problem and we had to call for emergency help. After about 30 minutes a helicopter with doctor arrived and could take the patient with them to the hospital in Longyearbyen. Luckily he recovered rapidly but was later moved by medic plain to Tromsø for more investigation.
The mountains at Isfjorden are really beautiful and the formation very spectacular. You have to see for understanding.
At last we could experience the real Midnight Sun.

Svalbard, Day Three - Exploring Longyearbyen with surroundings

 Day three started with a wandertng along the Burmaroad which goes from the old coal shipping area and back to the center. When walking outside the center the inhabitants always are armed with guns in case of meeting a polar bear. So were in addition to dogs, the two guides we had with us
Today the coal is transported with lorries, but in previous times these ropeways  were full of coal from the mines to the harbour. If you have seen the Norwegian movie Orion´s Belt, you will remember these buckets which saved the hero´s life.
One of the most popular restaurants or cafes in Longyearbyen is "Kroa". We had a great lunch here this day. In the evening it is crowded and all tables reserved for dinner.
 In the middle of the pedestrian zone in Longyearbyen there is this statue of the old miner, and we had to document that we had been there.
 The dinner for this night took place 10km north of Longyearbyen at Camp Barentz in the Arctic Wilderness. On the road to this camp we passet this colony of Common Eider. We were told that the birds gathered here during the nesting periode to be safe from the bears and protected by the dogs close by.
 The drinks and dinner at Camp Barentz was great, and so was the external of the outhouse.
On the way back to the civilisation at eleven the midnight sun started to explore over the mountains to the northwest.

Svalbard, Day two - Boat trip to Barentsburg

 Day two started with a visit by the special Svalbard Raindeer close to our hotel. Wild but urban.
 The long day on a ship registered in Faroe Island this morning, took us first to the north-western part of Svalbard. Here we really could understand why it is called Spitsbergen.
Spitsbergen was named by its discoverer, Willem Barentsz, in 1596. The name Spitsbergen, meaning “pointed mountains” (from the Dutch spits - pointed, bergen - mountains)
On the image above you understand why Kaare Tveter found many motives for his paintings here at Svalbard. This photo is caught by Tullen
 On the way to the north-west we were met by floes thicker and thicker and more and more. On one of them a seal took its lunch break and relaxed.
Then we reached the first goal of the day´s expedition: the Esmarbreen. Esmarkbreen is a glacier in Oscar II Land at SpitsbergenSvalbard. It is named after geologist Jens Esmark. The glacier has a length of 15 kilometers, and debouches into the bay Ymerbukta at the northern side of Isfjorden
Due to the calving of the glacier we could not come too close
Our next stop after crossing Isfjorden  to the south was Barentsburg. This "Sovjet" settlement has been a coal-mining community since 1932 and the population is mostly Russians and Ukrainians,
 The Coal sculpture are in the tourist trail in front of an old building and close to the school
 The people at Barentsburg are very proud of the layout on their school giving education to children from kindergarten to high level. However we did not see more than around10 children during the visit. We did not see many people at all except our ovn friends from Veritas
The most Northern Brewery in the world is located at Barentsburg and for 10 nok you could test 3 different variations of the local beer. Of course we did.

Svalbard, Day one - Longyearbyen

I will in the coming four blogposts try to give you some of our experiences from our days at Svalbard this week by presenting interesting images taken with my iPhone 6.
 This shows a Warning sign with a special layout made for Svalbard; a white Polar Bear on black background. The only traffic sign made like this in the world.
We did not see any Polar Bear alive in the terrain (only Svalbard Raindeer, Seals and Birds) but both at the airport (as this) and in the Svalbard Museum this great predator is presented.
The city Longyearbyen was a negative experience this time of the year. Grey and dusty with dirty snow remains. However the landscape is fantastic and your cameras could find motives all around.

One of the places to be visited is the Gallery Svalbard where you may see many excellent paintings made by the Norwegian artist Kaare Tveter. Outside the gallery the typical Longyearbyen houses can be seen together with the old mining arrangements up in the hillside.
I come back to the Svalbard Museum (recommended to visit) with the last photo from day one. A coal miner´s room and my wife. Maybe she would like to stay over wintertime in one of these and hope for a living bear.

Friday, June 5

Another painting - Moljå

Another painting is finished. Due to the cold months this year with rain and wind, it has been difficult to finish my paintings this spring. My easel is placed on our balcony and when the climate cannot allow me working hours outside, the optimal use of days in this week is lovely. Called "MOLJÅ" acrylic on canvas 54 x 70 at a prize of € 285 you are free to get a new original ArneA painting.

Thursday, June 4

Oslo Town Square

Today´s painting: Oslo Town Square. Acrylic on canvas, 54x70, €285

Tuesday, June 2

At last: RAV4 Hybrid AWD

In the beginning of 2016 the new SUV from Toyota, RAV4 Hybrid AWD, will be out for sale here in Norway. Looking forward to test the car and hopefully the prize will be acceptable for my family.