Wednesday, July 30

Crime Writers and Whiskey

In August 2008 I posted a blog about the Crime Wrighter Ian Rankin and his books about the Whisky drinking detective John Rebus. Since then I have discovered a Swedish Crime Writer that in some small passages in his book about the OPCOP (The Whisper Game) reminded me about that blogpost.
As long as the taste of the 21 year old Highland Park lasted ............
Not only has Arne Dahl ( or Jan Arnandwrote about the Whisky taste, but he also take my present TOP favourite single malt brand into his pages. Some years ago I liked the Tallisker  best between the single malts,
but now Highland Park is ranged at the top. The bearded viking must be tried.
This chart may help you in finding the right Whisky for your sophisticated palate. I have found mine.

Sunday, July 27

A year has gone - (Warning for strong photos)

12 months ago I was fatal sick and hospitalized with the diagnosis MRSA Necrotizing Fasciitis.

I was in coma when admitted to the hospital, and stayed in an Induced Coma  for 10 days while the doctors and nurses at UiO Rikshospitalet worked with my left leg and developed an antibiotic cocktail that could work in cooperation with the medicine for immuno-supression necessary for my replaced organs after heart and kidney transplantation 16 years ago.
A complicated medical case.
The leg did not look extremely nice when they woke me up after ten days.
but today, twelve month later the same leg has this shape
According to the doctors it is" an interesting leg".

After 9 weeks at Rikshospitalet, 10 weeks at Sunnaas Hospital followed up with 10 weeks good treatment at my Primary Care Doctor, a strong treatment regime at home in five months, has given me a stable and acceptable foot. The leg will never return to the old status prior to the infection, but I can walk, drive my car (automatic) and enjoy the life of traveling, touring and being a grandfather to five.

Somethimes it is vital to thank the health system we have in Norway. We had some problems and extreme challenges a year ago, but all the people being involved in the treatment during the last year deserve hugs and thousand thanks. They are doing their job with Quality, but in addition to their professional competence I have experienced Performance higher than Expected and that is what we call Customer Delight. 

Q = P/E > 1 

Wednesday, July 23

Warning for warming

No additional comments needed. +36 degr C in Oslo is HOT !!

Tuesday, July 22

The heat is on

The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat's so loud, deep inside
The pressure's high, just to stay alive

'Cause the heat is on

Monday, July 21

Summer in the City

Some warm days and weeks.
Children party. Mari 3 years birthday.
Relaxation at the terrasse in front og my last painting. WiFi makes the afternoon IT activity easy.

Sunday, July 13

Happy birthday Helene

Today I will congratulate my eldest grand child, Helene, with her eleventh birthday. The cake I made yesterday is gorgeous, phenomenal, delicious of what ever adjectives you an use to describe it.
Se my blogpost from yesterday to find the recipe.

Saturday, July 12

Grass Widower´s Cake

This Saturday I tried a new kitchen experience. Cake Baking.

In Mat på Bordet I found a recipe describing Grandma´s "Tropisk Aroma". A chocolate cake with lots of ingredients. Very high recommended in the description, and I still remember my own Mother-in-law baking one of these and bringing it with her to the Easter holiday up in the mountain in 1982.
One of the challenges are not to start tasting too early. I can therefore not document if I have made it as successful as expected. Time will show. Comments on Monday (?)

Friday, July 11

Dinners for a Grass Widower

This week my wife is in Lewes, England. My daughter and her husband are in Amsterdam, Holland in friends wedding, and some competent relatives (my wife) are taking care of the three children.

In situations like this the "Grass Widower" must do the best of self cooking or having dinners at restaurants. I choose to do both this week.

 One dish was a simple leftover from last Sunday which again was a leftover from the family dinner last week. Fried sausages together with fried leeks and Rutabaga / Swedes.
 Today I made a fish soup with extra vegetables (carrot and cauliflower ), lots of Salmon and shrimps.
However, the great Mussels at Tekehtopa at St. Olav square, Oslo can not be matched by an amateur so it may well be dinner here (or lunch) for tomorrow too.

Wednesday, July 9

A Summerday at Solvang

An ordinary hot Summer day at our cottage. The temperature almost +30 C, but the light air from north (we call it "Sognsvann-draget") makes the conditions up there better than down town.

The garden can now show some of the results of Rikke and Tor-Marius being better when farming. The Raspberries are ready for desert. Organic and self processed.

The Sugar peas are also ready for tasting. From bush to mouth without any costly additions by organizations and store chains, or VAT.

For dinner BBQ of Norwegian Salmon and corn.
The day at the cottage is finished and tonight the 2nd Semi-finale in the Football World Cup can be watched on TV without any chance for a replay of yesterday´s fantastic match. 7 to 1 between German and Brazil can never be copied.

Tuesday, July 1

A short week in Barcelona

We have been in Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia in Spain, before, and this return was just as we had expected. A huge city of 1.6 million inhabitants and Spain´s 2nd largest city.
It is not possible to cover Barcelona in one blogpost and you can find more from my post in august 2008,  but this time too I will take you on a journey to highlights and nice restaurants.

Coming from the airport, and living in the Centro, your taxi-driver will take you to the bottom of La Rambla and the Columbus Monument

The lift (3 Euro) will take you to the top (60m) with the 360 degree view of the city.

In upper middle right you can see the La Sagrada Familia (a must see) and we could really see the 12 years development since last visit.

Another must see is the Gothic Cathedral where one of our recommended Tapas restaurants can be found. (Prize = 1,70 euro pr tapa as seen on the photo below)

Almost around the corner in a side street of Barcelona´s shopping street (from Plaza Catalunya to the Cathedral) you can find the famous 4 Gats where we experienced good Tapas and cheap good wines.
Close to the Cathedral you also have the small restaurant Patxoca where the Biologic Burger can be recommended.
In this restaurant review we also add the "hot" tapas-bar Cal Pep in the Born district, where being there seems more important than the prizes and handmade food. It is important to be there precise at 1 pm to get a chair at the bar.

Walking (or using a taxi) from this Born area with the posters of the War of Spanish Succession,
gives you a possibility to visit La Barceloneta Beach which can be called the "City-Beach"

Coming back to La Rambla a visit to the Market is recommended. All kind of fresh food can be found.
and after enjoying local Flamenco dancers at La Rambla,
a stop at Plaza Reial for a drink, lunch or dinner is recommended.
The restaurants have free WiFi and are more than willing to share their passwords.

When the day has turned to "Tardes" a visit to Bar Lobo or the neighbors will give a nice end your day.

Next morning it is just to start touring once more and the Gaudi houses og parks is also a must see.
Walking up the Passeig de Gracia from the Plaza Catalunya you will fin de more expensive shophouses for the international Brands like Burberry Rolex Channel etc. Here you also find the famous houses designed by Gaudi.
From the top of Casa Batllo the people queuing for a visit ticket.