Friday, December 30

Welcome to Norway

The Berry family has arrived Gardermoen and Norway for their seven months stay in Oslo. Welcome to you all: Hedda, Helene and Henrik plus Trine and David. Helene will join a Norwegian school-class to improve her language skills. Looking forward to having you closer for half a year.

Monday, December 26

In the aftermath of Dagmar

At Frognerkilen, Oslo four of Christiania Roklubb´s Ladies performed their training activities today. Nothing reminded us of the strong wind last night. A feeling of Spring and walking along the beaches in Costa del Sol was closer than winter and white snow in Norway.

Feeling the Hurricane Dagmar

The extreme weather on the western coast of Norway last night could also be felt here in Oslo. 
At Holmenkollen, this tree fell over a car and stopped the local train. (The police has received information of at least 25 broken trees.) Outside our windows at Frogner traffic signs rollover in the streets, and our old house was squeaking and braking. That is only a fart compared with the consequences at Møre and Trøndelag with over 30.000 without electricity.

This morning the streets in Oslo are dry and it is plus 5C. Ready for a walk along the beaches and quays.

Sunday, December 25

Christmas 2011 in Stavangergata and Tycoch Road

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve together with Rikke and Tor-Marius and their family in their new home in Stavangergata.
The dinner table was covered with Christmas plates and red tulips. The food (Svineribbe) prepared by Tor-Marius was excellent.
Under the Christmas tree Julenissen had already delivered the Christmas gifts and Rikke was showing Mari the lights and glitter and the star at the top.
The two sisters were playing nicely together during the opening of some parcels prior to dinner. Don´t let the children wait too long in their excitement on a day like this.
Mari was also happy on granddad´s knee. An extremely kind and relaxed child. Hope I can say the same in some years time.
Maja got skis from Mormor and Bestefar, and on Christmas Day morning she tried them on the living room floor. Now it is only to wait for the snow to fall on the ground outside their apartment
The largest parcel in the evening and for Maja was an electronic kitchen to play with. The assembling process took some time, but that´s what daddies like most.
The most loved gift for Tullen was the 2012 calendar with photos of the Bjørkmann Solsrud family and their activities in 2011.
An email with photo from Swansea with the Berry family having traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner (Pinnekjøtt) makes the day complete. Looking forward to see you within a week here in Norway.

Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas to Trine and her old friends

A star was born. A YouTube video from late 1980s with my daughter Trine and her friends at Uranienborg Skolekor and a lot of "famous" Norwegian politicians
including the present Minister of Justice, Grete Faremo, Minister of Environment, Erik Solheim and Head of the liberal think tank Civita, Kristin Clemet.
Two previous prime ministers are also part of the video: We need secure children
Merry Christmas to you all.

Friday, December 23

Brunch the day before the day

 Traditional brunch at our home the day before the day. Herrings and eggs, shrimps, salmon, "rakfisk", various meats, swedish christmas ham, "pinnekjøtt" and cheeses plus,plus accompanied with beer and aquavit. Next brunch seating will be Jan 1st 2012 with additional 5 family members, presently in Wales.

Thursday, December 22

The preparation is on schedule

It is hundred years since Hartvig Kiran was born (Nov 3rd 1911), the story about Ola and Mariann is shown on TV.
Here in my home the Christmas preparation is on schedule, and the Pinnekjøtt (mutton) is steaming in the pan.
This morning the sun turned and in 6 months we once more can sing the song about Nykleholmen,

Merry Christmas to all friends from Åesund

Wednesday, December 21

Merry Christmas

Hannibals Hybel sends a Merry Christmas to all its guests and I join in with the season greetings

Sunday, December 18

From me to you: Merry Christmas

To all my blogging friends in more than 175 countries

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Friday, December 16

Statoil Art Award 2011

 Visiting Statoil Art Award 2011 was just the same intellectual challenges as previous years.
The artists are not  within the group of artists that immediately will find their way to our apartment, but that is as we understand not the intention behind Statoil´s Heroes of Tomorrow programme. However, the creativity and modern touch make us wonder what has happened to the other artists, nominated by the jury since 2006. Have they all or some succeeded or have they only been a blitz on the sky around Christmas.
The work above is made by Tori Wrånes (my favorite)
 You may like it or not, but an iPad is also a part of the exhibition. The times they are a´changing.
The winner this year is Ane Mette Hol, is an interesting artist which will be important to follow in the years to come.
Thanks to Jens R Jensen for the invitation. See you next year.

Thursday, December 15

The Christmas tree lights are lit

Still some days till Christmas Eve, but the tree is in place and the lights are lit. Some of this year gifts are placed under and behind the tree and the House-nisse are there to watch them till the children from Wales arrives.

Wednesday, December 14

Old photos from Oslo West

Based upon inspiration from a neighbor at Solvang and FaceBook friend, Ellen Røsjø, and her Advent Calendars this year, I have found two images that cover Uranienborg cathedral built in 1886 in my own neighborhood.
This water color copy is probably from early 1890s.
The houses to the left were built in 1887-88 by architect Niels Stockfleth Darre Eckhoff. We can see that building of the opposite corner house have not yet started.
This photo from 1903 shows that the corner house to the right is finished, and you may see that the entrance to the house is at the corner.
Another difference between the images is that the sculpture at the niche and lower end of the cathedral´s foundation is removed. Maybe the Briskeby Line that opened in 1894 required the area of the sculpture and it´s water basin.
A more modern photo (from 2005) shows that trees have grown and the old entrance to the right is replaced by a window. The beauty of the cathedral is still the landmark of the neighborhood in Oslo West.

Sunday, December 11

Sunday visit by Maja Nissegirl

 Dinner 3rd Sunday in Advent with visit from a Nissegirl called Maja. She loves Biola and a glass before dinner is accepted. Using a straw is only fun
 When parents and grandparents are having Baccalao, Maja prefers a hotdog or Pølse med lompe
To the after dinner coffee Maja required Waffles with brown cheese or strawberry, and she controlled granddad´s production with temporary tasting of waffle hearts.

Next time we see each other it is Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6

Munchener CristkindlMarkt

 Munich City Hall (the new) at Marienplatz is a fantastic building and the centre of the the shopping activities at the Christmas market in Bayern´s Capital. At 11 am the figures in the tower are dancing and the audience are taking a break in shopping or Gluhwine drinking.
 The different things you may buy vary in prizes and quality, but it is nice to walk around and use my iPhone camera. Especial Tullen´s new iPhone 4S has a quality that is impressive.
 The Marieplatz was covered with people and on Saturday night it was almost impossible to move from the old City Hall the the Coffee bar where you can get the most delicious Apfelstrudel with ice-cream
 In the crowd local people like this walked around ready for a free drink or kiss as payment for being digitalized
This guy was very proud of his hat from an Alpine goat. He was also the owner of a Harley Davidsson.
 The German Pretzel is always present where beer are served. Salty and crispy, but often more delicious in the morning than the evenings
 The crew at the beer taps are the most impressing professionals you can imagine. They works with three to five glasses at the time and the mermaids are running to and from the tables carrying loads of these foaming glasses.
 When the darkness covers the Bavarian sky new experiences may be caught by the cameras, and the colorful decorations are there for you. Open your eyes and feel the christmas coming closer.

Monday, December 5

Christmas Market, An intriguing experience

After a great weekend it is time to say thanks to Gunnar S. and his wife Ragnhild for asking us to join them in Munich for some days with German beer and Bavarien cuisine.

With my new Bavarian wool and silk hat and some stops for outdoor Gluehwein, we went around this interesting city tasting Schweinshaxe, Knoedeln, Pretzels, Leberkaese, Sauerkraut, Wusts and a lot of other dishes with brown sauces.
Great to be back in Oslo and tomorrow I will serve Norwegian fish at home. Norwegian food is great, trust me.

Sunday, December 4


Christmas Markt 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Happy birthday Susie

15 years have passed since this photo was taken in Singapore, but the memories of my fantastic well qualified secretary Susie Valsalan pop up when I find that she has birthday today.
The photo above is the view I had in front of me through my office door at Science Park. Susie working, smiling and always ready to help a Norwegian in his challenges of being HR Director for DNV in Asia Pacific. Well done Susie, and a pity that your career in DNV became limited.
Thank you also for the personal help given to me and my family through my severe illness during our stay in Singapore. You helped us beyond what could be expected, but kindness and service was always in front of your attitudes.
Happy birthday from me and the rest of my family.

Sunday, November 27

Planning for winter season?

If you so far have not decided what to do in the coming months, the above map from may give you some ideas. The Alpine Tour around European Ski Resorts can give you a spectacular frame for checking out your Bucket List.

For me I will have a short visit to Munich and German beer before Christmas, and hopefully spend part of the winter months in southern Spain enjoying the pleasure of Dionysus or Bacchus. During that time I have probably got more used to the side effect of my injections of Degarelix / Firmagon. Up to now it has been a challenge, but everything is an adaptation, said the fox when skinned.

Friday, November 18

Fighting Cancer - Treatment has begun

Yesterday my waiting period for getting treatment for cancer started.

It has gone 20 weeks since my doctor at Rikshospitalet based upon a PSA value of 39 asked another department / hospital at OUS, Radiumhospitalet, to perform thorough evaluations of me and my body.
Eight weeks later I received a short letter stating: …. your biopsy samples show unfortunately Prostate Cancer."
Since that letter arrived 67 days of tests, discussions and waiting time have passed. The PSA value has increased to 46, and the "Warranty for treatment within 20 working days" from our PM J.Stoltenberg has been documented as empty electoral words only. I can absolutely copy another government member´s statement: Jens, "du veit ikkje ka du snakkar om" (you don´t know what you talking about).
Well, I must admit that I am probably among those 20% with cancer that are not included in his warranty, but is 20 weeks waiting time  an acceptable process time for starting the treatment?.

However, yesterday the Treatment started.
I am happy, my family is happy and although the treatment is "only" palliative for the coming three to six months, I expect to go on with my life as before.
I have had over 17 years since Dr Arthur T H Tan and his teams in Singapore saved my life after severe anterior myocardial infarctions, and nearly 14 years since the highly qualified and professional staff at Rikshospitalet made it possible to replace my destroyed heart and kidney through a simultaneous TX-Cor and TX-Renis operation.
If a new surgery within some months will remove the cancer tumor through prostatectomy, or the present treatment for me will be the final conclusion, remain to be seen.
I know that doctors and nurses are doing their best every day. Hopefully the politicians will give them the resources needed to fill their words, and help more people getting started with cancer fighting treatment.

In the meantime join the Movember movement.

Wednesday, November 16

Autumn at the best for 60+

Yesterday, those of you following me on Facebook could see that the 60+ group Majorstuen made a walk from Frognerseteren to Sognsvann with break at Ullevålseter.
The weather was perfect for this stroll and the coffee break outdoor for the twelve participants lasted longer than planned due to the sun beams.
Tomorrow it is strolling Frognerparken with start from the car parking at NHO/NVE at 10.30. Welcome.

Monday, November 14

Birthday dinner 2011

 Birthday dinner. Wild Cod with normal accessories and red wine. The life is great although new side effect challenges are faced.
 The wild Cod fish of 500 gr. slices.
Potatoes and carrots, melted butter and red wine from Tuscany. The desert was posted yesterday.

Happy birthday to me

Saturday, November 12

Friday dinner, Klippfisk a la Lutefisk

 Yesterday dinner. Klippfisk (Dried and salted Cod) prepared as Lutefisk the Norwegian way with Mushy Peas, Potatoes and Bacon Cubes. Gammel Opland Aquavit accompanied with Beer from Munic Hofbrau Original for me and Franziskaner Weissbier for my wife.
as my birthday on Monday is coming closer, a new gadget has arrived and connected to the network in the apartment. The Black Box, or Apple-TV is purchased with contribution from my sisters and may be some others. Increased download capacity to 50Mbps by Get, streaming of music, movies and photos through iTunes and iCloud will be a new experience.

Later today Maja will arrive for an overnight stay. The weekend activities are planned and set.

Friday, November 11

I made it. Exactly on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 cet i posted this Blogpost.

Thursday, November 10

Baby Swimming, First Maja now Mari

Mari is three and a half months old and have started her Baby Swimming career.
Her sister Maja also started her swimming education when she was very young and on the photo below she is 10 months old with Rikke as a secure harbor on deep water.