Sunday, August 30

The Figure 8.15

Another painting finished in August 2015. "The Figure" Acrylic on Canvas 50 x 70 2500 nok.

Saturday, August 29


This painting is also based upon a photo taken by another person. My wife is often walking around the lake "Sognsvann" which i close to the geographical center of Oslo. One day in July she stopped and sent an iPhoto image back to me.
The painting Acrylic on canvas 54 x 66 can be your for 2700 nok
Tullen´s iPhoto 5s image

Friday, August 28

Stop painting, it is good enough

Todays painting is in many ways very interesting. It is a result of an idea coming out of a photo posted on FaceBook by a friend, inspired by the colours used in landscapes by an English painter, but mostly by a phrase given by a young female painter student. She told me that the important point when working, is to put a stop to the use of colours when feeling satisfied.
This painting Acrylic on canvas 50 x 84 called "Boathouses" can be yours for 3000 nok.

The image which started the creative process was Bente´s photo

and if you want to learn more of the colour inspirator go to Ivon Hitchens

Wednesday, August 26

The Alps of Sunnmøre

A few weeks ago I was hospitalised with a severe infection. I took a photo out of my window and got prompte another hospital window view sent from a friend in Ålesund. Thank you Astrid.
Could I do anything but using her image as a motiv for a painting?
A view towards the most beautiful fjord in Norway; Hjørundfjorden and the Sunnmøre Alps
Acrylic on canvas 44 x 60, 2200 nok

Saturday, August 15

The Lighthouse

After a week in hospital it was nice to return home to finish my last painting "The Lighthouse".
Acrylic on Canvas 72 x 80:  4000 nok
The painting is based on a photo with courtesy by Rune Eide and one of his great photos
For more photos by Rune see his photoblog Visual Norway

Thursday, August 6

The garden

The Garden. Acrylic on canvas 61 x 74 = 2500 NOK

Wednesday, August 5

Paintings from the beginning of August 2015

My own corner of the veranda where the easel, paint, paintbrushes and glasses with water makes the basis of my works on canvas. Lately I have been very active out there although the climate  is not the best in this summer. But as long as it is not too much rain, not too hot and not too cold, I am satisfied.
 This landscape is 51 x 54 and ready for anyone at 1800 NOK
This panting is an imitation of another image I found on the net. To steal from quality images has always been accepted in the history of art, and as long I can document that it is my own work and carries my signatur I hope the copyleft is acceptable. 74 x 50 and a coming gift to a family member.