Wednesday, September 21

Proud parents and Grandparents

Family parties are not so easy to arrange when we live both in Norway, England and Spain. Therefore we were very happy when we could do so last weekend
 Our two beautiful daughters that we love very much and that have given us fantastic grandchildren
 "Mormor" with the 5 kids.
"Bestefar is also happy to have this photo with the very smart generation to come.

Saturday, September 10

The most beautiful city in Norway (or in the world?)

I have forgotten the name of the photographer (Sorry) but that is not stopping me from sharing this fantastic image of the Jugend Style City - Ålesund

King Haakon VII - His life and his NO to capitulate to Hitler

A new Norwegian movie "The King´s NO" on April 9th 1940 can be seen at cinemas this autumn

The newspaper VG has covered King Haakon and his life in an article well worth to read. Link to the presentation can be found HERE - Kongens Nei

Saturday, September 3

Bygdøy 2 - Walking north east from Hukodden

This morning we did our second walk at Bygdøy Penisula
and performed a two hours and 14.5 k steps from Huk to Norwegian Maritime Museum and back
The sea at Hukodden was very clear and the colours at the bottom was mirroring the sun
After walking up and down between posh houses trying to follow the coastline we ended up at the museum with some very interesting sculptures.
 Norwegian heroes  reaching the South Pole on December 14th 1911. Of course I har to mingle between them and meet Roald Amundsen.
"Seaflower": A memorial for boat people saved by Norwegian ships and arrived in Norway
Memorial of Norwegian Seamen killed during the first world war.
Memorial of Norwegian Seamen (4500) killed during world war 2.

At the museum there is several important vessels from Norwegian Explorer ages. First I show you some smaller but beautiful vessels normally used along our long coast.

and then to a much larger ship:
Fram is said to have sailed farther north (85°57'N) and farther south (78°41'S) than any other wooden ship.
Two more vessels can be found in the museums in the same area:
The balsa tree raft Kon-Tiki which Thor Heyerdahl used in the Pacific Ocean.
The raft was named Kon-Tiki after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name.
The papyrus ship RA II which Thor Heyerdahl used for his expedition over the Atlantic. RA was the ancient Egyptian sun god.

Next visit to Bygdøy will probably cover the Viking Ships 

Thursday, September 1

Bygdø - Ladegaardsøen - walking along the Oslofjord coast

Today´s walk took place at Bygdøy or Ladegaardsøen as some of us call this posh part of Oslo west.

The beauty of the shore and the Oslofjord makes a visit to this part of Oslo really enjoyable

After the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 this sculpture was built to memorise the death of 50 Norwegian tourists, and the 250.000 people who died in the countries around the Indian ocean.

These sculptures are also to be found at Bygdøy. The above is unknown for us, but the one below is in memory of Prince Friderich von Hessen (1810) and Christian Fredrik (1814)

The Paradise Bay Beach was as usual full of bathing children although we write September 1st.

The two last Photos are from Hukodden with the restaurant, sculpture and Dyna lighthouse in the background.

In the wilderness of Oslo East, Along Alna River

Walking along the eastern rivers of Oslo; Alna and Lo.

The Lo river is part of the city´s name and means the estuaries to the fjord.

One of the bridges close to Grorud

The wilderness of the river valley
The waterfall Leirfossen 11 meter high in a narrow ravine.
The river is flowing silent through the valley just before it disappears in culverts through the industrial areas.
A nice walk but not to be recommended for people dependent on sticks and more or less flat ground for the feet. Looking forward to Paseo Maritim at Fuengirola