Saturday, April 27

Saturday lunch with Maja and Mari

This Saturday we invited Maja and Mari and their parents to lunch at Cafe Sorgenfri. No comment about the children´s faces and the volume of food, but as usual it was delicious.
Herring, Chicken salad, Liver pate, Roast beef and Brie cheese together with Rye bread etc, etc. And not to forget the beers and aquavits (wine for T) made the afternoon a nice event to be copied another Saturday.

Friday, April 26

European Air Traffic

Do you think there is space for more airplanes over Europe in the coming years? Or what about the world? Go to to see more.

Sunday, April 21

Spring 2013 at last

At last we can document that springtime 2013 has arrived at our cottage. The snow has left, but the lawn is still wet and with frost in the ground. However during the upcoming week my wife´s white trousers will be swapped into garden gear ready to welcome every sprout that cam be found. We saw the Rhubarb´s pink sprouts today and we know that many others will be found next week.

Saturday, April 20

Herring in Aquavit

At Cafe Sorgenfri in Oslo one nice lunch dish is "Sorgenfri´s Akebrett"(Three kinds of herring served with Danish Rye bread plus garnish).
Yesterday I got extra service when the Chef made one of the three herrings as the new published Aquavit-Herring.
In Norwegian the recipe is:
5 danske sursildfileter 1 dl hvitvinseddik 3 dl vann 2dl sukker Hele pepperkorn 2 cl Simmers akevitt 2 gulrøtter 0.5 sellerirot 1 rødløk i ringer 5-6 rød delikatesse løk delt i fire
The process is described at Sorgenfri´s Blog

Something to plan for till next Christmas or maybe already for the 17th of May breakfast.

Tuesday, April 16

Prawn, Shrimp or Scampi for dinner

One of our favorite Tapas Bars in Malaga is named Pepa y Pepe where we can get boiled prawns almost like we do it in Norway:
The bar is located in a side street of Calle Marques de Larios (behind Stradivarius) in the historic center of Malaga. It is quite large and allows for sitting outdoors. It is quite famous for its seafood (mostly small fish), and traditional tapas from the coastal region. However all kind of tasty Tapas should be tried. They offer tapas (small portions), and semi-raciones and platas (these are larger portions). There is also another PyP bar in a street near by, but be sure to find the right one.
I had boiled prawns for dinner today. Due to my wife´s allergy to shellfish I have this kind of food when she is away, and a bowl like this is more than enough for me.

An artistic image of peeled prawns decorated with the original large shrimp.

Monday, April 15

Annual survey of transplanted heart

Five years ago I published a blogpost describing the Annual process we heart transplanted people have to go through. Today I finished my 15th annual survey of my donated heart. The gift for life is still in operation and as good as it was 5 years ago.
The first image show an ultrasound screenshot of my heart when stated that it works in a pace producing 5.2 cardiac output.
This image gives the cardiologists a documentation of the flow through left coronary artery. Very good.
This third image is from the right coronary artery, with the same good flow.

On the photos you can also see the remaining wires after the operation used to bind together the sternum which was divided during the open surgery. The thin wires are the electrodes from my pacemaker replacing the AV-knot which is totally blocked in my new heart. The pacemaker-battery will live for over two years more.


Sunday, April 14

Norwegian football season in operation

The present standing in the Norwegian Elite Football League after 4 matches, showing that my favorite team AaFK (Aalesund Football Club) is topping over Rosenborg (Trondheim) and Strømsgodset (Drammen). Great.

I do also need to mention that the team from the other town (Molde FC) has nil points after four matches.

Tuesday, April 9

Helene´s World and Plato

It is always intriguing to see your children and grandchildren grow up and develop.
I often think about what I did when I was at their ages, and must admit that was not at all close to reading philosophy like Helene (9), here doing schoolwork about philosophy like Habermas (Public Sphere), Kant (Critique of Pure Reason), Heidegger (Being and Time), Aristotle (The Ethics) and  Plato´s The Republic
The Republic is Plato's best-known work and has proven to be one of the most intellectually and historically influential works of philosophy and political theory. In it, Socrates along with various Athenians and foreigners discuss the meaning of justice
I gave Helene the book Sophie´s World some years ago, but she did not like it then. Maybe she now are more mature to read this novel from 1991 written by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder

Sunday, April 7

Sunday walk and Hedda´s art

We continue the positive trend from Costa del Sol, and have just done our 10,25 km around Oslo´s Golden Triangle and along the harbor coastline. A break and coffee at Hannibal´s Hybel Aker Brygge (5km), a chat with old friends at Karl Johan made the walking time around 2 hours.
While sitting at Hannibal an artwork arrived on our internal family communication platform "Path". Our grandchild Hedda Emilie (3 years) has made this spectacular drawings and I see already now that a new artist is born in our family. Her creativity is great and she loves drawing. Maybe this work will be sold at 6 digits numbers around 2050 :)

Saturday, April 6

As in Spain, have nice evenings

When we are in Spain we often have an afternoon drink of Cava supplied with some Strawberries. The same procedures are adopted to our living room in Norway. Strawberries dipped in creamy Balsamico is one of out favorites. The Cavas are replaced with Cremant de Loire or Bourgogne. Nice.

Friday, April 5

Sculptures at Tjuvholmen

 Friday afternoon we strolled down to the coastline and the newly built area at Tjuvholmen. Tjuvholmen has developed into a Sculpture park and a motorized reindeer can be found in an opening between houses.
 I would say that the houses are sculptures themselves, and I would liked to have an apartment for example in this building. The prizes are however not corresponding to my budget.
This sculpture is called "MOONRISE.east.november". made by Ugo Rondinone. Imean to say that the sculpture is to the left on the photo.

Monday, April 1

Easter 2013 is over - The sun is still here

Easter 2013 is almost over. People are sitting in heavy traffic on their way from the hotels or mountain cabins to their homes. The weather in southern Norway has been fantastic and over Oslo the sky is still blue withouts clouds. Temperature is a little too low during the nights for the Spring to get the grip on the growing nature.
But the beauty of our neighboring houses is worth a blogpost this year as many before.
From today we talks about April 2013.