Thursday, May 19

Norway´s Constitution Day - 17. May

The Constitution Day (17th of May) has many traditional procedures here in Norway:

At 8 am we hoist the national flag on flagpoles  dressed in National costumes (bunader).
Then it is time for breakfast together with friends and families. The children are free to eat hotdogs and ice-cream from morning till night.

At the local schools children are lined up to sing and prepare for the large parade in the main streets all over the countries. Children from seven to eighteen are the major  participants  together with their school bands. In Oslo about 115 different schools walked up Karl Johan and greeted the royal family at the Royal Palace.
At the end of the parade the red and blue hordes, (ending their 13 year of school and ready for universities) make the incredible noise so we never will forget them
The Royal Gards are closing the parade, before all people can join the parade and greet the royal family
After the parade we go around in the city having a drink or two together with some food before we end in front of the TV to see the parades from other parts of Norwegian settlement home and abroad.