Wednesday, March 30

Food at Costa del Sol

Sometimes we have presented some of the dishes we get at restaurants here in Fuengirola. In this blog I will give you a summery of some of the lunch/dinner dishes we have had during our first five weeks this spring.
The national dish "Paella" is well known, but this paella for two served at La Farola was a masterpiece
 The tapa "Salmon con salsa naranja" at La Cepa is also given a star in my book. In addition to the fish, orange sause and caviar, we got a fried apple with prawns and cherry tomatoes.
When you feel for a real sirloin beef filet this one at La Farola can absolutely be recommended.
 At Bodega Charolais this great T-bone steak (or was it a Rib steak) was fantastic in taste, but maybe a little too large for a small lunch.
The Leg of Lanb at La Farola has probably been presented earlier, but since Easter just has ended this fantastic dish deserve another presentation. Large, but why not eat as much as you want and feel happy.

Tuesday, March 29

Sunday stroll

Just a blogpost to tell you that I am doing my best to keep in shape. It can be hard, but with some pitstops during the nice strolling along the beaches it is still great to be at Costa del Sol and Life is still Great

Wednesday, March 23

A day in the sun

The temperature in Spain the last week has not been very high. Between 14 and 18. And when we have a chilly wind from the north we are very much dependant of good clothing. The sun is however always present at the Costa del Sol and the photo above shows how nice the cost look like when we are out walking.
The landmark in Los Boliches (the Peseta Sculpture) has been presented a lot of times in this blog. So also this spring. We walked from Torreblanca to Myramar this time and had to stop for a photo just here.
Another pitstop is at the harbour area where small restaurants can serve you food and drinks while the fish are competing with the boats  for free water space.
Back home at the hotel friends from Holland and Norway can gather together and enjoy a drink at the terrace .
When the sun is setting the blankets are good to keep the chilli wind away from the legs. Just like we experience at restaurants in Norway early springtime.

Wednesday, March 16

La Carihuela Playa

Between Torremolinos and Benalmadena you can find one of the most lovely beaches at Costa del Sol. Not because the sand and water but because it is a great place for walking along the beach with lots of possible pitstops, shops and places for having a bite. We always go here. Either as part of a longer stroll from Los Alamos or a short stroll between the two cities. The large beer at La Fregata is always included.

Thursday, March 10

Spring is coming in Benalmadena

Yesterday we took a day trip to Benalmadena. Train to the nice village Arroyo de la Miel and then a 20 minutes walk downhill to the beaches.

In the "Parque de Paloma" the flowers on the trees are coming out to meet the Spring.
And the cocks are all ready to meet the hens all over the garden.
When reaching the beaches the Wind Mill statue at the roundabout played nice in the breeze from north east. Chilly but typical during the Spanish springtime.

Wednesday, March 2

A day in Malaga city

 Our first visit to Malaga city on this long stay at Costa delSol. I would not think it is possible to post any new information or photos from Malaga after all our visits, but today´s neighbour table at restaurant Los Gatos was so impressive that I could put it in here.
 Between restaurant El Pimpi and the Picasso Museum this wall also har do be included in my blog
When relaxing at El Pimpi we received a sad text message from my sister Brit (third from left copied from
She and 6 other mature women were on a tracking tour towards Kilimanjaro in Africa. At 5300 meter above sea level she had to cancel her ascension  due to problems with one of her eyes and return to lower lever for medical help. Her dream of reaching the summit did not come true this time.


Brit has informed on FB that her condition is much better and that she participate today in the planned Safari together with her friends today.

Tuesday, March 1

Leap year day 2016

 Celebration of the additional day of 2016 (the leap day 29th of March) was limited to sharing a Cava in our patio outside our apartment here in Fuengirola. But with fresh strawberries and a warm sun setting behind a building a few minutes before 5 pm it gave us a quiet closing of the day.
 Previous (at lunch) the hotel manager, Director Carlos, had invited all long stayers to join him in a free lunch. A tradition that we all appreciate. This year choice of day was connected to the fact that in the coming days almost ten couples that have been here since December or January will return to their originating homes. Hopefully most of them will return next season, but for them who do not, we will remember them and thank them for the time together.
One creature that never leaves Myramar is the cat Amina. Not only is she welcoming us on the arrival day ( we can almost believe she knows our steps ), but she also come into our patio every day when hungry or just to relax at a place she feels comfortable and safe.