Tuesday, December 31

Happy New Year 2014

 On the last day of 2013, Tullen and I wish you all a Happy 2014. The Annus Horribilis 2013 is soon over and against all odds I am alive and recovering. Tullen and I will go on to make 2014 a happy and wonderful year with all "normal" activities.

Thursday, December 26

What you can imagine from an abstracted painting

In a few days the great Norwegian artist and painter Thore Heramb can celebrate his 97th birthday (born Dec. 29th 1916). His works of colorful abstract landscapes are well known, but is it possible that some of these paintings also cover something else?
Let your imagination run wild. This is a landscape called "Autumn" made in 1981.
However, if you look closer and want to see something else, is it possible a conversation by two animals/dogs? The young learning from the old?
Abstracted paintings and beautiful colors can hide many treasures.

Thursday, December 12

Happy birthday Edvard Munch

Today it is 150 years since our most famous Norwegian, the painter Edvard Munch, was born.
At his 70th birthday the King of Norway, Haakon 7, sent this telegram to Munch:
"On the occasion of the birthday I send to you my best wishes and a thank for what you through your art has helped to make known the name of Norway. Haakon R"
 I have for many years made my imitations of Munch´s most famous paintings. Some would say that copying famous art is plagiarism, but most of the artists in the history have developed their own competence by copying or "stealing" the best of the Best.

If going back through my 1838 blogposts since early 2005, you will find many versions of my Munch imitations. Here on his 150th birthday I will give you the last of my Munch works without further comments.
I hope you will at least like some of them: (click on the images to extend the photos)

Sunday, December 8

Christmas is coming closer

Second Sunday in Advent.

Friday, December 6

Last painting goes to the crew at RMM Team 1

My last painting, Turquoise, ended up as a gift to the Healing-post at RMM Sunnaas Team 1.
In ten weeks they have taking care of me together with the physic team and the ergo team rebuilding my strength, functionality and health.

The receiver on the photo is Nurse Ingvild, who together with nurs Marianne have had coordinating responsibility for my healing. On the photo below Ingvild is performing the last inspection of my leg wounds before I could go home for a weekend break from the hospital. On Monday I an discharged.

Wednesday, December 4

Finding my iPhone

I have not lost my iPhone. This blogpost is only published as an recommendation.
But the App Find my iPhone is a real helping tool if one ore more of your computer devices are missing.
You need to sign in to iCloud, but maybe that will help you if your devices are lost or stolen.
Click on Find my iPhone link and learn more.

Both my iPhone and MacBook Air are still at Sunnaas.

Monday, December 2

Today´s sharing

 The long stay in Norwegian hospitals is close to an end. One of my favorite FaceBook sites is I support nurses and today´s pamphlet tells everything about why I am still walking around on earth. I am not even above the clouds (and will probably not end there either, but the value of the job nurses have given me last 4 months (and earlier on too) make this image a truth.

Another truth and may be closer to the sky is the market value of the Norwegian oil Fund. Every Norwegian citizen has around 1.000.000 nok in the  fund. Take good care of the money for the generations to come, but investments in Norwegian infrastructure and health-care can be improved.