Monday, September 29

The artist in action

The start of a new painting. When to stop is a challenge. Sunset seen from Flemsøya is a motivating fact, but colours are colours and what happens to the painting during the process id unpredictable.

Friday, September 26

The Thore Heramb Legacy

My number one painter among Norwegian artists (E. Munch excluded), Thore Heramb, passed away on the 16th of June this year. His memory will always be in my heart and the talk we had connected to his painting from Hastings UK (Blue curtain) will be remembered for ever.

That I have used many of Heramb´s paintings to develop my own painting skill should not surprise anybody. Picasso said that he had no problem of stealing from the best and many of the great painters have copied others during their development.

Today I present two of my paintings quite like some of Heramb´s.

 "The piano player" (acrylic on canvas 50 x 54) from 2008

"The Teacher" (acrylic on canvas 55 x 40 ) from 2008.

I think both paintings are very good and should have a wall in somebodies home.

However, if you really want to know Thore Heramb and his art from the beginning till the mid 80s, I recommend everybody to use 40 minutes to watch NRK´s program from 1985 about Th. Heramb

Thursday, September 25

Montecatini Alto

In my series of presenting paintings (for sale) I have today chosen another painting from Italy

MONTECATINI ALTO is the original Montecatini settlement, lying a few hundred metres above the 'new' town Montecatini Terme
The views from here are splendid, and the delightful Piazza Giusti is home to some good bars and restaurants.
I visited this nice town in 2004 and made this painting ( Acrylic on canvas 70 x 54) a few years later.

Monday, September 22

Landscape in Tuscany

This painting (Acrylic on canvas 70 x 74) I finished in the summer 2009. Based upon a photo from the trip DNV Pensioner Union made to Montecatini Terme with all the fantastic surroundings like Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Cinque Terre.
This painting is from Vinci, where another famous painter was born.

Sunday, September 21

Paintings of Sunnmøre

Sometimes I feel to recap some of my paintings which I have presented individually before, but not in the context of landscape around the spectacular cit of Ålesund. As a follow up of the painting from Ålesund in previous blogpost, here I present three paintings from Sunnmøre.

From Hjørundfjorden with the famous mountain Slogen seen from Sæbø
Sunnmørsalpene seen from Borgundfjorden and Ålesund.

Aspøyvågen seen from Hessa and north to Aspøya

Wednesday, September 17

Painting in blue

The weather is fantastic. The easel has its white board facing south. The blue colour is ready. A sketch from Ålesund is prepared. Why not try to make an image of the city mountain with the restaurant on top and Skansegata in front. Well, I did.

Friday, September 5

Indian summer or just continuation

As in Spain we relax on this Friday afternoon with a "copa de cava." The summer seems to have decided that the beautiful weather shall continue in the autumn month September too.
That means visits at Aker Brygge and all the other outdoor restaurants we find around in Oslo.
One of these restaurants are Tekehtopa just around the corner from our apartment. This silhouette in front of the restaurant shows that the sun is lower on the sky, but still there and giving about 20+ C.