Monday, October 15

Vertigo at 128.000 ft from the sofa

 Vertigo is probably not a problem for Felix Baumgartner when he opens the hatch at 39.068 meters (128,117ft) above sea level  and made his final preparations for the spectacular skydiving yesterday evening.
 Together with "half the population" on earth I became calmed when I noticed that he had oxygen supply for a ten minutes speed dive to the ground.
 I think the MacBook Air got a new perspective when he left his capsule at the edge of space hoping for everything to proceed as planned.
 After achieving the fastest ever free fall when reaching a top speed at 834mph (1137 km/H) and broke the sound barrier we saw his parachute worked and Felix Baumgartner controlling the landing well .
However it was first when we saw his feet running on earth we could breath normally again. Congratulation Felix, I will never copy you.

If you missed the direct sending yesterday and will see the spectacular space dive click here for the video

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