Wednesday, December 12

12.12.12 Afternoon and Edward Munch

This afternoon we strolled down Karl Johan for some important pre Christmas issues. The main street in Oslo is embellished with lights, colors and Christmas markets. The cold is still reducing the volumes of Christmas shopping people, but in Shopping Centers the activities are high.

For 149 years ago today our famous painter Edward Munch was born and next year we are celebrating his 150 year anniversary. His painting Afternoon at Karl Johan (1892) is from the same position as my own photo (or almost). I would have liked to present the decision by politicians to build the new Munch Museum today, but as in many years before our political elite are not art lovers but budget lovers.

The world did not collapse today. Next possible date is 21.12.2012. In the mean time enjoy the art and the present view of Karl Johan.

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