Saturday, October 12

Speedy Recovery with good help

 Two weeks after arrival at Sunnaas Sykehus I am up and walking (with some help).
 The dangerous infection Necrotizing fascists" has left my leg and body. Reconstruction and skin transplantation has taken place at Rikshospitalet. Skin donor areas are still hurting, but with the help from excellent personnel (doctors, therapists and nurses) here at Sunnaas the daily and weekly progress can be seen in real time. I am optimistic regarding the time ahead although I know that I have weeks in front of me before my functionality can be seen as fit for home return.
In there mean time I take my prescribed medicine and do planned therapeutic exercises to rebuild strength after nine weeks in horizontal position.
A recent study presented in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), shows that 10 days of bed rest in healthy older men and women and a muscle loss of approx. 30 percent and a reduction in muscle strength of 15 percent. Muscle loss in the legs was twice the size of muscle loss in the rest of the body. The study presented in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 20071, examined the effect that 10 day bed rest had the structure (muscle protein synthesis) and the breakdown of muscle (nitrogen balance), muscle mass and strength in the legs.
For me, the body weight loss was >15 kg, most muscles, and how long the rebuilding of muscles and strength will take, is impossible to say (according to science).
But be sure, I will be back.

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