Thursday, December 12

Happy birthday Edvard Munch

Today it is 150 years since our most famous Norwegian, the painter Edvard Munch, was born.
At his 70th birthday the King of Norway, Haakon 7, sent this telegram to Munch:
"On the occasion of the birthday I send to you my best wishes and a thank for what you through your art has helped to make known the name of Norway. Haakon R"
 I have for many years made my imitations of Munch´s most famous paintings. Some would say that copying famous art is plagiarism, but most of the artists in the history have developed their own competence by copying or "stealing" the best of the Best.

If going back through my 1838 blogposts since early 2005, you will find many versions of my Munch imitations. Here on his 150th birthday I will give you the last of my Munch works without further comments.
I hope you will at least like some of them: (click on the images to extend the photos)

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