Sunday, February 16

Sundaay stroll and visiting a Brown Cafe

 This Sunday I explored our new neighborhood. First a very steep walk up to the Midsummer Summit     (St,Hanshaugen) with the nice view over Oslo in the direction to the fjord and Oslo City Hall.

 There is a lot of sculptures and interesting photo motives at the hill, and as an old "Guttemusikant" I very much liked this one. No tears in the eyes but lots of nice memories.
Well down from the hill it was time to visit our most famous local "Brown Cafe" Restaurant Schrøder for a beer.
The restaurant has some nice paintings made by Sigurd Fosnes. The largest one is from Torggata and Youngstorget, where the first establishment of Schrøder was before The Norwegian Labor Union - LO, made their modern building to the right on the painting. The market place is not the same today, but I can very well remember going to Youngstorget to buy fruit and vegetables.
I have lived in Oslo for 46 years now.

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