Saturday, November 22

Oranges and Christmas

Many years ago when I was a boy one of the most memorable happenings we had, was when the oranges arrived from abroad. Apples we got from the fjords of Norway (Valldal), but my family also had a box of oranges as part of the Christmas celebration.
A month ago I took this picture of an orange tree with the green fruits
 Today the orange trees look like this with matured fruits, or at least more mature than a month ago.
Another important event in front of the Christmas time is lightening the Christmas tree. When playing in the school brass band we every year played Christmas songs when the city tree became lightened. Yesterday the tree inside the shopping centre was lightened and this morning welcomed us with its glittering lights.
 Outside the shopping centre at the main entrance many small piceas are covered with light.
The light decorations in the streets of Malaga and Fuengirola will be lightened next weekend. I think we will cover that event too in the blog.
Soon: Merry Chrismas to you all.

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