Sunday, May 17

May 17th - El dia National de Noruega

 This year we decided to celebrate the 17th of May, The Constitution Day of Norway, here at Fuengirola, Malaga, Costa del Sol, and the national colours are of course covering the doors.
An almost normal breakfast with scrambled eggs, ham and tomato juice, but also a small Cava.
 Down at the beach Tullen is waiting for the 17th May-parade going from Los Boliches at 11.30 am.
 The parade was full of Norwegian flags and children from grade 1 to 10 grades in addition to  lots of  other Norwegians at Costa del Sol. A surprising and nice experience for us. The Spanish flag was also participating. We all ended up in the harbour of Fuengirola where the national anthem and more Norwegian national songs were performed.
 As usual "pølser" or hotdog was part of the food on 17th May, but our dinner took place at the restaurant Charolais. One of our favourites
 As a starter the white asparagus was perfect.

 However the ox filet as the main course can only be recommended and should be mentioned in Michelin Guide
Well back at the hotel a Cava in the AquaBar made the day a great "syttende Mai".

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