Thursday, July 23

Brighton, Lewes and University of Sussex

Last week we had the great pleasure of joining the Graduation ceremony at University of Sussex when the counsellor confirmed that our daughter Trine was awarded the title Doctor of Philosophy based upon her Thesis: "The film of tomorrow: A Cultural History of Videoblogging"
University of Sussex is located between Brighton and Lewes in the southern England and here we have covered some memories from the visit.
The beaches in Brighton is world wide famous with the old Brighton Pier from 1823 and Bath Boxes. This wheel is not that old but give  a new view at the coastline.
In addition to the Lanes and streets in Brighton it would be a failure not to include a visit to one of the numerous pubs in the city.
Going to Lewes this city is something different from the busy Brighton. Very charming and well worth a visit.
One of the attractions in Lewes is the "Fifteen Century Bookshop" but I do not believe the house is that old. It just look as it is.
Back to the Graduation ceremony with all the British academic procedures possible, including Management, Professors and other faculty lecturers on stage. (BTW  Trine´s husbond (also a Doctor) is sitting  top right) The video from Trine and Helene on stage can be seen below.

A proud father with Dr Trine Bjørkmann Berry at the ceremony. Trine is in addition to her Doctor Gown wearing her Bunad (national costume) from Sunnmøre, Norway.

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Gratulerer til dere alle - alltid kjekt med en doktorgrad i familien :-)