Wednesday, August 5

Paintings from the beginning of August 2015

My own corner of the veranda where the easel, paint, paintbrushes and glasses with water makes the basis of my works on canvas. Lately I have been very active out there although the climate  is not the best in this summer. But as long as it is not too much rain, not too hot and not too cold, I am satisfied.
 This landscape is 51 x 54 and ready for anyone at 1800 NOK
This panting is an imitation of another image I found on the net. To steal from quality images has always been accepted in the history of art, and as long I can document that it is my own work and carries my signatur I hope the copyleft is acceptable. 74 x 50 and a coming gift to a family member.

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Anonymous said...

De aller fleste malere som har drevet siden fotografiet ble oppfunnet har brukt foto som grunnlag i en eller annen sammenheng. Både sine egne og andres. Ikke alle har villet innrømme det :-)

Og så har vi jo Leonardo da Vinci og Camera Obscura.