Saturday, July 9

Images from Oslo, Norway

Since we returned from Costa del Sol the blogging activity has not been the highest priority. However, here you will find some photos taken from our lovely city; Oslo
Here you see Oslo city Hall from the eastern part of the fjord.
 We often make a walk along the Akers River. The old industrial areas from the lake "Maridalsvannet" to the fjord have been renovated and are now offices for mant businesses. This photo is from the northern part of Nydalen
 At the southern part of Nydalen apartments ave been built close to the river, and a nice and safe promenade follows the water all the way
At some locations the river has to make beautiful waterfalls.
 My wife is a great walking partner and she is carrying our belongings on her back.
 I do not know the number of bridges we have to walk under through a culvert because the traffic roads, or over on there walk towards the fjord, but sone places the bridges are more beautiful than others. This is Åmot bridge with a special message from the 2nd world war.
At last an image from our "local"; Cafe Tekehtopa.

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