Tuesday, August 16

Visiting Ålesund

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining an old friend on his 70th birthday party in Ålesund. Photos and comments from this male event will be shared between close friends and not in a public blog.

However, a visit to Ålesund gives a lot of possibilities to present images that give people in the world wishes of coming to Norway´s most beautiful city. I therefore present a combination of paintings and photos from the Jugend City.

First I give you my painting of the city from the city-mountain Aksla with the western horizon and some islands that protect the city from the North Sea.
Then you see "Brosundet" taken last Friday from the bridge "Hellebroa" connecting two of the islands on which the city is built
 Thisphoto is from the street "Keiser Wilhelmsgate", and below a painting from the same area in opposite direction.

The crossroad "Storgata / Løvenvoldbakken" with the entrance of the old cinema "Løvenvold" may very well be a motive for future paintings.

This painting from 1874 (presented in the KHÅK-Gallery) show the real Ålesund with the Lighthouse "Molja" and the "Eel-strait". In the same area I have made several paintings and give you two examples here. 

Visiting Ålesund at the same time as the opening of the new local art mall or gallery; "KHÅK", gives of course an opportunity to present a painting by the fantastic Ålesund-painter Terje Fagermo.
It will be great to see the "Solgløtt" (bright intervals) on our wall at home.

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