Thursday, September 1

Bygdø - Ladegaardsøen - walking along the Oslofjord coast

Today´s walk took place at Bygdøy or Ladegaardsøen as some of us call this posh part of Oslo west.

The beauty of the shore and the Oslofjord makes a visit to this part of Oslo really enjoyable

After the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 this sculpture was built to memorise the death of 50 Norwegian tourists, and the 250.000 people who died in the countries around the Indian ocean.

These sculptures are also to be found at Bygdøy. The above is unknown for us, but the one below is in memory of Prince Friderich von Hessen (1810) and Christian Fredrik (1814)

The Paradise Bay Beach was as usual full of bathing children although we write September 1st.

The two last Photos are from Hukodden with the restaurant, sculpture and Dyna lighthouse in the background.

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