Tuesday, May 16

Mid May 2017

Tomorrow we celebrate our Constitution Day; "syttende mai".

The productivity in front of the easel will therefor take a break and new chalenges have to wait until or after the weekend. However, three paintings have been signed since last blogpost.

The first painting is from our favorite view at Taberna La Oliva at Plaza de Los Chinorros in Fuengirola and is meant to express the area adound Casa Colon

The next painting I have called "The River" and is a coloristic impression of how a river flow down  the landscape.
Both the paintings are acrylic on canvas.

Painting on paper by using limited water is sometimes called paint-on-paint-water color, or only acrylic on paper. This acvarell is made on woodfree paper and shows a nightview of Akershus Fortress in Oslo

Acrylic on paper is a technique I love, so next blogpost will probably cover some of these products.

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