Sunday, July 30

One theft and one happy image

I know that stealing is not always acceptable, but as Picasso once said: To steal from the best is what I sometimes do.
So I do.
A friend, Astrid Ƙveraas, has developed into a great photographer lately, and I have more than once used her photos as motives for my own paintings. This beautiful image may well be used that way. I love it. (just to warn you, Astrid).
This image is not a theft. It is a loan. It is done by my wife the evening I returned from another visit to hospital. ( When sick = Hospitalization, not-sick happy and a live) This time I was diagnosed : "Osteoarthritis in left shoulder" and I promise you it was very pain full.
Therefor she took the happy photo of me sitting in my favorite corner surrounded of great paintings.
Life is Great.

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